How to Cancel FF14 Subscription, Cost & More!

How to Cancel FF14 Subscription

If you count yourself as one of the greatest game addicts you would have played or at least known about this game. If you are here then definitely you have played this game and enjoyed it for a while. Here a lot of gamers can play together across the world using different avatars which are designed to have special abilities. Each one of their powers is unique. Here you can become a hero and save the city from attacks along with achieving your goals. If you have explored this game enough and, as a result, are already over with it and want to know how to cancel ff14 subscription then this article is the best for you.

How to Cancel FF14 Subscription

What Is Ff14?

Before knowing how to cancel ff14 subscription you might want to know about a few details of the game. Ff14 or as you all know Final Fantasy 14 is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed for Microsoft Windows as a result of which you won’t be able to play it on your Android phones or iPhones. You would require a high-end gaming PC or PS3 or PS4 for this. Square Enix is its developer as well as the publisher. In this game, you can take any of the customized avatars and join the adventure to save Eorzea from the attack of the Garlean Empire along with Primal. It was released in the year 2010 and published by Square Enix. It belongs to the game series named “Final Fantasy” and is written by Yaeko Sato. Nobuaki Komoto was the one who designed Final Fantasy 14. At first, the graphics received a great response from the audience but otherwise, there were a lot of negative comments as well.

Reasons To Cancel Ff14 Subscription

You want to know how to cancel ff14 subscription from this article so you might find one of your reasons to cancel it among the ones mentioned below-

  1. It’s not a versatile game that could be added to your phone or laptop.
  2. You would require a high-end gaming PC for it.
  3. Maintenance of high-end gaming PC is huge.
  4. The game charges you for its subscription. They have a monthly basis subscription plan. This just adds to your expenses over the game.
  5. If your system gets damaged due to any issues then unless and until it gets fixed you cannot play further as it can’t be played on anything else than a high-end gaming PC or PS3 or PS4, but your subscription days get wasted.
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How to Cancel FF14 Subscription

How To Cancel Ff14 Subscription?

Finally! How to cancel ff14 subscription. Many people find it difficult to cancel their ff14 subscription and it’s actually very confusing. But you need not worry much about it. In this article, the steps are clear and simplified for you.

Step-1) You need to log in with the appropriate details to Mog Station. There you will find various options to control your game characters as well as services that you get. The page itself is enough for you to learn about your account and the game that you are playing. This also allows you to add game time to your account.

Step-2) How to cancel ff14 subscription could be answered here. On that page, you will find a big icon that states “Manage Service Options”. This option could be seen just above the “Service Status” tab.

Step-3) After clicking on that icon another page appears on the screen that looks similar to the previous one that was shown after Mog Station log-in. Here you will get another range of options starting from in-game retainers, entering item codes to subscription renewal management.

Step-4) Now you have to find the “Service Account Status” tab where you would be able to find out “Cancel Subscription”.

Step-5) Now that you have made up your mind to cancel it, you need to give a confirmation to the site as well. They will ask you once you have selected the cancel subscription option to check if you actually want to remove your subscription or not.

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Step-6) Click on the cancel option. Here you go, your subscription is finally canceled. Now you know how to cancel ff14 subscription.

Even after canceling the subscription, you are eligible to play the game till your last subscription plan runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. How do I cancel my Square Enix membership?

You need to log in to your Square Enix account first and then you will find Mog Station where you will get an option “Your Account” or “Manage Service Options”. Under it cancel subscription could be found that will help you to cancel your Square Enix membership.

2. Can you pause your ff14 subscription?

No! you cannot pause a ff14 subscription.

3. Is there a way to delete an ff14 account?

Yes! There is a way to delete an ff14 account which you can find on the Mog Station page.

4. How long can you play ff14 for free?

You can play ff14 for free for up to thirty days. After that, you need to buy their subscription.

5. Does ff14 still have a monthly fee?

Yes! They do have a monthly payment option.

6. Can I sell my ff4 account?

Yes! You can do that. You can sell the accounts whenever you want.

How to Cancel FF14 Subscription

Conclusive Insights

Now that you know how to cancel ff14 subscription, you can do it very easily without any hassle. You also got to know that even if you cancel your subscription, you would still be able to play the game before your last subscription gets over. You can even renew your account when needed.


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