5 Simple Landscaping Ideas for Your Front and Backyard

simple landscaping ideas

On average, each household in the U.S spends approximately $503 on landscaping. A well-manicured lawn can make an unattractive home look exceptionally great, now imagine if you already have a gorgeous home!

Your front and backyard design are integral to your home. Wondering how to go about landscaping because you don’t have a lot of time and money? Here are 5 cheap, yet highly effective simple landscaping ideas for your home.

DIY Water Features

It’s rare to find a natural stream or pond on people’s property, but that doesn’t mean that installing an artificial one will cost you a fortune. Installing water features to any front or backyard is a sure way to enhance outdoor aesthetics.

You don’t need the help of a professional to build a waterfall or a similarly interesting feature. Some of the creative ideas that you should try are using an old iron teapot or wine bottle to make a DIY fountain waterfall.

Light Up the Place

Think outside the box and try cool ideas such as firelight from wood, solar panel, lanterns, and candles instead of electricity. You may also design creative DIY lighting features using wood, water bottles, pipes, and tree branches.

Play around with shapes, colors, and different surfaces such as stairs, access roads, and gardens. Landscape lighting not only enhances the aesthetic value of your yard but also improves the security of your home at night and its accessibility.

Rock It!

Adding rocks to your front and back yard is a combination of desert landscaping and modern architecture. Use similarly sized rocks in the same setting in complementary colors. The planes and lines of a house blend well with a well-structured landscape design.

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Examples of rocks used for house landscaping are rainforest river rocks, rainforest margo, polished gravel, and gray pea gravel. You can as well create rock fountains and rock walls.

Important tip: Use a wide range of plants to soften the appearance of rocks.

Want Natural and Simple Landscaping Ideas? Plants Matter

Use low-lying shrubs for places close to your house and increase the height of plants as you move outwards. To enhance color, intermingle flowers and blooming foliage with shrubs. If you are a bird enthusiast, add a bird bath surrounded by flowers.

Some low maintenance plant examples that you can include in your landscape design are barberry, peony, smoke tree, and hawthorn. Liriope makes a beautiful groundcover. Ornamental grass types include feather reed grass, ribbon grass, and fescue.

If you want to give your front yard color throughout the year, plant boxwood shrubs among other types of evergreens that require little and cheap maintenance.

Make a Path

Build walkways between your garage and back door or other points of interest using cheap material such as salvaged wood beams. Reclaimed pallet wood can also add some character to unused or underutilized corners.

Transform Your Yard

These cheap and simple landscaping ideas will transform your front and back yard into a stunning home that will turn heads.

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