5 Best Weight Loss Apps For Your Android Phone

Weight Loss Apps

In the modern life weight loss app will help us to control our excess weight. We can benefit from using some excellent weight loss app on Android phones without any extra hassle. Most of the time, with the excess weight, we go after a lot of misery. We all know about the harmful aspects of being overweight. Taking care of fitness is essential to keep yourself healthy. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Because the faster the weight increases, the quicker it does not decrease again. In that case, for those who want to lose excess weight and keep themselves fit, Android phone has come up with some excellent weight loss apps to make this difficult task more manageable. With the help of this weight loss app, you can quickly lose your excess fat.

It is essential to keep track of how many calories we intake each day and how many calories we burn. Most of the time, we do skip this vital thing due to busyness. Today or tomorrow, a lot of time has passed. Meanwhile, weight gain and fitness going measurable. Most of the time, when we are on a diet, we eat a little bit of it, because of carelessness, our weight remains the same, and the result is zero. On the contrary, at the end of the day, many people are disappointed because they do not get the expected results by measuring the weight. Controlling excess weight is actually a challenging task. Proper diet, timely workout, an adequate amount of sleep is all about weight control.

Today we will discuss five useful weight loss app.


The first name that comes up among the weight loss apps is My Diet Coach weight loss app. This app will help you to lose weight in a healthy way. This app is very useful to start a healthy lifestyle by changing your daily habits. With this app, you can create a specific goal of how much weight you will lose. Many features have been added to the app keeping in mind that you can be successful in your destination.

Here you will find visual weight trackers that will remind you about your target, fitness class, calculation of adequate water intake, and much more. To keep you motivated on the weight loss journey, this weight loss app contains a variety of inspirational quotes, pictures, lifestyle tips, different types of rewards, and daily calorie burning challenges that will help you lose body fat.
Get the free version of My Diet Coach app from Google Play Store. But if you want, you can also buy the paid version of this app with some more unique features. Additional benefits include a diet diary, a food barcode scanner, a BMI calculator, and a food craving panic button.


There is a ceremony ahead, but you are disappointed to see yourself in the mirror. Because you are gaining weight, and you do not fit in your desired outfit. You do not have enough time to return to the previous structure. In that case, this app will help you lose weight fast. However, according to nutrition experts, fast weight loss is not a healthy method. But if you want to do more lose values at a particular time, then this app will help you to the fullest.

This app has the facility to set different types of plans. You can decide for yourself how many pounds you want to lose in a few days through the weight loss app. Here are a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used in your diet. Here are some useful tips to help you get the best result of your diet.
You can get the free version and paid version of this app on Google Play Store.

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Calorie Counter – MyFitnesPal

Want to start a diet for weight loss but can’t figure out which foods to include in your diet plan. No worries, My Fitness Pal app will take care of this. In this app, you will find the amount of nutrition for each meal. This app will help you keep track of how many calories you consume each day. It will also ensure that you receive proper nutrition.

With the My Fitness Pal app, you can easily keep track of calories on your daily food list. This way, you can easily reach your desired goal by listing your daily eating habits. The great thing about this app is that here you can keep your diet chart macro ratio. Most nutritionists and gym experts recommend using this app.


We all know how beneficial walking is for health. We walk around all day doing different things. But it is necessary to set a certain amount of time for the vets to walk. Most of the time, we don’t have an accurate count of how long we walked. Walking is very useful for losing weight. Doctors and nutrition experts recommend daily walks. In that case, this app will be much more helpful for you.

As long as you have your Android phone, this app will help you keep track of your every move. No additional tracker device or wristband is required. The app has a 4.6-star rating in the Play Store, which is undoubtedly an excellent rating. You can easily keep track of your calories and steps by syncing the MyFitnessPal app with this app.

It will keep a history chart of how many weights you have by keeping a periodic account of your weight and BMI. Here you can share the progress of your weight loss journey with your friends through the Group tab option. The app is handy in motivating yourself and moving forward towards the desired goal.



The Endomondo Weight loss app basically monitors your daily activities. In this app, you can create a profile of your daily work account. The Endomondo Weight loss app keeps track of your calorie burn when you’re running, swimming, walking, cycling, hiking, or anything you do. In this app, you will find many types of features, such as music player, tracking steps, calories, etc.

The app is being developed from Armor, a trendy sports brand, which is why this is a perfect app for losing weight. In this app, you will keep track of your calories and workouts together. This app is also able to keep track of your activity and heart rate. This weight loss app will help you a lot with a variety of features. Get it for free from Playstore.



  1. Are these weight loss apps handy?
    Of course, these weight loss apps are handy. You can use the weight loss app without hesitation. You can only rely on weight loss app when it becomes tough to control weight in the busyness of our daily life. It will be easy to keep track of your daily intake calories. And calculating your BMI will make it much easier for you to maintain both exercise and diet. When you use these weight loss apps, you can find this very effective in controlling weight.
  2. Are the calorie goals of these apps correct? 

    These weight loss apps are able to create your diet chart by determining your BMI on the BMI calculator. Calculating calories from BMR, you can safely rely on these apps for the calorie target set for you. If you still have doubts, you can search the details from the internet and match it with the app’s chart.

  3. Are these weight loss apps able to accurately calculate macronutrients and give guidelines?

    Among all the weight loss apps, you will not get the benefit of creating a diet chart as a macro.  One of them is the Calorie Counter weight loss app. In the meantime, you can calculate the macronutrients of your diet chart. It is able to determine the macronutrient goal of your total intake calories.

  4. Are these apps capable of keeping track of every step?

    Yes, you can calculate your daily steps through the weight loss app. With the Pedometer weight loss app on your Android set, you can keep track of your daily activities and count them as exercises. However, it is better to keep an account of continuous walking. It is more effective as an exercise.

  5. Is it possible to lose weight very fast with this weight loss app?

    Yes, with the help of this weight loss app, you can lose weight very fast. Although losing weight too fast is actually detrimental to health. Nutrition experts never recommend rapid weight loss. The 10 kg / 10 days app is able to give you this advantage. Where you can lose ten kilograms of extra weight in just ten days. But here we need to be a little more careful. You will only use this app if you do not have any physical problems. Otherwise, there will be more loss than profit. It is best if you start using the app in consultation with a nutrition expert.

  6. There is no harm in using this app?

    These weight loss apps for Android phones have been created in consultation with various nutrition experts. Each of these has been tested by feature experts. Some of these apps have been invented by well-known sports companies. Although you can easily lose weight using these apps on your Android phone at home. However, before using these apps, you should gain detailed knowledge about weight loss. If you have any type of medical condition, you must consult a doctor or nutrition expert before losing weight. This reduces your health risk.

  7. Are these weight loss apps free to use?

    Of course, you can use the free version of almost all weight loss apps here. Each app has a free version and a premium version. Although the premium version has some extra features, the free version is not so bad. You can safely continue your work with the free version. Many features have been added to the free version of these apps. Most of the users are very satisfied with the use of these apps which is why these apps are now considered as the best and at the top of the list of favorites.

This was today’s article about the top five Weight loss apps. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Most of the time we get frustrated when we fail to lose weight in the wrong way. But if we try in the right way, we can get our desired weight very fast and with less effort. I hope today’s article will be useful to you. Especially those who want to lose weights. I will come up with another article later.

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