Travelling in Perth & Other Western Australia Places – A Perfect Guide!

Travelling in Perth

Looking for some unforgettable events when travelling in Perth? As a traveler or just someone who likes visiting different parts of the world, the Covid 19 times must have been hard. Being cooped up all day in a single place, and not being able to even go out of your house must be hard on your mental health. As someone who understands the necessity of traveling, visiting new places, and enriching one’s mind and soul with good food, good people, and good places, it must feel nice to finally be able to go visit new places.

Today, in this blog, we will travel to Western Australia, specifically; Perth. It is the capital of Western Australia and a beautiful place to visit. So pack your bags, and book your flights for this trip that is bound to leave an impression on you.

Travelling in Perth

When Travelling In Perth Things You Cannot Miss Out!

So, here we are when it comes to the history and foundations of Perth. Now that you know the background behind the place you might be planning to visit, your next move is to decide the places that you want to go visit once you reach Perth. And this is where we come in with the itinerary. Perth is a beautiful place, filled with lots of places to satisfy your particular vibe. So, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the top tourist destinations that you mustn’t miss out on when travelling in Perth!

1. Kings Park/ Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden sound grand by its name, and true to its name, it is grand. The entire place is spread over an area spanning 900 acres. People say it is one of the best places that you can visit in Perth, and you can guess why soon. The park is spanned by War memorials, with an incredible view of two rivers; the River Swan and Canning. Other views from this magnificent park include the entire skyline of Perth, the Darling ranges, and Perth water. This place also has an emotional resonance with the people because of the war memorial, and you can pay your tribute too. Other things that you can do at this place include bird watching, having a small picnic, and cycling.

2. Swan Valley

Swan Valley is a beautiful place located on the northern side of Perth and Swan River. Also it was discovered in 1697 and was named after Swan River. The main attraction of Swan Valley is its wineries. Which is the reason it has been called the “Great Wineries of the Western Australian Region”. In the Swan Valley, vineyards flourish better because of the fertile soil. Apart from the wineries, there are a lot of other things to do in Swan Valley.

You can go to eat at certain gourmet restaurants, that produce their food using the freshest of materials available. You can also spend your day exploring the cruise or take a walk to get to know the valley better. Moreover, you can enjoy this place with anyone you bring. Be it your family, friends, or lover. Or you can even come and enjoy this place alone! However, no one is alone when they’re in the presence of the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.

3. Cottlesloe Beach

Like spending time on beaches? Don’t worry, because Western Australia is filled with beautiful beaches, and Cottlesloe Beach is one of those beautiful places. With water bluer and clearer than the sky, and fun beach activities like swimming, surfing, and even snorkeling, this place is a favorite among Australians. Moreover, this place also has places where you can spend time; like quirky cafes and restaurants. You can easily spend time there after having fun at the beach. People say that the best time to visit is from October to April. So, pack your bags and book your tickets.

4. Fremantle Prison

Well, a prison might not be on the top of your list of places to visit when it comes to visiting places in Perth, but trust me, there is a reason that this place is included. This jail, believe it or not, is a “World Heritage Site”. People from everywhere come here to visit this place, to appreciate its historical significance and beautiful architecture. This prison, also called Fremantle Gaoi, is an extremely high-Security prison. At first, this prison was only used to house prisoners from England, then after 1859, it started accommodating prisoners from Australia too. So, you can definitely add this place to your ‘visit list. We can assure you you’ll not be bored.

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Travelling in Perth

5. Perth Zoo

When you visit some place, getting to know its flora and fauna is one of the top things on our list. The Perth Zoo is the best place where you can explore a part of Perth’s fauna. It is one of the most went to places in all of Australia. It is a family-friendly place which is located near the beautiful and scenic banks of Swan River. The place is filled with approximately 1300 animals (164 species). It was opened in 1898, and according to the people, it has not closed since. The animals here are from several places, including; Asia, Africa, and South America.

6. Art Gallery of Western Australia

If you are the type of person who makes a list of different types of places to visit in a day, but ends up spending your entire time in an art gallery, then you definitely must visit this place. It is located inside Perth Cultural Centre and is considered a heaven for art enthusiasts who take the time to visit the place. Moreover, the gallery is filled with artworks, both indigenous and international, and houses artworks from 1829 onwards. It is open every day from 10 to 5 except on Tuesdays.

Perth Travel Restrictions

Perth travel restrictions accommodate all the travel restrictions imposed upon Western Australia by the government. The tourism industry is bound to follow the imposed restrictions. We will talk about the travel restrictions when travelling in Perth and other places of Western Australia in the next section. Stay tuned.

WA Travel Restrictions

Traveling was all fun and games. That is, before Covid- 19 came into the scene. Now, traveling requires a lot of health screenings and a lot of restrictions to keep in mind. However, that must not stop you from traveling, if you truly love it. So, let us take a look at the restrictions which are in work right now.

Travel restrictions: interstate entry into Western Australia must have a G2G pass and has to be vaccinated (triple dose if eligible).

International entry into Western Australia must have to meet all the requirements laid by by Commonwealth Government to enter Australia. They must also have a G2G pass and be triple vaccinated (if eligible).

You do not need to take rapid tests when you enter Australia, but free rapid tests will be available for your use.

When it comes to regional travel, everything is open to people, except traveling to places of remote indigenous habitation. This is to protect the people who might be more vulnerable to external covid sources.

Accommodation restrictions: accommodation places like hotels, and even camping and caravan accommodations are open to tourists.

For hotels, vaccination proof is required for everyone aged sixteen and above. Moreover, you even need it to enter bars and restaurants.

Entertainment venue restrictions: places of entertainment have a one-person per two square meters limit and a 75 percent population density limit. This is to be followed by entertainment venues such as theatres, nightclubs, cinemas, galleries, and museums.

When Travelling In Perth, Sydney & Melbourne – Things To Do!

We might not be able to fit all you can do in Western Australia in one section, but if you have chosen to visit Western Australia, then you have made a great choice for your holiday trip. Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places to exist, and it does not change with the cities you visit. The top choices of places which you can visit in WA are Perth (traveling in Perth is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have), Sydney ( the Sydney harbor at sunsets has a view to die for, literally), and even Melbourne.

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If you’re looking for beaches to visit in Western Australia, start with Bondi beach. Some things you mustn’t miss out on when travelling in Perth and other places of Western Australia.

Go island hopping

Yes, island hopping is a thing, especially in Australia. In Queensland, there is a group of islands called the Whitsunday Islands. It is a group of 74 islands out of which 69 are completely uninhabited. So, this calls for some adventure, right? You can start by going sailing with your friends, then chart your own course from there. Who knows, you can even explore the islands; maybe one of the uninhabited ones?

Cruise through the Kimberley

The Kimberley is one of the last places of true wilderness on the planet. What better way to experience this natural beauty than by a cruise ship? You can choose any cruise which offers you a tour of Kimberley. They will give you a close view of what two billion years of untainted natural beauty looks like. You will definitely be awestruck. The best thing is, you will be enjoying this from the comfort of the cruise. So, imagine sitting back and relaxing against the backdrop of nature as beautiful as this. Tempting, isn’t it?

Some other things that you can do in Western Australia ( keeping the restrictions in mind) is visiting the locals there, both humans and animals ( there are some adorable local animals that you might not want to miss). With beaches, galleries, museums, and whatnot, visiting Western Australia will be something that you will forever remember.

Travelling in Perth

Quick Facts To Learn About When Travelling in Perth

So, before we get into the traveling part, we should know a bit about the place we are visiting. Perth, the destination of this blog, is a place that we have just heard about. But what exactly do we know about this place and its significance. Why should we visit Perth? You’ll find your answers soon.

So, Perth is the largest city that exists in WA and also its capital. Combining Australia and Oceania, Perth is the fourth city that is the most populous. Perth started to expand from its original place of settlement; Swan River, where the British first settled down. The year 1829 is of significance, as Britisher James Stirling hailed Perth as the administrative center of Swan River. The naming of the city also has an interesting story behind it. The name Perth was taken from a city in Scotland of the same name, mostly because of the influence of a certain George Murray from Scotland, who had influence over Sterling and the Swan River area.

However, Perth did not gain city status until 1956. Since then, the city of Perth has seen some rushes of population increase. There are some reasons; namely the gold rush during the 19th century, and the migration that took place after WWII, which included people from Britain, Europe, and recently, Asians.

Perth is full of important historical sites and numerous public buildings of importance. The Perth Festival, held annually since 1953 is the longest-running festival in Australia. Perth is also home to several galleries and theatres, which hold an immense amount of art and culture, as well as talent; old and new.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog – Travelling in Perth and other places of Western Australia. I hope that through this blog, we have been able to convey the beauty of Perth as best as possible. Or, at the very least, we have been able to motivate you to go visit this beautiful city and consume its art and culture, along with its food. So, stop dallying and visit this beautiful city now!



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