5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Planks

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Planks

The first step in making your house more elegant than ever is having an eye-pleasing floor! What’s trendy this 2018 is having vinyl planks that add style and luxury to the ground surfaces. Choosing this will elevate you from the orthodox type of bottom that we wouldn’t want to happen. Ditch and upgrade your previous and costly flooring with this odd vinyl planks.

Design Versatility

Residential projects of designers these days vary from one another, but did you know that Biophilic Design is the new definition of style?

Its competency made its way to the top and pulled off the norm in this scheme industry. Artists appreciate flexible materials when influencing interior display. And luxury vinyl tile is the adaptable flooring texture everyone wanted, and not to exempt that millennials loved it too! The natural elements are now being placed inside at home but if you don’t want to build forest inside your house, that’s totally fine, let this flooring do its job for you. The uniqueness of its color and texture compromise the idea of not having mixed look in parts of your home without the doubt of giving it an ugly view because apparently, it will help your space larger look than the usual!

Superior Quality

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile are not just good-looking, they are also made to endure any damages or even aging! Its quality is beyond from what everyone is expecting it to be and it’s not even costly or saving-wrecker. So if you want to achieve a heavy-duty flooring without sacrificing the aesthetics in you, this is the best choice for your much-awaited home or if you want to knock-off the old hype of typical house, renovate it and use this instead!

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Water Proof and Resistant to Fire

Whether you have kids or not, the convenience of having a water-resistant floor is really a dream come true! Imagine conducting a party in your house without sacrificing the thought of having the slippery floor, what a concept right? But luxury vinyl tile made it happen for us. What completed the puzzle among the usual choices is its feature of being fire resistant that helps to prevent total damage in the house in case of fire breakout (we hope this won’t happen with anyone!) which you cannot compare with wood flooring.

Low Maintenance

Its quality and component made it superior but another good thing about luxury vinyl is its durability with water, bacteria, and molds without sacrificing the cleanliness you are achieving the stunning look in your home. You can always use a mop, or even a cloth to wipe off any dirt or unwanted objects on it and it will look brand new once again. It even gives you the freedom to save money from a professional cleaner with a single rag!


Aside from being ‘cheap but elegant’ flooring, its competency in the market made it budget friendly compare with the other tiles. And what’s surprising about it is the trait of being handy. Installation can be done in no time and doesn’t require too much of labor costs making luxury vinyl very cost-effective. No one didn’t see that this floor type changing everybody’s design game in 2018!

Its total fee will save your doubt of borrowing someone else’s money just to give justice to your home. And if you will try to check the other statements above, they are all intertwined with each other. Purchasing luxury vinyl tile is very economical in a sophisticated way of having a stylish floor surface, save money and give justice to your hard-earned house!

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