10 Interesting Temple Facts and Stories That You May Not Know

10 Interesting Temple Facts and Stories That You May Not Know jewish candles

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There are two main types of places to worship in the Jewish religion – there are temples and synagogues. The word “temple” refers solely to the main temple in Jerusalem, which no longer exists, although other sects of the religion use it to refer to an extremely holy place. Synagogues are where most people worship. The word itself means “house of assembly.” If you’re looking for jewish family services in Sarasota Florida, then you’re going to be seeking out a synagogue. With that said, there are plenty of interesting facts about temples. Let’s discuss the one in Jerusalem.

1) When the Messiah finally arrives, the third temple will be built. This is emphasized in the 13 principles that every Jewish person believes in. No one knows when this will be.

2) The very first temple was built back in 950 BC. King Solomon’s men built it. This temple was destroyed in 586 BC by the King of Babylon. Who was? You’ll probably recognize his name – Nebuchadnezzar.

3) The second temple was destroyed in 70 BC by Titus, the Emperor of Rome at the time. He was the son of Aspasianus the Emperor. The second temple has a longer lifespan than the first.

4) The temple was created because the Torah commanded it to be built. According to the Torah, a special place of prayer was needed. Although this place of prayer now tends to refer to synagogues, back in the olden days, it meant the temple.

5) There are two important mourning dates in the Jewish calendar. They mark the days that the first and second temples were torn down. These dates are the 17th of Tamuz and the 9th of Av. Obviously, these dates are translated to a modern calendar, so that people looking for jewish family services in Sarasota Florida know when they are.

6) Construction on the second temple started 70 years after the first one was torn down. This time span is important, because it notes that an entire generation went by between temples. Compare that to modern times, as several thousands of years have gone by since the destruction of the second temple.

10 Interesting Temple Facts and Stories That You May Not Know

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7) The location chosen for the first temple, Mount Moriah, had a special significance. Its location wasn’t chosen until 480 years had passed after the Jews were forcibly removed from Egypt.

8) The second temple has some powerful support. Both King Herod and King Cyrus (then, King of the Persians) provided some support. The temple itself was built by the high priest, Yehoshua the son of Yehotzadak, and  Zerubavel from the house of David.

9) Greek interference during the construction of the second temple led to the Maccabean revolt, which led to the founding of the religious holiday Hanukah.

10) Prior to the founding of the first temple, the only holy location that the Jews has was called the Tabernacle. This was a temporary space, often referred to as Ohel Moed. Once the temple was built, the Tabernacle was no longer needed.

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