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There is hardly anyone who will disagree with us that joy is directly related to our health and that if one is not healthy, their joy will be dimmed.

Therefore it is extremely important for all of us to feel healthy and vital, so we are looking for ways to improve our health. And what does this include? In particular, nutrition and exercise regimes, attention to the food we eat, attention to the thoughts and emotions that drive our consciousness, and so on. 

Especially now, in the heat of summer, our attention to our appearance has increased, we begin to train more, we try different diets, so that we can reduce excess weight, we begin to look for options for detoxifying the body.

By the way detox programs have been extremely popular in recent years and are an excellent solution if we are looking for a quick result to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins, and they are all around us – dirty air, cosmetics, alcohol, smoking, processed foods, semi-finished products, sweet drinks and food, and so on. The purpose of the detox regimen is to stop the consumption of certain foods or drinks within a day or a few days or to stop food and water intake altogether. 

Some of the amazing results of a properly conducted detox regimen are the increased amount of energy, clear thoughts, reduced weight and slowed down the aging process, refreshed and healed the skin. 

What are the symptoms that indicate that we need to change our lifestyle and eat healthier? Overweight or frequent weight fluctuations, feeling swollen, bloated belly and heaviness, weakened the immune system, insomnia, increased levels of stress, bad breath, stomach problems – constipation and diarrhea, all these symptoms are here to alert you, that you may need a change in your health regimen. In case you are having any health emergency then you should visit a doctor on an urgent basis for urgent care for your health.

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How to achieve cleansing of the body – mainly by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, teas, water and reducing the intake of toxins such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, white flour, packaged foods such as snacks, chips, meat products as sausages, burgers, salami, snacks and more. 

If you are having trouble switching to detox mode and looking for assistance from specialists in Bulgaria, one of the best weight loss clinics – LuckyFit – is available, in which you will achieve weight loss and cleansing without hunger and deprivation, but through reduced calorie intake and increased physical fitness activity.

There are various programs for cleansing and increase of energy that can do a great job for us in the Western world.

But if we focus on the East, there we will also find ancient ways to support a healthy body and spirit. For example, Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of India, also has specific guidelines for cleansing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the body. The complex of therapies that is used to detoxify the body is called Panchakarma and aims at internal cleansing of the body from toxins. The therapies are five in number, to some extent invasive, but very effective, namely healing-induced vomiting; laxative action through specific herbs; medicinal enema; placing herbal preparations in the nose to clean the mucous membrane of the nose; blood purification. The results of Ayurvedic detox therapies are really powerful and work extremely fast. In just a few days stay in an Ayurvedic clinic you will regain your vitality, lose weight, rejuvenate and improve the Prana – your vital energy flow, and you will find a way to regain your health if you suffer from a specific disease.

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Ayurveda is mystical but achieves real results. Medicine, which differs drastically from the known Western methodology, as it provides proven healing methods that will help us maintain a healthy balance.

The path to health is a path of exploration, a path of experimentation, and definitely a path to joy. Through a healthy lifestyle, we can achieve a happier and more fulfilling existence. 

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