Kane Lim Net Worth: Know About His Lifestyle

Kane Lim Net Worth

Ever since Netflix released the reality show Bling Empire, people have been going crazy about it. After all, why not? It contains all the glitz and glamor everyone will like to be a part of. One celebrity in there to have caught everyone’s eye is none other than Kane Lim. Therefore, people want to know how much Kane Lim Net worth is. 

Kane Lim is one of the most prominent celebrities from the Bling Empire. Bling Empire is a reality show that features a group of rich and over-the-top Asian specialties that showcase their shopping trips. Apart from focusing only on Asians, the show also focuses on Asian-American people.

So, in this article today, we will cover who Kane Lim is, his net worth, and his lifestyle. 

Kane Lim Early Life

Kane Lim is 31-years old and is a part of the Bling Empire. One of the fascinating things about Kane Lim has been his collection of trainers that number more than 300 pairs. Kane follows Buddhism and says that it has played an important role in helping him achieve mental peace and become compassionate for himself. 

kane lim net worth
Source: GMA Network

Kane Lim has a massive fan following. Believe it or not, Rihanna often comments on his pictures. Even in an interview, he admitted that one of the main reasons why he has such a huge fan following is because of Rihanna. 

Kane Lim Net worth

Considering the fact that he featured in Bling Empire, it is no surprise that Kane Lim has a lot of money. According to estimates, the current Kane Lim Net worth is approximately $20 million. 

A lot of Kane Lim’s net worth is because of his affluent family. However, that shouldn’t distract you from the fact that he became a millionaire all on his own by the age of 17. 

How is Kane Lim Net worth so high? 

One of the most common questions people have is how is Kane Lim Net worth so high. The influential Instagram presence, a fashion business, an affluent family has all played an important role in increasing his net worth. 

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Kane Lim’s followers are in love with his fashion sense. After all, he knows just rightly how to throw a party. He is very humble towards his fans and likes to have a meet and greet with them. He belongs to Singapore, and during the Covid-19 wave that hit the entire country, he urged people to help others in need. 

His great social media presence helped to boost the cause. Some of the common factors that contribute to Kane Lim’s net worth include:

Rich family

His family wealth is often attributed to being one of his major reasons for Kane Lim Net worth. His family owns a billion-dollar business. Kane’s brother is the founder of Hin Leong Trading. Despite having a social media presence, Kane is very secretive about his family affairs. Therefore, it is still unclear as to how much his family makes. 

Reality TV star

By now, we all know that Kane featured in Bling Empire. Therefore, he is already a reality TV star. His lavish lifestyle is displayed in the reality TV show, and people became absolute fans of his. In 2019, he did an interview where he confessed that he made around seven figures during his birth. 

Kane Lim net worth
Source: The Sun

Instagram influencer

Kane Lim is a renowned social media influencer. With over 400k followers on the platform, he is quite popular. Apart from that, he also has a huge following on Snapchat and Facebook. Many people consider that his lavish lifestyle and fashion are two of the most prominent reasons why he is so popular. He owns a shoe line. His influence on Instagram plays an important role in helping him attract the following. 

Shoe collection

As mentioned earlier, Kane Lim owns a shoe line. He has around 300 pairs of designer shoes. His shoe collection is worth around $300,000. Apart from his shoe collection, you can often see Kane Lim flaunting his cars and jewelry collection. 

Real estate investment

The real estate market is constantly changing. Therefore, it is very common to become rich. Lim has a huge investment in the real estate sector. He mostly invests in commercial and fashion real estate. Well, his family owns a lot of properties that have contributed majorly to his investments. He uses his Instagram following to attract sales for his real estate properties. 

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Kane Lim Charity Work

Since he has such huge net worth, Kane participates in charity work. His social media pages are a testament to how much charity work he does. He connects to his fans via social media channels. He uses his huge fan following to make the masses aware of the importance of charity work. Furthermore, he also encourages them to take an active part in it. 

Kane had been involved during the Covid-19 to help people understand the impact. Kane lives the life of a philanthropist. During the wave of the virus, he had urged everyone to come together and support. He takes an active part in a non-profit organization referred to as Miracle for Kids. His family sponsors them. 

Apart from Kane Lim, his family also takes an active part in hosting events. They are also actively participating in charity work. The family is responsible for sponsoring Miracles for Kids.

Fashion Obsession

You can’t deny the fact that Kane Lim is obsessed with fashion. As he grew older, he tended to become more and more obsessed. If you want to know about Kane’s fashion obsession, the best thing to do is check out his social media accounts. Oh, and one of the most prominent things to do is watch the Bling Empire. 

In many of his interviews, he had accepted the fact that he was raised differently from others. He had also admitted to the fact that he was hugely pampered when he was a child. Well, we wouldn’t deny that either after looking at his lifestyle. His investments paid off hugely in developing the Kane Lim Net worth. To know more about him, you can take a look at his interviews. 

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