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Smoking That 420 Is for You

The bong you invest in will be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made in your life because it is a gift that keeps on giving over the years and can always turn to it in times of need when you have a bunch of weed you want to smoke but you do not want to waste it being burned in paper or tobacco. That investment is going to be a solid one once you look back on it because it can last for literal decades and if it is well maintained, archaeologists might even find it in a few centuries if you have kept all your items stored beautifully in a really nice and safe location over the years. Weed is one of the ways that human beings cope with pain and when we look back on history, we see that pot has been used for pain relief for as long as human beings have had access to it, so getting yourself some smoke is always going to be a smart idea.

The truth is, people who do not smoke and condemn pot smokers do not know just how wonderful the pot smokers have it, especially emotionally regarding the anxiety and stress that they simply do not experience. That level of stress and nerve-heightening experience is going to be always mitigated by the weed you have access to and The Freeze Pipe is a great way to smoke it so that you can actually enjoy your smoking experience with a bong that will last a long time. A water pipe that is going to be well maintained can actually take you through life completely, and you never have to actually spend any additional funds on anything but coils and other cleaning supplies. If you have the kind of bong that catches ashes, then you are looking for something that can be well-cleaned and maintained over the long run in the grand scheme of things.

Bring That Bong Over Here Next to Me!

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If you are a novice smoker who has not actually had the chance to inhale some good weed, then you need to consider taking it easy before you try to smoke blunts or something that is going to be really harsh. Your first-time smoking someone might offer you whatever method they are currently using but the truth is you should try to stick to water pipes because it will be so much easier for you to handle that than tobacco paper that could really shock your lungs into a different dimension entirely. That way of smoking is actually something that can help you appreciate the smoke long term because of the chance you have to keep on smoking all night long as opposed to whenever the blunt or joint is out and fully smoked. With a water pipe, you can actually hold onto your weed for so much longer and you can actually allow that baggy full of pot to stretch for much longer than it normally would if you were smoking it like it was a cigarette or something.


The bong is ideal because it is going to help you keep your lungs full of smoke without actually being financially wedded to the struggle of the joint paper that you have to keep buying and buying over and over again to make sure that your smoke box is always full of the tools and supplies you need to get high when you want to. That glass cased experience is going to be one that transcended any other smoking sessions you have had before because it will keep the smoke going in and out without extra added drama related to making sure you have to keep the tobacco smell out of your hair and clothes because of your blunt wraps. The added expense of those wraps is no joke and if you learn more online you will see that it adds up over time when you look back on how much money you spent enjoying your smoke, you will have saved money over buying prescription meds to manage your pain but you will have spent more if you use anything other than a really well-made glass bong.

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Smoking That Sensible Sativa and Ingenious Indica


There are different strains and so when you see those old commercials describing stoners as lazy and tired, you are forgetting that back in the day, there were not different strains as they had not been medically and scientifically attuned to the current needs that people have when they are looking to smoke. If you were being judged on a reality show about pot ( and someone were to look at your setup, if you only had papers and blunts people would think you were not serious or you had so much money that you did not care exactly how you were judged based on your marijuana kit. There are moments you will really enjoy when you get the chance to sit in your comfiest chair and pull out your bong, smoking to ease the tension and stress that has built up in your body over the days, weeks, months, and years.


Some people do fun things like use ice in their water pipes instead of water, and others do things like smoking with juice, beer, kombucha, wine, and even a fizzy soft drink. Do you, boo! Whatever you like to do when you are enjoying your me time, you should take that time out to do it to the fullest extent so that way when you look back on the time you have spent with your bong, you can say you enjoyed yourself to the best of your ability. If you are going to use anything other than water or ice, make sure that you clean the heck out of your bong carefully and get into those nitty-gritty areas so that way there is no build-up. Otherwise, make sure you always have fun!

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