Cheap Home Security Gadgets That’ll Help You Sleep in Peace

Cheap Home Security Gadgets That'll Help You Sleep in Peace

Your home is meant to be the one place where you’re guaranteed to feel safe and secure. It’s the place where you can feel protected from the rest of the world, unlike anywhere else. Yet, that doesn’t mean it can stop crime just by virtue of being home.

Crime can happen anywhere, and criminals know when to target someone. They go after people who don’t have a security system in place; criminals prey on the undefended. Yet, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line equipment to protect themselves with.

Cheap home security equipment can do the job, though. Most criminals will overlook you and your home when searching for people to target. If they notice a simple security camera or even a door blocker that will make it harder for them to get in, they won’t bother trying to hurt you.

Instead, they’ll find someone who hasn’t invested in their home security. Keep reading below to learn about some cheap ways you can protect yourself and secure your home!

Watch Out With a Cheap Home Security Camera

Just a few years ago, having a security camera for your home was a luxury. Only the elite and wealthy could afford a security system that included cameras surrounding their property. Now, anyone can buy a home security camera.

Not only can you have a camera, but you can livestream the things it records to your phone. That way, it can be like you’re home without ever actually being there. You can keep an eye on your kids, your pets, and your things without ever being there just by looking at your phone.

Setting them up has also gotten easier, too. Most affordable brands allow you to connect to your cameras through an app. Once you connect to the camera, you can usually connect it to your home’s wifi network so that your camera can broadcast right to your pocket!

Once potential thieves see that your home is always being watched, they’ll be persuaded never to approach it. With some affordable cameras, you can convince criminals your home isn’t even worth looking at, or else they will have to face the consequences.

Most Footage Can be Saved in a Different Place

The reason thieves are afraid of cameras is that they capture more than just their faces. A camera system will capture a thieve’s entire likeness; it’ll record their mannerisms, their figure, and their entire likeness. That way, you can identify a criminal in court if you need to.

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And not all thieves are always charged with theft. When a person illegally enters another person’s home, tensions can rise quickly. A robbery can turn into an assault, battery, or worse, in a heartbeat. Without a camera, you may end up having to look up misdemeanor battery information online for help in court, without any evidence to go off of.

A camera guarantees that you will have evidence to charge someone with in court. With the footage from a home security camera, you can guarantee that a person will face the consequences for all their crimes. You won’t need to settle for charging someone with just trespassing if your camera catches them committing battery, too.

Stop Crime with a Doorstopper

One of the simplest ways to prevent criminals from getting into your home is just by blocking the door. And with modern doorstoppers, you can stop precariously propping a chair against the door!

The doorstoppers wedge underneath the door handle and have a flat surface at the bottom, where the doorstopper meets the floor. That way, if a criminal tries to push their way into your home, the doorstopper catches their momentum. It pushes their momentum down towards the floor, making their efforts futile.

In essence, a doorstopper will it make like a criminal is trying to push against a wall instead of a door. It makes your door into a gate, and you’ll be able to control who gets in.

Sometimes a Lock Isn’t Enough

A door stopper is more than just a simple way to lock your door. While a lock may be able to stop your average person from trespassing into your home, criminals aren’t average people. Sometimes, they’re determined to get in.

They bring lockpicks to your door and surreptitiously sneak their way in. Some may be more aggressive and try to knock down your door, pushing through the lock. A door stopper will prevent both kinds of criminal from getting in.

Planks of Wood Can be Enough to Stop a Criminal

Door stoppers may sound like sophisticated security devices that help protect your home. Yet, they’re basically just pieces of wood with some things added onto them. You can buy a plank of wood and wedge underneath your door to achieve the same thing.

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In fact, a plank of wood is a perfect security device. You can wedge it against windows or in the gap of sliding doors to make sure they can’t open. All you need is a few planks of wood turn your home into an impenetrable fortress!

Sound the Alarm on Intruders, Not Your Wallet

Most people believe that they need to invest in a monthly subscription to add alarms to their home. Yet, when you pay for ADT or similar services, you’re paying for more than just the alarms. You’re paying for teams to continually monitor your home, and to check in on you if they detect something wrong.

You can buy alarms without the monthly cost. These kinds of alarms are set up to sound when two pieces lose contact with another. You simply set the alarm up on either side of the door, and it will go off when it’s armed and the pieces lose contact with one another.

These alarms also let you arm specific points in your house, instead of automatically arming your entire house. Sometimes, you may want to arm your backyard door, but not your front door. With ADT and similar services, you will always have to keep either both or neither doors armed.

Simple, cheap alarms let you pick which points to keep alarmed, and which to disarm, giving you more control.

Your Home Is Your Castle — Protect It

Your home is a castle; people are always looking for ways to get into it to steal your stuff. You’re also the only one who can protect it. Luckily, you don’t need to pay out hundreds of dollars to defend your home. Instead, you can invest in cheap home security tools to protect your home and everything in it.

Yet, there’s more to home security than just picking up a few devices. To learn more about how to protect your home, keep reading here! We update our website with articles on how to protect against hurricanes and criminals alike, and everything in between, all to keep you safe.

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