List of Android Versions

list of android versions

Introduction to the list of android versions

It takes all kinds of people to adapt to the list of android versions. It shows the historical background of the successful bundling. Also, it jointly indicates that it is not difficult from the beginning to recognize outstanding achievements in what is to come. Therefore, today, we will discuss all the interpretations of the list of android versions. Also, we will try to outline their philosophy briefly. This may encourage new youth to consider the development and do one thing that can make life clear. What is the thing, the reason why we tend to suspend the regional unit? We should start.

Simplification of the list of android versions

Most importantly, we should always let you know all the list of android versions there. We will understand all the main issues, executives, and pros and cons of all frameworks from then on. In the past, the reproduction area unit is more or less the same as after formation.

Therefore, they are indistinguishable in many cases. Nevertheless, within 3-4 form differences, the progress area unit can be identified accordingly. The exhibition starts with nursing assistants with equivalent qualifications and is mainly comparable. Like 4.2 and 4.4, it has a good correlation with 4.0.4 and 5.0. I believe that this has made a general arrangement for various and similarities along these lines of thought. Summary of the list of android versions:

  • Humanoid programming interface 1.0
  • Programming interfaces two list of android versions.
  • Cupcake one.5
  • Donut humanoid one.6
  • Popcorn Humanoid. 0
  • Humanoid robot 2
  • Ginger Bread-Humanoid 3
  • Honeycomb Humanoid III.0
  • Frozen Yogurt Sandwich-Humanoid four.0
  • Gummy Apes four.1
  • KitKat Humanoid 4.
  • Lolipop-Humanoid 5.0
  • Marshmallow-humanoid half a dozen.0
  • Nougat-Humanoid VII.0
  • Anthropomorphic creatures 8. 0
  • Humanoid pie 9.0
  • Android 10.0

Android 11.0

You will quickly learn about all the list of android versions in the back area. Take all responsibility for understanding clear things related to inventory. You may soon have the opportunity to build your own bundled software.

Android 1.0-API 1

Among the terrifying variants of humanoids that destroy humanoid forms, humanoids are one.0. We tend to see it launch on September 23, 2008. It contains all the basic Google applications that we tend to use so far. When we have to make a few calls, these calls will be Gmail, google contract, wifi, Bluetooth, etc. Instead of these applications, this form of the telephone is immediately uncommon. We can now analyze it in the collector’s favorites.

Android 1.1-API has a list of android versions.

The second form of the list of android versions is the humanoid one.1, also known as API2. It took place on February 9, 2009. Since we tend to refer to the change strategy, it does not have sufficient differentiation between past variants. In the following paragraphs, it concocts all indistinguishable applications. We tend to see a big door frame in the frame design. In any case, in addition to extradition, the Map application includes subtle parts and audit content in its application.

Android 1.5 list of android versions

The third form of reduced humanoid adaptation is the humanoid one.5, also called cake. It took place on April 27, 2009. These programs have undergone some redesign when starting the application. We are currently unable to notify any gadgets with cakes. According to these principles, this is usually the collector’s business. Potential customers may think this is interesting. Anyway, as we think about it because Apple’s operating system. It has a much more significant advantage than average. It can’t be checked at all.

Android 1.6-Doughnut

The fourth version in the list of humanoid versions is humanoid one.6, also known as donuts. It was released on September 15, 2009. These days we cannot notice any equipment with fried cakes. Therefore, this is usually a collector’s item. The market quality of fried cakes has been improved, but it has not gained a foothold for a long time. Therefore, they will release its newer version in Associate in a “care as soon as possible” way. Consequently, they do not have the right time to sell. However, this is a success.

Android 2.0- Eclair

The fifth version in the list of humanoid versions is a humanoid pair. 0, also known as Eclair. It arrived on January 12, 2009. These days we cannot notice any equipment with cream puffs. Therefore, this is usually a collector’s item. This version is not accepted. Since this operation takes a long time and there are many errors, it is hazardous to keep inventory. They printed the error-free OS in Associate in the way of “care as soon as possible”. However, it stayed on the market for a long time.

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Android 2.2- Froyo

The sixth version in the list of android versions is a pair of humanoids. 2. Also known as Froyo. It happened on 20th 20th, 2010. These days we cannot notice any equipment equipped with Froyo. Therefore, this is usually a collector’s item. This is not so common. However, it gives people pleasure, and humanoid animals are rapidly developing their Apis genus. More significant improvements provide a more robust application alternative. The APP store was also warmly welcomed. Therefore, this is possible.

Android 2.3-Ginger Bread

The seventh version of the list of android versions is a pair of humanoids. 2. Also known as Froyo. It happened on 20th 20th, 2010. We haven’t noticed any equipment with Ginger Bread these days. Therefore, this is usually a collector’s item. This is not so common. However, this is drawing attention. This attention makes it better than the competition. Therefore, people need to use it on their mobile phones on any occasion and anywhere. This is the most common situation.

Android 3.0-Honey Comb

The eighth list of android versions form is the humanoid Three.0, also known as Honey Comb. It was held before Washington’s birthday in 2011. Today, we cannot notify any gadgets that have Honey Comb. Therefore, this is usually the collector’s business. Honeycomb is one of my favorite APIs. It has concocted many options to make “Pine State” happy in this way.
Similarly, the overhaul area unit is also necessary. I would say that this is entirely a simple UI. They should also perform new things attached to it in a chic form.

Sweet Sandwich process for the list of android versions 4.0

The ninth adaptation of humanoid deduction is humanoid four.0, also known as a frozen snack sandwich. It may take place on October 10, 2011. Today, we cannot notify any gadgets with frozen sweet sandwiches. Subsequently, this is usually the collector’s business. Frozen pastry sandwiches are reasonable and don’t have that much potential. In any case, people began to use gentle humanoid operating systems. In this way, they were celebrated.

Android 4.1-Bean Shape

The tenth form of the reduced form of the humanoid variant is the humanoid four.1, also known as jellybeans. It runs until November 13, 2012. We are currently unable to notify any gadgets with jellybeans. Therefore, this is usually a matter for the authorities. This jellybean is a support between the latest version and the last version. At this time, humanoids are being redesigned into a vast market. Most gadgets are embracing this new operating system. Also, it turns out that humanoids can rule from now on.

Android 4.4 KitKat

The eleventh adaptation to the reduction of humanoid variants is humanoid four.4, also known as KitKat. It took place on October 31, 2013. Starting from this table, the operating system is changing. They brought many new options. Also, they jointly stated that the assistant in nursing improvement was secretly improving. Therefore, people expect to move from another operating system to another operating system. At the time, the key competitor of the operating system was the BlackBerry operating system.

Android 5.0-Lolipop

The twelfth explanation for the reduced fitness of humanoids is humanoid 5.0.0, also known as Lolipop. It runs until November 12, 2014. Smart Phones began to adopt a new and upgraded operating system in the Lolipop deduction version. The regular part of the phone runs on this OS. The most crucial competitor at the time was Microsoft’s Windows OS. In any case, Lolipop’s form has crushed the market of competitors well and won people’s attention.

Android 6.0 sweet

The thirteenth adaptation of humanoid morphological remains is six dozen humanoids. 0, also called candy. It took place on October 5, 2015. Candy adaptation concocts all the choices of Lolipop. Nevertheless, this API also involves other issues related to its client. From here, the past phone calls and applications stand out from Google’s dynamic help. This is why some people think this is a disadvantage. In any case, this sales strategy makes the operating system more compelling. Along these lines of thinking, we can find that in most cases, kicking customers is reasonable. In addition, if you have the right product, then they will again|return|return|return|return|return|return} again at this time.

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Android 7.0-Nougat

The fourteenth variant with reduced humanoid fitness is Humanoid 7.0, also known as Nougat. It took place on August 22, 2016. Compared with Lolipop and candy, candy has not changed much. Due to new marketing strategies and updated applications, people are gradually turning to the more modern form of Android. There is less opposition here. Apple is everywhere, and many people in the industry are close to humanoids. Candy makes it possible for the United States to increase flashes in the mobile phone sector.

Android 8.0-Oreo

The fifteenth form of the humanoid variant is the eighth form of the humanoid. 0, also known as Oreo. It runs until August 21, 2017. I don’t care about scrolling myself. It has only made some corrective choices and has not undergone considerable changes. Nevertheless, Os proved to be lightweight, which is quite reasonable for medium phones. In any case, there is a great need for custom alternatives. Along these lines, as we will see, scones are a significant disappointment.

Android 9.0-pie

The 16th variant of the humanoid deduction diagram is Humanoid 9.0, also known as Pie. It passed in 2018, the day of the Christian heaven. Pie is reasonable. This ultimately shows that one thing is recovering soon. It gave the most generous gratitude to the United States for legalizing alternatives to Android. Also, it has some useful options to minimize the daily workload. Afterward, you will do your best. You may admire it.

Android 10.0

The 17th form of the humanoid deduction diagram is humanoid ten.0. It took place on September 3, 2019. This is ultimately the latest form a few days ago. Nevertheless, this has changed. Humanoid robot 11.0 entered the market immediately. It is completely lightweight and related to other people’s APIs. Moreover, it has choices and special effects so far under its sleeve. These are more or less valuable in our daily work. Together make Android’s improved options become the focus of attention.

Android 11.0

The eighteenth reappearance of humanoid adaptability decline is when the humanoid is eleven years old. 0. Until September 8, 2020

This is the most outstanding new API. So far, its real alternative products have not been cited on a global scale. In any case, we tend to have the opportunity to test. As we have seen, you will get fewer client capabilities, excellent camera improvements, and application refreshes for each gadget you put in. Again, these make life extra or less comfortable. Therefore, you should upgrade to the current operating system in a “care as soon as possible” manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About list of android versions

Where can we find the rundown of list of android versions?

You can see them from Google’s official website because the “nursing humanoid bundling assistant” maybe Google’s property. Along these lines, they released a tenacious update related to this.

Which humanoid creature has been dramatically improved?

As we have seen, the humanoid bundle 4,4 Kitkat is very advanced. While others have found fewer bugs than other forms there.

What is the latest version of the list of android versions?

In 2020, Android 10.0 is the latest version. Nevertheless, Android 11.0 will still appear in a short time.

Which humanoid has the latest list of android versions?

So far, the choice of Android 10.0 is provided. In any case, most of the upgraded application area units have humanoids at 9.0.

The end of the list of android versions

We protect you and let you understand the simplicity and subtlety of the list of android versions. Fortunately, we have done it. For now, you will quickly determine the best way to perform humanoids. In short, you will have the best arrangements for building your bundle. Currently, this is an excellent opportunity. Essentially, you choose to save the file’s components and then start to think about what you want to add to the OS. You will work together to resolve your arrangements. Our team of engineers can help you achieve your goals. All in all, why are you suspending regional units? Quit thinking and start coding; good luck, and confirm that you want to introduce someone you like and provide our post as soon as possible.

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