The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Gaming: How To Make Money Playing Games

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Gaming: How To Make Money Playing Games

It’s said that if you have a career you love, then it will never really feel like work. That’s all well and good, but is there really someone out there willing to pay money whilst we enjoy our favorite hobbies?

Actually, yes.

The savvy gamers out there have found some clever ways to earn money from their play. With the gaming industry expanding each year, (and even entering the classroom) there’s no reason you can’t get a piece of the action! We’ve compiled the best tips on how to make money playing games.

If you put down ‘video games tester’ as your ideal job at career’s day – this one’s for you.

How To Make Money Playing Games – Testing

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way. All games need to be tested before they reach the public market. Bugs and glitches are sometimes only identified by playing through the game and exploring different areas – which is where you come in.

Your role is to feedback to the developers and help to solve issues before the release. Game testers are usually trying out unknown releases, so don’t expect to be given previews of the latest big title. However, the pay can be pretty good.
The best way to get into this is by building an online presence in the field (see ‘create a following’) and getting noticed by development companies.

Lets Play – Live Streaming

If you love to talk as much as you love to game – this ones for you! Making bank from other people watching you play video games may seem a little bizarre. But, with the rise of Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and similar services, it’s big news.

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Welcome to the future!

If you’re able to commentate whilst you play, and can keep it entertaining, you could earn as much as half a million dollars a month. Understandably, there are many gamers giving live streaming a try. You’ll need to make yourself stand out to build a following.

Create a Following

We’ve already touched on this, but online presence is essential in most gaming careers. Youtube is essentially your gaming resume, and it can take time to gain traction. So start creating and get sharing.

Distinct from the live streaming approach, the main idea here is to become respected for your gaming knowledge and opinions. Filming and sharing interesting reviews, blogs and guides can get you, subscribers.

More subscribers = more advertising revenue.

Play To Win – Tournaments

You may have fond memories of the arcade tournaments of your youth. All your pocket money and Saturday afternoons spent on the (insert game name) – No-one was going to knock you off the top spot!

Getting really good at a specific game could lead to opportunities to play in tournaments and world championships. With top prize money and sponsorship income, you could make a big name for yourself whilst bringing in big bucks.

Not sure where to start? Try your hand at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament.

Farming Gold

If you have the patience and time to put into a gaming project, this is the earner for you. In some MMO games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft, the main aim is to ‘farm’ your character. This essentially means to level-up, whether in terms of skills, gear or currency.

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Once your character is highly evolved, you can sell them to someone who hasn’t got the time to put into it. Is this all above board? It’s a grey area, but it’s a common practice. A great incentive for those who get bored easily too – when you’re done with a character, sell up and start again!

The Takeaway

So there’s the secret – how to make money playing games. Anyone can give it a go, but personality and perseverance will definitely give you the edge.

With all that gaming don’t forget to exercise!

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