How to clean suede shoes

how to clean suede shoes

Suppose you like to wear leather type shoes, then you must be a fan of suede shoes on how to clean suede shoes. And for suede shoes, you have to take proper care. It is a type of leather shoes made from the underside of the animal skin. For this reason, it is softer and flexible than other types of leather shoes. With jeans, jackets suede shoes go perfectly.

But it is a crucial matter to take good care of your suede shoes. Often we forget to take care and don’t know how to clean of suede shoes. And in this article, we have briefly described how to clean suede shoes with useful tips and tricks. If you are unaware of how to clean suede shoe home remedies, then this article is for you.

Cleaning tools for suede shoes:

If you want to know how to clean suede shoes, then at first, it’s essential to know some cleaning tools. Some people think some unused cloth or used brush are the only tools for cleaning suede shoes. But to clean correctly, it’s essential to use some devices if you want a proper shine and get back your fav suede shoes. Some specific cleaning tools are also available in the amazon store or nearest store. These are as follows- 

Suede cleaning brush:

You can clean your fav suede shoes with a specific suede cleaning brush. Some people like to use a toothbrush for cleaning purposes but its better if you buy one. Maybe it can make a little expensive but trust me it will be cost be effective. You can pick a synthetic type brush that contains nylon bristles.  For lighter or gentle cleaning, these types of the meeting is a perfect pick up.  You can use to clean boots, shoes.

There are different types of suede cleaning brush those act as multi-tasking brush. You can use these types of meeting with sprays, foams, erasers, and cleaning kits. These are used for more vigorous cleaning on more massive scuff marks and stains. For thin adequate suede shoes cleaning, you can choose this. You will found a suede cleaning brush online. If you are still in confusion, then you can pick an old toothbrush or any soft bristle brush. 

Crumple paper:

This is a pre-step to put a crumbled paper for cleaning suede shoes. But it is essential for the cleaning of suede shoes. Crumble pieces can be a newspaper, used computer paper, or some other types. These types of paper you have to keep inside the suede shoes. When you go to buy any branded shoes, then you will find some scrambled pieces inside your shoes.

These are kept for the proper shaping of the shoes. It’s also effective while cleaning suede shoes. The natural shape of the boots will remain intact. This will help to work appropriately towards the raw material of suede shoes.

Bath towel:

A piece of clean cloth is required for the cleaning of suede shoes. If you are unaware of how to clean suede shoes, then keep this in mind a bath towel is the first thing that you can consider as a cleaning tool. It’s better to use a white color towel or cloth piece. By doing so, you will be able to see how much dirt you have cleaned.

Don’t use any color towel or cloth. The color of the fabric can stain your suede shoes. So avoid these. Wipe-out with this cloth in the direction of the grain and avoid any vigorous back and forth motions that can cause damage to your fav shoe.

Suede eraser:

Sometimes only the use of a brush or some chemicals is not useful for cleaning all stains from suede shoes. In that case, it’s better to buy an eraser for suede cleaning. It is helpful if your suede shoes are stained with stricter dirt. Apply a bit pressure as these types of stains are so much stubborn. You can also use your pencil eraser if you don’t find any specific suede eraser. The use of an eraser is so useful to remove vigorous dirt from the suede shoes.

How to clean suede shoes:

There are several ways to clean suede shoes. But it depends on the stain and the tools that you will use for suede shoes cleaning. Here we have covered all those possible aspects through using these. You will be know how to clean suede shoes in DIY ideas. In this article, we have discussed the process of how to clean suede shoes with house products.  These are as follows-

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Removing normal dirt:

For regular cleaning of suede shoes, the fowling steps are essential- 

  1. At first, use a suede brush or any smooth bristle toothbrush to remove the excess dirt from the upper surface of the shoes. At first, begin by giving a light stroke to remove loose particles. While brushing, brush in the same direction of the shoe texture. For stubborn dirt, you have to put much pressure and move the brush as back and front direction. 
  2. After the removal of excess dirt through the brush, now it’s time to use an eraser. Use an eraser that is not previously used, or you can use the one which has no stain removing spots.
  3. If you find your stubborn stain is still present, then you have to use white vinegar. White vinegar acidic components are brilliant in breaking down the dirt particles. For deep cleaning, put a small amount of white vinegar into a bowl, dip a corner of your flannel or towel and apply on the spot. Don’t drench the whole cloth into the vinegar. Rub on the site to remove the stain effectively. Vinegar temporarily damps the suede texture by altering the color of the fabric. After proper drying, it will return in its previous color. For removing the stain or dirt from the surface of suede shoes, it’s better to use vinegar several times.    
  4. Now it’s time to use a suede protector to keep your suede shoes safe from stains for a long time. You can buy it from the Amazon store. 

Removing water stains: 

If you have to remove the water stains from suede shoes, then you have to follow the below steps-

Step-1: At first wet the entire shoes. Apply a light coat with your brush. Don’t drench your shoes into deep water. Excess water can cause permanent damage to your shoes, but the proper amount of water can remove the stain. 

Step-2: Now, use a sponge or dry cloth to soak the excess water on how to clean suede shoes. Try to use white color cloth and avoid colorful cloth or towel. If visible water is observed, then you have to use the material again to soak the moisture.

Step 3- you have to use stick paper or shoe trees to maintain the proper shape of the shoes. It is also helpful to keep the inner surface dry while cleaning. Your favorite shoes will remain safe while you will use scrambled paper. 

Step 4: it’s an essential part of your suede shoes cleaning. You have to keep them in a dry and well-ventilated place where the air will pass quickly and will help to evaporate the water.

Step 5: after proper drying, use a suede brush that will help to remove outer dirt if present and give a shine. But you have to use it gently. Don’t use roughly as it is the final touch for cleaning the suede shoes.

To remove the particular type of stains: 

To remove special stains, some special care has to take for your suede shoes. The following steps have to maintain to clean suede shoes-

For oil removing: if you are a concern to know how to clean suede shoes from oil, then this for you. At first, use a suede brush to scrub the stain. Then use a nail brush to wash the stubborn stains with warm water. Typically grease stains are difficult to remove altogether. If your shoes are badly stained with grease, then it will be difficult to remove, and shoes will never look good again. Some will recommend corn-starch or loose powder for oil stains. For that sprinkle, some small amount of powder over the color and leave to for overnight. Could you keep it in a ventilated place? Next day brush away the scratch and then use an iron to dry that spot.

For mud cleaning: As we become worried thinking about how to clean suede shoes after a hard mudding, but the answer is not so difficult. For mud cleaning, don’t push much pressure for cleaning the excess mud. Hard pushing will damage the leather texture. Use a suede brush or toothbrush for removing excess mud. After removing mud leave it in a sunny place. If once mud strongly takes place on your favorite suede shoes then it will be difficult to remove. So it’s better to remove excess dirt just after your shoes become muddy.

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Remove tough stain: if you are unknown about how to clean suede shoes at home with vinegar then here is the answer. White vinegar is so effective to remove any dirt from cloth or leather products. If your suede shoes have tougher stain including salt, food, wine the use of vinegar is so much effective way. But it’s important to know how to use white vinegar for suede shoe cleaning. It’s simple to use. At first, Apply the white vinegar on the stained area then let it dry for a while. After that rub it with a suede brush. But don’t forget to keep scrambled paper inside the shoes.  

Remove wax or chewing gum: It is the most annoying thing if your favorite shoes are stuck with chewing gum or some wax particles. In that case, by following some tips you will get a better result. Also how to clean suede shoes with baking soda the answer lies in this section.  If wax or gum particles stuck to your shoes then put them in a freezer by wrapping with a plastic bag. Put it in a freezer for a few hours. In the meantime, the gum will be harder and you will be able to take away the gum easily. After that use a suede brush for the final touch.

Removing ink stain from suede shoes: You can use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove the ink stain. You can also use sandpaper to remove an ink stain from your favorite suede shoes. At first use a towel or cotton cloth or tissue to absorb the excess amount of ink. After that use sandpaper to scarp the stained area.

Removing blood stains: if your favorite suede shoes are stained with blood or any type of color regent then you can use hydrogen peroxide. Dab a cotton ball into peroxide liquid and then slowly apply over the surface until the color fade way. 

Other remedies to clean suede shoes: You can also use steel scrubber on dry stains. Brush steel strongly works against dry dogged stains. You have to be careful while rubbing with steel scrubber. You can also use a homemade suede cleaner for your shoes with vinegar.  Also can use nail filing boars and then can steam it with an iron. Heat is required to open the pores of the suede leather shoes and help you to clean the shoes most effectively.

As now, the wearing of Suede shoes is like a trend for many years and we always like to keep this type of stylish shoes in our wardrobes. And now after reading the proper cleaning process for your ankle boots or ultra-high over knee style shoes you will be able to regain your old fav suede shoes again.



  • How to clean suede shoes at home?


You can use white vinegar, a towel, and a toothbrush for the cleaning of suede shoes.


  • How to use a suede brush properly?


While cleaning suede shoes you have to remain careful about keeping the brush on the direction of the fibers. If you move the brush back and front again and again over the suede shoe surface then moisture can leave a permanent stain on the shoe surface. After that keep the shoes on an open surface to dry. You can also keep them in a sunny place.


  • How to get the best result to clean suede shoes?


Avoid moving the brush back and forth over the surface, Make sure about the complete dryness after a proper clean, don’t use newspaper as shoe trees because newspaper ink can soak into your shoes and while buying any tools it’s the best approach to select based on customer ratings and reviews.


  • How to clean suede shoes without a suede brush?


You can use a smooth bristle containing toothbrush for suede shoes cleaning.

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