Where To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft and How To Grow Them

where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft

Minecraft is perhaps the most popular game played around the world. It gives the player a sense of achievement, helps the players become super creative, helps them challenge themselves in new ways, be part of a community, and unwind. One of the most popular questions often found in discussion forums is where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft. In this blog post, we are going to read about that. Plus, we will explore other important things related to brown mushrooms.

Where to Find Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft?

Let us get down to the brass tacks – let us see where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft. A mushroom is an item in Minecraft that can be found and grown too. Brown mushrooms are usually found in dark or low-lit places like overhangs, caves, and sometimes under trees. Mushrooms in Minecraft are fungi. Players can use the mushrooms to craft some food items in their games. There are two kinds of mushrooms – red and brown. They are useless till a player employs them as a main ingredient. One can even grow mushrooms – but we will get there later in the blog post.

Is Brown Mushroom Rare in Minecraft?

Brown mushrooms are one of the elementary items in Minecraft. They are found very commonly. So, it is not rare. But many players don’t know how to find them and keep waiting for them to appear. So, if you want to know where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft easily, then keep reading. 

What is the Easiest Way to Find Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft?

brown mushrooms-in-caves
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The easiest way to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft is to look for them in poorly-lit areas. Usually, caves are very dark places, so it is easier to find mushrooms there. Sometimes, you can find brown mushrooms near the entrance of the caves. You can also go deeper into the lower levels of the caves. Here, brown mushrooms spawn more commonly. One can find the brown mushroom in well-lit places of caves as well, such as near lava.

Gamers know that caves generate all over Minecraft. So, it will not be problematic to find one. There are some little caves and also large ones. Players can find brown mushrooms in all kinds of caves.

What Biome Can You Find Brown Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are found randomly in the caves or on the grounds. But they can also spawn in some other biomes like

  • Swamp
  • Mushroom field
  • Old Growth Taiga
  • Nether

Other Places To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

Mushroom Biomes

As the name suggests, these biomes are the perfect and the easiest places to get mushrooms – lots and lots of mushrooms of all types. The challenge is to find such a biome. When you see that the landscape has changed to a fungal theme, that is when you know you have entered a mushroom biome in Minecraft.

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where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft
Image Credit: Sketchfab

One can also get mushrooms by using shears on a mooshroom. Mooshrooms are rare mushroom biomes. The mooshroom will turn into a normal cow and drop five brown mushrooms. Mooshroom is a passive mob in Minecraft that is basically like a cow. However, it is red in color and has mushrooms on it.


You can try the dark oak forest. This is a good place to find brown mushrooms. You can also find a mushroom field biome over here. You can also find brown mushrooms in the old grove pine or tiger forest. Basically, you can get brown mushrooms in places that do not get much light. Therefore, shaded areas beneath the trees make an ideal place for them to grow.

Inside Tree Trunks

While you explore the forests, you might want to check inside the hollow tree trunks. Such places are also dark and damp, which makes them perfect areas for brown mushrooms to thrive.

Wandering Traders

where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft
Image Credit: Minecraft

If you are looking for where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft, another trick is to buy them from a wandering trader. A wandering trader is another passive mob in Minecraft. Players trade items with the wandering trader. You don’t have to look out for them. They are wanderers who spawn randomly everywhere. One can find them in unusual places appearing frequently. If you find one next to you, trade brown mushrooms for emeralds.

Dead Bushes

Dead vegetation blocks are another place of Minecraft game to find brown mushrooms. There is a high chance of getting brown mushroom biomes around such places. These places are also great for brown mushrooms to spawn in Minecraft. 

Where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft 1.19 Java?

Just like any other PC Games, Minecraft also gets updated with newer versions. In the Minecraft 1.19 version, there is an interesting method to find brown mushrooms – that is by creating a brown mooshroom. We have listed three ways to get a brown mooshroom:

As discussed above, red mooshrooms (some weird type of cow) drop brown mushrooms. In Minecraft 1.19, a brown version of mooshrooms exist. These brown mooshrooms do not spawn on their own. And they are challenging to locate also.

  1. To find a brown mooshroom, a player can breed two red cows. But that is a super slow way to get a brown mooshroom.
  2. A better way is to strike a red mooshroom with lightning. For this, a red mooshroom has to be out in a storm for lightning to strike. One can also use lightning rods to achieve this result.
  3. However, the easiest method is to use a trident enchanted with channeling, during a storm. But be careful while throwing the trident with channeling enchantment. It might kill the red mooshroom if you hit it too hard. When you throw the trident with channeling enchantment during a thunderstorm at a red mooshroom, it will cause lightning, which will turn the red mooshroom into a brown mooshroom.
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How to Grow Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft?

get brown mushrooms fastest way
Image Credit: Minecraft 101

Farming brown mushrooms is a lot of work, but it is possible. You can get a large number of brown mushrooms. For that, you don’t even have to be very advanced in the game. You have to first build a swamp slime farm where you need to do some natural manual farming of brown mushrooms. You need at least one brown mushroom to get started.

Remember that mushrooms need dark areas to spawn freely. You can place them in a light level of 12 or less. Once you have a few brown mushrooms, plant them on podzol and bonemeal them.

When bonemeal is applied, you will get giant mushrooms. The mushrooms have to be on a grass block, moss block, rooted dirt, or coarse dirt to grow huge. You can further break the giant mushroom down into small mushrooms. You can use them or plant those small mushrooms again. This way, you can create your own mushroom island and not look around for where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft.

Uses of Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

Gamers use brown mushrooms for decoration purposes or to brew up some interesting concoctions. Here are some uses:

  1. To make fermented spider eye
  2. To make mushroom stew
  3. To make rabbit stew
  4. To make suspicious stew
  5. To decorate by placing them on flower pots

Final Thoughts

Advanced-level gamers know where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft. If you are new or interested in brown mushrooms, you can find these or grow them in large numbers. These mushrooms can be found in dark, damp areas (where the light level is extremely low). But the best place to find them is in mushroom islands or mushroom biomes.

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