Countries Where You’ll Probably Get Scamed

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Have you ever been robbed or scammed? Oh, if not, then you’re incredibly lucky! In the Internet age, in order to rob a bank, one person need not break into a building with a crowd of armed robbers. You just need to sit back at home and have some hacking skills. While security against these interventions is also improving every day, there are still loopholes that people may find.

Romania, like many other countries in the CIS, was mired in corruption and penury after the collapse of the USSR. Out of Romania came several successful scam hackers. There have been several instances of fraud-related prosecutions of citizens of this particular country in the United States.

Up next, the Philippines. The Filipinos went further still. They’re using naive tourists with sly schemes. They claim to be acquaintances, or you only remind them of one of their friends and therefore want to help. They show you the city’s sights and famous sites and eventually lead you to the place you’re stolen from. If they are supposedly “robbed” as well, so there is no doubt, it is just an accident. Driver fraud is similarly a common phenomenon. Taxi drivers change prices on the trip and when you arrive they take 10 times the amount of money they would.

Venezuela is next in the list. Imagine a whole country walking bankrupt. The bankruptcy has led to despair amongst citizens. And if you don’t have any work, the economy of the country is falling, and even the store shelves are empty, what should you do? Many people start stealing, coming up with fraudulent schemes, trying to “make money” over the internet, and so on. This is the only option for them.

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Further on Pakistan. Did you know the most corrupt police force is in Pakistan? Scammers know that, and benefit from it. Exactly, there are many forms of cyber fraud, for this reason. Stealing over the internet is best. You are hard to track, you practically don’t leave any traces, and you can steal as much money or personal information as you want.

Especially they like to pretend to be members of the military and register on dating sites. Then they start a relationship and then threaten other people with the aid of photos. They can even install a special virus on your computer during a relationship, which extracts all available information which can be used against you.

There are a lot of scam countries but have you ever thought that one of them is China? It is the nation with the world’s largest population, one of the “giants” in the world and owner of a huge number of advanced technologies. But that doesn’t even help them to rid themselves of a large number of scammers. On the contrary, they exist more than in most other countries. They have very strict rules in colleges, so there are scammers who write to the parents and offer their children to go for a large sum of money to a prestigious college with poor grades. When you are offered to be checked in a hospital, there is also a form of fraud, because it is important for your safety.

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First check out similar articles for the scam countries you are heading to, and be prepared to be fooled to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. And take care!

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