Gautam Adani net worth- a fascinating success story of a common man

Gautam Adani net worth

It is the story of yet another successful businessman who made a mark in the business world with his business ideas and strategies. Besides, He is a college dropout and hails from Ahmadabad. Well, he is none other than the famous business tycoon, Gautam Adani, the Adani group founder. The Gautam Adani net worth is whopping.  Besides, he re-wrote history in a new way. Unlike the other businessman, you see who takes over the business from their fathers; this person is different. He built his empire. Moreover, it is an extraordinary tale of the person who did not accept whatever that came on his way. He fought and made a name globally with hard work. 

Brief about this success story: Gautam Adani net worth

Gautam Adani is the most famous business person who is the founder of the Multinational Company, Adani group, founded in 1988. The company has spread its wings by offering different logistics, coal, oil and gas exploration, power generation, and many other areas. The art of doing business is deeply rooted in him and passes as a legacy from his grandfather, who is also business acumen.

The family was into the textile business, but he never was interested in trying his hand or expanding it. Being ambitious and enthusiastic, he quit the middle and flew to Mumbai to pursue his dreams. Initially, he tried his hand in the diamond brokering and attained considerable success in a short time and soon become a millionaire. 

After tasting the business’s success, he went home to help his brother running a plastic factory. Being an entrepreneur, he could not resist starting his own business and named Adani’s business group. Today, Adani has become the flagship company in the country. Under this group, the company used to import commodities and soon has expanded the business into different areas such as ports, power generation, production of oil that is edible, mining of coals, and ports. These all contributed to this net worth. 

He enjoys taking a risk in businesses and has political support. People honor him as a contemporary of Dhirubhai Ambani. Moreover, they both hail from the same state. 

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Early life

The date of the birth of this famous business person is June 24, 1962. He is born to the proud parents, Shantilal Adani and Shantaben Adani.

He has a big family that now consists of parents and siblings. The family owns textile companies. The business tycoon is ambitious since childhood and is determined to be a big man growing up. He is not much interested in academics and dropped out of college without completing the degree. He never had any interest in joining his father’s business and want to start his venture. 

Personal life

He got married to Priti Adani, who is a dentist. 

The couple has two kids, Karan and Jeet. His wife looks after the trustee and is the managing director of the same. 


The strong determination and spirit to become a famous entrepreneur have made him leave his home town and go to Mumbai. He earned millions as a diamond broker. His older brother got a plastic factory in the home town and asked him to run the factory.

He went to Ahmadabad to give a helping hand to his brother in the business. Adani starts to implement business ideas and import Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), essential to manufacture plastic. He went to South Korean at a very young age to cut the business deal with a Korean company to import PVC for them.

Soon in 1988, it all started with the Adani group, which is today known as the Adani Enterprises Limited. The company began to deal with the agricultural commodities followed by power and then spread the wings to many other business ventures over a short time. With the changes brought in the country through liberalization, there is a drastic change witnessed in the company. It started to see hefty profits. The businesses were going in favor of Adani, and soon all the business ventures began to give him profits. 

Breakthrough works leading to Gautam Adani net worth

This business tycoon got in the career is receiving the invitation from the Gujarat government to run the Mundra port, and luckily Adani won the deal. The port operated with the name, Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone Ltd. However, it is presently Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ). Today, it has risen to a level of the largest multi-port operator in India.

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The Adani Power Ltd. began operating in 1996 under the Adani group. 

It is the most reputed and largest private power producer in the country. It produces solar power and supplies it to different places. There are many allegations against this person for receiving many favors from the then Chief Minister of the state. 

The company is in divergent fields and deals with agriculture, power, logistics, etc. It was a part of the Brand trust report in 2015 for being the most trustworthy infrastructure brand in the country. 

There are around eight ports under this company, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ). There is a new transshipment hub that is under-construction in Kerala and soon will start the operations. 

Philanthropic activities

Being a businessman, he also contributes to society’s welfare through the Adani foundation and is in Gujarat. Under this foundation, his wife, Priti Adani, carries out many welfare activities such as educating people, giving their livelihood opportunities, and building homes in the homeless villages.

Gautam Adani net worth

The net worth of the business conglomerate is USD 3.9 billion. The various business ventures would contribute to the net worth and is growing at a rapid pace.

The founder of the Adani group’s journey is always fascinating and would ignite the inspiration spark in everyone’s heart. The success will never leave your hand until you are learning something new and implementing new things. 


Gautam Adani started tasting success from 18 years old when he stepped out of the home with 100 Rs in the pocket. He determined to be significant in life. Adani soon began to work as a diamond sorter near Mahindra brothers and soon became a diamond broker. Within a few years, he became a millionaire only at the age of 20. Presently, the Gautam Adani net worth is in the billions. 

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