How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring Easily?

How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring

Accessorizing is quite important and it surely enhances a look in a lot of ways. Rings are common accessories that are used both by men and women to enhance or uplift the vibe or look of any outfit as such. Or maybe you are wearing your ring for a long time and it feels uncomfortable on your finger. But when you try to remove it, you can’t cause you to notice a swelling in your finger. In that case, it’s normal for you to panic or to rush to the nearest medical store, but you don’t need to worry as this article will give you some quick fixes to fix the problem at your house. Without blabbering further let’s get started with the article about How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring. First, to detect the problem, people are always concerned to know the cause of the problem.

Reasons why your ring got stuck

There are several reasons why rings get stuck on fingers. Which as a result causes the rings to get stuck on fingers. Which is painful and sometimes it gets serious to get it cut from a jewelry shop. In the process, you might have to ruin your favorite ring or a precious ring.

  •       You faced a recent injury that includes your finger and it is swollen because of that.
  •       When rings become tight it can also cause swelling in your finger which is again a reason why your finger seems swollen.
  •       It can be joint arthritis which is another major reason that can cause swelling.
  •       Due to heat fingers do tend to swell might sound unusual but it’s not.
  •        An allergic reaction can cause a particular area to bubble up which can again result in bad swelling and redness.
  •       There is another cause which is known as edema, where the tissue under the ring or the jewelry swells and not the whole finger.

How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring

How To Cure It Easily?

If the reason is from one of the above except the arthritis one, then the symptoms will persist and will go down on its own without causing further issues. Injury may take some time to heal and edema does get better slowly as it’s caused by inflammation of the tissue. But If your finger is swollen for a long time and it’s not in the stage of healing, then you should definitely consult a doctor. But of course, before you do that, try some of the ways that we’ll discuss below as it may help you to fix your issue.

  1.     Apply some ice on the area and hopefully, it may relieve the pain and the puffiness will definitely reduce.
  2.     Refrigerate some aloe vera gel (it can be homemade or store-bought) and then apply it to the affected area as it will help to reduce inflammation.
  3.     Seek medical help if the swelling gets worse or the pain.
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How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring?

There are multiple ways that can help you remove your ring from a swollen finger. Let’s now take a look at the ways in which you can use –

1. Lubricate the area properly

The first step is to make the area as runny as possible and for that, you can use any kind of oil, cream, or even soap. As you all know it’s easy to insert or get rid of anything like bangles or rings in a moisturized base. Also, it hurts less. As the finger is swollen already, it is sore and sensitive. If you tug or pull the ring with all your force, you’ll make things worse nothing else. So grab a soap or a lotion, whatever that’s handy, and try lubricating it well. After that, try to twist and slowly uplift the ring. Do not tug it on one go.

 2. Warm water technique

If the above method fails, then try going out for this method which is not that tough but it is quite effective. Take a bowl with warm water (warm not hot) which is tolerable and dip your finger in it for a few minutes. Now all you need to do is slowly try to take off the ring. Again do not pull or put more pressure as you’ll make the area more sensitive and worse. After that, simply try to take the ring out slowly. As you dip your finger in the warm water it’ll help your skin loosen up which will make it easier for you to remove your ring.

How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring

 3. String method

Another common and effective method is the string method. To perform this, you’ll need strings or you can use dental floss as well. You need to get the string and then twirl it around the base of your finger just over the ring. This may make you feel a bit uncomfortable though but make sure to bind it tightly and don’t loosen it until the experiment is done. Well, it is also advisable to use a dental floss as it has more friction. Hopefully, this method will definitely work.

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 4. Butter knife to the rescue

The next method is a butter knife method which is quite easy and all you have to do is just grab a butter knife, make sure you grab a butter knife and not a regular knife or you may end up hurting yourself.  Gently use the knife to just pry the ring. The ring must come out after that.

  5. Try the rotate method

This is the only method where you don’t need any foreign substance to help you out but just a bit of patience which is extremely necessary. This method is quite simple as all you need to do is rotate the ring in an upward motion which will make it come upwards. This method can be a bit painful if you hurriedly try to do this so make sure you take all your time and try this. Use Windex on your finger if necessary to lubricate or you can use Vaseline as well. Normal water works if you don’t have anything else.

How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring

What to do if none of the method works

Suppose you tried all the methods but still you kind of couldn’t take the ring out and failed, in that case, you need to consult with a jewelry shop where they can cut the ring with their objects or you can also ask them to take it out without harming the ring if it’s possible. Though they can always fix the ring so don’t need to worry.

Disclaimer On How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring

If any of the process mentioned above provides extreme pain and discomfort then stop immediately and seek professional help.

Conclusive Insights

In a situation like this, all you need to do is keep calm and have some patience to come out of the problem. Try these methods as these are proven methods and can definitely help you get out your ring. Hopefully, this article on How to Reduce Swelling in Fingers to Remove Ring was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts below. 


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