Ultimate Guide The 9 Steps to Buying the Right Sports Bike

Sports Bike

Ultimate Guide The 9 Steps to Buying the Right Sports Bike.Riding a sports bike like a racer on the road is everyone’s dream, especially when you just learned how to ride a bike? I have recommended you get on the wheels only when you have a valid driving license. It’s right for you and the others on the road. Well, when you decide to get a bike, usually, young lads only care about the killing looks of the bike, but most of them forget to check the other details like gears, displacements, and other such parts of your potential sports bike. Along with that, a bike rider should also take care of some safety tips.

The decision to choose the right sports bike needs a lot of factors to take into consideration because a sports bike is no less than a crazy horse that won’t forgive your kiddish mistakes while being on the wheels. So, you must read this before you buy a sports bike.

Sports Bike Maintenance

People go out and buy a brand new motorcycle, and they don’t know how to maintain a sports bike. You know how many people out there have a six-year-old super sports motorcycle with the original tires on it. Keep in mind that these tires usually wear out only after four to five years and not to mention the drive chain; it must be clean and lubricated every 500 miles. It will be adjusted frequently throughout the year, and of course, you have the oil changes which can be a bit more involved on a sportbike. If we talk about sports, bike maintenance isn’t usually expensive on Japanese sportbikes, but it can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Choose the Right Bike for You

From scratch, you have to understand what you want, for instance, 600 CC in-line four super sports have insane top-end power and will put a smile on just about anybody’s face. However, the bottom end of the rev range, where you will spend most of your time, is rather lackluster for 600 CC, lacks torque, and just overall grunt, you will find yourself shifting a lot. If you have to rev it to the moon for all its glorious power, this will consider a good or bad thing. However, a 1000 CC inline-four-cylinder bike is more substantial than a bull, has power just about everywhere, there’s also in-line three super sports like the Daytona 675r or Ducati Corse 1199 and my favorite CBR 600. If you have these sports bikes, you have to spend $300 a year for full insurance, $25 tax, and an annual inspection sticker cost of $15.

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Before buying your sports bike, you have to think about where you want to store it. The best place is a dry heated Quonset garage. If you don’t have a garage, I recommend you looking into Quonset sheds and other Quonset buildings. You can build it in your backyard and additional space, and you could look into a motorcycle shelter. They all range in cost, depending on what specific needs you have. Whether you are in a warm climate or a cold climate, I strongly recommend an enclosed garage. In case, if you put your bike in an ordinary bike cover, then maybe mice can chew the wiring, and spiders can make webs, all kinds of nasty stuff there. If you store your bike for a long time, then you have to cover the garage only, it protects your bike against any bulgur activities. 

Spend on the Safety Gears

Buying a bike is not just enough. It would help if you also spent on the purchasing of safety gear like helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves. It will save not just your life from any accident but others too. So, I am recommending that you should spend 10% of the bike’s cost on other accessories. After all, it is a matter of life or death.

When You are a Beginner

If you are ready to ride a sportbike, you must have previously driven some bikes. But driving a motorcycle of 150cc doesn’t mean that you become a pro. Don’t be overconfident. Sports bike has four cylinders and massive engines, which is not as easy as driving other bikes. So, you should gain some experience and become familiar with operating the sports bike before you buy the one that is spending your hard-earned money.

You may also try driving bikes like Kawasaki Ninja 300, KTM RC 390, or Benelli TNT 300 which are considered as good sports bikes for beginners. Don’t directly jump onto driving the R1 or Hayabusa bikes.

Be Confident But Don’t Be Overconfident.

You know there is a golden rule of keeping yourself safe while driving a sports bike. Confidence is always positive and excellent, but overconfident may kill. Being a sensible rider, you must have 100% control over your bike. Since the sports bike’s speed is at the next level, the distraction of even 1 second may take you in the mouth of death. So, be careful and don’t be overconfident that everything is under control.

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The idea of Used Bikes

To get started initially, the idea of buying a used bike is not at all a bad idea. You can polish your riding skills on a second-hand bike without bearing a substantial loss of a new brand bike in case of accidents, which is quite likely to be possible if you are a beginner. So, there is nothing wrong with getting started with a second-hand sports bike.

Riding Wear Accessories

You need to consider gear because it’s not like a car, you can wear anything you want and drive around. You will at least need a helmet and gloves, a smart person would add in a jacket, boots, and even pants. You can make sure all your gear is motorcycle rated and do your research if you want the right clothing for every part of your body, then expect to spend between $700 to $1200. Helmets are a one-time crash item, and if you are going to fall, you have to replace it. Otherwise, it’s usually good for around 4 to 5 years in my experience. A glove generally lasts two to three seasons, and it depends on the quality of gloves, boots. It will last much longer, no signs of wearing the same thing with jackets and pants, they seem to hold up well, even after daily use of almost four years. 

Wind Noise:

Most people don’t care how silent your helmet is, even though I do not care. Your helmet, how big your windshield is the wind noise. It will always be a factor while riding, so neglecting to protect your hearing will result in hearing damage over a long time. I want to recommend you go ahead and get yourself some earplugs. You can buy this earplug online, and it’s cheap, one pair is suitable for a day of riding, and this kit comes with a hundred. Well, that’s it, everyone. I hope you enjoy this blog, be safe, stay healthy.

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