New Medical Technology Is Taking Over: 5 Medical Innovations for 2019

New Medical Technology Is Taking Over: 5 Medical Innovations for 2019

The way in which health care providers diagnose diseases and deliver care to patients is fast changing thanks to advanced science solutions.

With the explosion of medical technology innovations, it can be said that 2019 is an exciting year in healthcare space.

There is new medical technology that is advancing healthcare, from medicine to the surgical room. Here are the 5 biggest medical innovations for 2019.

1.Robotic Surgery

Have you ever heard of robotic surgery? It’s an extremely reliable innovation, especially for minimally invasive procedures. It helps achieve precision, flexibility, and control during surgery.

With the help of robotic surgery, now surgeons can perform procedures that were once considered impossible.

As scientists make strides in medical innovations, robotic surgery can be merged with augmented reality. This way, surgeons to view critical additional information about the patient while still in the operation.

Although there are legit concerns that this invention might finally replace human surgeons, it’s likely to be used to enhance a surgeons’ effort in the future.

2. Health Wearables

With the increase of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, more patients are resorting to health wearables.

They monitor physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and glucose level. This helps patients gain a significant understanding of their health conditions.

Health Wearables companies continue to explore the development of consumer health solutions.

3.Artificial Organs

Do you know that there are artificial pancreas, ovaries, and even blood vessels? This is one of the advanced science solutions that has made it possible for patients with faulty organs to have a second chance.

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The best thing about these artificial organs is that they are not rejected by the patient’s body immune system.

This innovation is revolutionary and it’s going to save millions of patients whose lives could otherwise end because of faulty organs.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is focused on changing how people are accessing their medical records.

Why use blockchain in the first place?

It’s secure and it enables patients to view and share their information with clinicians.

How does medicalchain empower patients? It records clinicians’ interactions with their data in a transparent, auditable and secure way.

Medicalchain is likely to popularize online consultations since it will help overcome some of the main privacy and security issues.

5. Medical 3-D Printing

This is one of the hottest innovations in the medical market. You can use these printers to create joints and implants needed during surgery.

Do you know why 3-D printed prosthetics are popular?

They are entirely personalized since its digital functionalities will enable you to match individual measurements to millimeter point.

This supports unmatched levels of relief and mobility.

Have you ever seen a 3-D ‘printed’ pill?

Such pills usually contain multiple drugs, and 3-D printing will help your patients with the organization, monitoring, and timing of multiple medications.

This is a perfect example of a technological innovation that’s taking the healthcare sector to the next level.

The Real Future of the New Medical Technology

There are so many fantastic things going on in the World of new medical technology. This list is just a glimpse of the most promising inventions.

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Of course, there are some fears that a couple of things could go sideways: Government agencies need to develop frameworks to ensure the new technology is not abused.

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