7 Reasons Why Online Gaming is Educational

7 Reasons Why Online Gaming is Educational

Online gaming has created a large community of gamers that’s growing faster than ever. Every day, millions of gamers sign into different devices to wage virtual war, play sports, and live in fantasy worlds.

As online gaming has become popular, it has been more and more criticized for its perceived impact on children. Parents claim their kids are failing in school because of video games and that gaming harms their development. But recent research has shown that online video games help children learn faster and develop the skills that make them successful.

In this article, we’ll explore the 7 ways that online gaming is educational.

So Online Gaming Is Educational?

It might be hard to believe, but online gaming has educational benefits. Online gaming is educational because it forces gamers to analyze different situations and gives them the freedom to explore new ideas. These scenarios are difficult to reproduce in the classroom, so online games offer something unique.

Some gamers are even becoming professionals as a career. They earn lots of money from winning tournaments, sponsoring products, and streaming their gameplay.

These unique situations can teach them skills they can apply to their relationships and careers.

Learning To Work As A Team

Online games might pit players against each other, but this creates an environment where players must work together to win. Coordinating battle plans or calling out that open receiver during a big game are some of the things that gamers do in every session. These activities build their ability to communicate, listen, and coordinate with other people.

It also teaches them about social interaction and building relationships. Working through a hard mission or winning a tough game together builds rapport and friendship between players.

Players can build their own social circles through sites called Looking For Group, or LFG, sites. Sites like destiny lfg can help players find groups of gamers to play with, which makes the experience more fun and teaches players to work as a team.

Teaches Creative Problem-Solving

Online gaming has one main theme: problem-solving. Whether you’re under fire in a first-person shooter or trying to take down a big boss on a co-op mission, online games force players to solve complex problems.

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This means trying out unique solutions, exploring different areas, or trying a different approach to a problem. For example, in Destiny 2 there are dungeons where players have to kill enemies in different orders to unlock new areas. This means trying different things and creating new methods.

Teaches That Failure Is Essential to Success

One of the most important skills people can learn is to accept failure as a good thing and part of getting better at something. This is a key element of video games, especially online gaming.

Playing against better opponents online is punishing and frustrating, but it is part of getting better. The same goes for life; you will have to fail at something tons of times before you get better, and online gaming teaches players to keep trying.

Teaches Players Strategic Thinking

Online gaming might seem silly or chaotic at times, but there is a ton of strategy involved in every online gaming community. Online games force players to create strategies for defeating players in different situations. These different challenges teach them to use the resources they have to win.

Games like Halo Wars force players to develop strategies based on the abilities of different armies based on the situation. It forces players to manage their resources, develop strategies for attack and defense, and analyze their strategies for improvement.

Teaches History

Online games are often set in the past, ranging from the days of World War I to the days of the Vikings. As players explore and take part in these historical settings, they learn more about the time and the context surrounding it.

For example, in the game Mordhau, you fight with swords, bows, spears, and other primitive weapons in a Medieval setting. This setting teaches players about Medieval warfare, the groups that existed at that time, and Medieval society.

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Players can learn about famous military battles in games like Battlefield V and Call of Duty: WWII, which have weaponry and battle sites from the wars. For example, in Battlefield V, you can take part in the Battle of Narvik and experience the battle as it unfolds over the course of a few days.

Teaches Quick Decision Making

Online gaming worlds have chaos and surprises that force gamers to react fast. For example, in racing games, players must make split-second decisions about how to take corners and where to go while traveling over 100 MPH.

Gamers who play first-person shooting games are also forced to make split-second decisions. Should you breach the house where the enemy is waiting? Should you use a grenade? Are there other entry points where you can get an advantage?

Players have to make these types of decisions fast, sometimes many decisions in a few seconds. This type of learning can’t get recreated in the classroom and is useful in careers in law enforcement or medicine.

Reinforces Basic Skills

Math, reading, and memorization are all things we learn in school and are crucial to everyday life. Online gaming forces player to use these skills to win and get better at games.

For example, online games use percentages to show how much damage an upgrade will do or how much health gets restored after using an item. Players in other games have to learn how to read maps, remember formulas, and the attributes of enemies and items.

Back to the Screen

Video games are a great source of education and can help you improve your learning and reasoning abilities. Now that you know that online gaming is educational, get back to the screen and do some learning!

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