What do you need to start designing fashion?

start designing fashion

Fashion design is one of the most popular professions today, and it is not for less, since it allows those who practice it to fully exploit their creativity and good taste, in addition to improving many extremely useful skills for other professions, such as drawing, sewing and color combinations, allowing you to gain a foundation for careers such as marketing and graphic design.

That is why people from all over the world passionate about beauty and aesthetics want to start in this exciting world. In this article, you will find the main skills and equipment you need to start a career in fashion design, as well as some tips to improve your creativity.

Hone your basic skills

To begin with, drawing in pencil or with digital instruments today is still of vital importance in this career, as well as sewing and the study of fabrics and colorimetry, you must develop an exceptional sense of aesthetics and skills to translate into paper how you want your designs to look.

Fashion design requires that each piece of clothing you are going to create can be graphically described in a drawing and that together they form an elegant and attractive design, keeping in mind the purpose of the clothing and the functionality. Also take the opportunity to acquire a good sewing machine so that your work is much more efficient, that is, although some stitches must be done by hand in haute couture, working with a sewing machine is much more precise and faster.

Educate yourself in everything related to fashion and design

It is not enough to have good taste, to be recognized you must have knowledge , and it is important that you understand the styles that have characterized each of the periods of history, since you can even find artistic inspiration in the past, transferring and adapting some styles to the present.

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In both face-to-face and non-face-to-face universities, the subject of history is extremely important, and those who love fashion will also love its history. There are many schools available today around the world, and if you want a career in fashion, going through the classroom is almost a must.

You should also study current trends, know for what purposes fashion is currently used, depending on the climate, the time of year and the festivities, as well as the culture of the different parts of the world, which have influenced and continue to influence the current fashion design, even more so with the globalization and transculturation that we are experiencing today, which does nothing more than enrich every aspect of our lives, including how we dress and how we like to see ourselves in the mirror and face to society.

Specialize and make yourself known

There are many types of fashion, not just what we see every day, and you can specialize in costume design, for example, for theater or film productions, merchandising, clothing design, accessory design, aesthetics, and many others, opening up a range of very tempting possibilities.

The last thing, once you have learned everything you need, you must learn to sell your image in the modern world, a digital world, frivolous as it has never been and in constant change. You must show yourself versatile, know the preferences of your public and offer a service that surpasses the competition or that stands out at some point, in addition to empathizing with the public and showing your best face. Even so, with all this, it is not always enough to be successful in the modern world, which is why you have to study more in depth in this section.

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