The Best Indian Music Bands of all Time

India is a country that is known for its diversity. It is rich in culture and heritage. Music is an important part of India’s golden history and it is evolving. The ‘band’ culture mainly originated in America but it was not too late before India also adopted it.

Since then we have heard so many indie bands and musicians in India. They are different from each other and take the level of the Indian music industry to a different level altogether. This article is all about the best Indian bands of all time that we grew up hearing. These are a few bands whose music never bores us. We listen to these and we feel nostalgic and yet the music feels new every time we hear it.

Best Indian music bands of all times

Check out some of the best music bands of all time:

  1. Indus Creed

this band gets the most amount of love from its fans. Music lovers have got so much inspiration from this band. We can say that Indus Creed has sowed the seed of contemporary and rock music in India. It will always be special for the ones who follow the music, especially contemporary music.

Indus Creed has won the award for the best band at the Jack Daniel’s 2012 Awards. It is also highlighted on VH1 India’s Hall of Fame category. Indus Creed received an award from the channel in 2014. They are doing so well till date and keep performing at shows all over the country as well as abroad.

Band members:

  • Uday Benegal on vocals, programming, and guitar
  • Mahesh Tinaikar on vocals and guitar
  • Zubin Balaporia on keyboards, vocals, and vocalese
  • Krishna Jhaveri on bass and vocals
  • Jai Row Kavi on vocals and drums
  1. Parikrama

You must have heard of this band that is known globally for its rock n’ roll and fusion music. They are extremely creative and enhance the Indian culture through its instruments such as mridangam, flute, and table. They make fusion music by blending Indian instruments with western ones such as guitar, drums, and keyboard.

They have been in the music industry for more than 25 years now. Parikrama has performed in more than 3000 shows all over India and abroad. They have taken a lot of inspiration from legendary bands such as Pink Floyd, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.

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Band Members:

  • Nitin Malik as the lead vocalist
  • Sonam Sherpa as lead guitarist
  • Saurabh Chowdhary on guitar
  • Subir Malik on the synthesizer and mouth organ
  • Gaurav Balani as bass guitarist
  • Srijan Mahajan as the drummer
  • Imran Khan on violin
  • Rajesh Nair and Nitin Sidhu are the sound engineers
  • Sambhu Nath Bhattacharya as the lead percussionist
  1. The East India Company ft. Papon

Angaraag Mahanta is better known as Papon is the founder of this music band in 2007. This is mainly an electronic fusion-folk band. Papon is an extremely versatile artist who has set high standards in the music industry. we have all heard his soulful voice and fallen in love over and over again. Papon is originally from northeastern India. This is the reason that this band blends a lot of Assamese folk with other forms of music. Papon has also featured in 3 consecutive seasons if Coke V Studio.

They are constants in all the most important Indian music festivals held all over the world. For example, they will surely perform in SAARC Festival, Eastwind Festival, NH7 Weekender, Kovalam Literary Festival, MAD Fest in Ooty, Sula Fest and more.

Band Members:

  • Papon as the lead vocalist
  • Hameem Kader and Brin Desai for live electronics
  • Jinti as the lead guitarist
  • Dipu as the bassist
  • Kirti as the percussionist
  • Tanmay on drums
  1. Sanam

This is a famous band that comprises of 4 amazingly talented boys. They are the nation’s heartthrobs absolutely and have a huge fan following, especially females. Sanam is mainly a pop band and is also the most popular digital band. They are the most-watched band on YouTube and their channel has the highest subscribers presently. They now have a place in India’s Top 10 most popular YouTube channels. Their USP is that they release singles instead of complete albums.

They have also made a mark in the Bollywood film industry with their songs in movies like Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and HaseeTohPhasee. They are the ones behind the original score of the Hollywood movie The Amazing Spider-Man- II.

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Band Members:

  • SanamPuri as the lead vocalist
  • Samar Puri as the lead guitarist
  • Venky S as the Bassist
  • Keshav Dhanraj as the drummer
  1. Pentagram

We have grown up listening to their songs. This is mainly an electro-rock band which was created back in 1994. Initially, they used to perform in nightclubs and small festivals. That was not a booming era for bands but the Pentagram came into limelight after winning three important competitions.

They released their very first music album- ‘We’re Not Listening’ and the rest is history. They became favorites in a short time after they sold almost 25,000 copies of their first album. This was India’s first band to perform in the Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK. They were nominated as MTV’s Band of the Month and well as Channel V’s best live band and they won both.

Band Members:

  • Vishal Dadlani as the vocalist
  • Randolph Correia on guitars
  • Papl Mane as Bassist
  • Shiraz Bhattacharya as the drummer
  1. Raghu Dixit Project

This is a unique band whose objective is to glorify the colors and cultures of India. They stand out not only for their music but also for their lovely costumes. They take bits and parts from the traditional dresses of all the parts of India and showcase them in different ways. They have taken ancient Karnataka poetries to a whole new level in the form of music. They are popular globally and have given interviews in several international shows.

Band Members:

  • Raghu Dixit as the vocalist
  • Gaurav Vaz as Bassist
  • Joe Jacob as the drummer
  • Narayan Sharma on the violin
  • Sanjay Kumar on guitar

Final thoughts:

Music is like a therapy and can bring us out of even the most serious form of depression and anxiety. Listening to desi music is fun at times too. These are some of the bands which have changed the meaning of desi music by adding their touches to their music creation.

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