Best foundation for dry skin

best foundation for dry skin

If you have dry skin, then you may feel uncomfortable during makeup. And for your sensitive skin, you have to be conscious. Especially for face makeup, you have to use some specific products. And when it’s the matter of foundation, then you have to choose a particular best foundation for dry skin.

Specific dry skin foundation makes skin moisturized, give afresh and luminous look. If you don’t use your skin type foundation, the layering makeup will be flaky and dry areas will show more dryness.  And is this article, we have covered some specific best foundations for dry skin. 

Some best foundation for dry skin 2020:

Dry skin foundation you can use both in liquid and stick from. It formulates in a lightweight form that keeps skin hydrated and prevents flaking. By using a proper dry skin foundation, you will get a cakey finishing. We have analyses some market dominating brand those are good for dry skin.

We have considered the ease of use, coverage ability, prize, availability, and smoothness of application to choose the best foundation for dry skin.  You can find these from your nearest best foundation for dry skin drugstore or Amazon.  These are as follows- 

Luminous silk foundation:

Giorgio Armani provides the best foundation for dry skin that is a luminous silk foundation. The luminous silk foundation earned so much fame in recent years. It offers smooth finishing and unbeatable coverage providing sheer to medium range. It works both for dry and mature skin.  Many beauty bloggers and famous makeup artists use this for their work. It is a light foundation that blends into the skin smoothly, providing a smooth finishing.

It covers the fine lines and dry patches during the makeup. Many make artists have to use some heavy concealer to cover these. But you will be beneficial by using this foundation. You can pick up your skin type color foundation as it has so many shades. You will love it after using this. It blends seamlessly and gives dewy glow all day long. This is one most fantastic parts is that, through using this foundation, your no-makeup look, you can gain quickly. It has 30 shades with liquid form. 

L’oreal Paris long-wear foundation:

It has a creamy texture. While using it for your skin, you will find that it covers the pores. It is also the right choice, and you can consider as one of the best foundations for dry skin. It gives medium coverage hiding the imperfections.

For a flawless and smooth finishing, it is a perfect choice. It’s one disadvantage that you can feel a little bit uneasy while using in neck part. Many users like to use a foundation with a brush or a sponge, but you can directly use this from the tube, and through fingertips, you can blend this smoothly with fingertips now from the line.

Tarte rain forest of the seawater foundation: 

You can also consider it the best foundation for dry skin. It formulates as 20 percent water to maintaining moisture for dry skin. If you are worried about your early skin aging tones, then by applying this, you will get smooth, soft, and radiant coverage. Its hypo-allergic formula helps to restore, brighten, and defends skin from free radical damage.

This concentrated full-coverage fluid shields the redness, dark spot, uneven tones, pores, and fine lines. It delivers the ultimate hydration boosting coverage with rich coverage in array types of shades to match with your skin tone. It also maintains the perfect level of moisture.

No7 Lift and Luminate serum foundation:

It is a clinically verified anti-aging dry skin foundation. If you have dry, sensitive, and mature skin, then pick up this foundation is a good option. This serum foundation promptly works for redness and the presence of lines, wrinkles providing a firm skin. It also protects the skin from sun ray, and your skin will remain all day long hydrated. Many makeup artists consider it as the best foundation for dry skin. It provides sheer to medium coverage and has ranked high reviews for the ease use and performance. 

Reboot makeup forever:

It is a light-medium coverage foundation. This is considered a skin revitalizing foundation. It provides a satin finish, radiant, smooth coverage, and firming the skin. And you will be happy to know that it lasts 24 hours. It reduces wrinkles and increases hydration. You can treat it as the best foundation for dry skin over 40.

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If you have dry skin, then by using this, your skin will be smoother with a flawless all-day glow. Its main ingredients camellia japonica helps to restore the skin’s natural light, and Mondo grass helps to strengthen the protective skin barrier. It also works for collagen production. It’s simple to use. Please apply at the center of the face and buffering it put and down with a proper foundation brush. You can also use a sponge. Then dab it for smooth coverage. 

Cover girl and olay simply ageless foundation: 

It is a good pick up as the best foundation for dry skin if you want a flawless younger-looking skin. By using this foundation, you will be able to break through makeup stereotypes. It is an instant wrinkle defying foundation. This is considered an anti-aging foundation. It not only diminishes the wrinkles but also removes fine lines.

If you want a youthful glow, then choosing this foundation is suitable for your dry skin. It contains hyaluronic complex and vitamin c, and these two are so beneficial for healthy skin. This is also safe to use in the sun as it provides SPF 28 coverage and protects the skin from sun damage. It has multiple shades, and you will be able to find your skin tone color foundation. It’s also cruelty-free. It may be a matter of concern for the user to know what cruelty-free is. It means these types of cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Clinique dry foundation:

If you want a dewy finishing, then this Clinique even better glow reflecting makeup foundation is a perfect choice as the best foundation for dry, sensitive skin. This brightening formula gives a fresh looking skin and clear blends. It is a light foundation but you can give a medium foundation. There are 30 shades available for this foundation and you can choose it according to your color tone. It will give 12 hours day coverage and your face will not crack at all. For heavy makeup coverage it’s better to use as medium coverage for a cakey finishing. It’s silky formula blended perfectly with a proper foundation brush. 

Chanel Les beiges healthy glow foundation:

It is a perfect foundation for a natural look. It protects from the harsh environment from UV rays. Its medium coverage formula contains kalanchoe extract and mineral pigments for the luminous and healthy glow of the skin. It is known as the best foundation for dry skin ultra. It contains soft-focus powders that enhance the skin complexion and hyaluronic acid provides an instant sensation of hydration and comfort. You can simply use it through fingertips. It’s better to choose on tone lighter shade for a radiant and flawless finish. And if you can also use a darker shade to protect from sun effect. 

Mac studio face and body foundation:

It is a comfortable lightweight foundation that delivers a natural smooth finishing. You can consider it the best foundation for dry skin. It is suitable for low to medium coverage. It provides a natural true color satin finishing. This is formulated in such a way that it blends with skin smoothly. It has 4 types of shade. Cool, neutral, neutral warm, and neutral cool. You can blend this foundation through a sponge or foundation brush. 

Nars Natural radiant longwear foundation:

It is a unique lightweight foundation. It provides 16 hours of durability.  This provides high coverage for dry skin. It is a supernatural, breathable, and fades resistant formula that is beneficial to hold moisture for dry skin. This consists of raspberry, apple, and watermelon extract for smooth finishing and improvises the look of skin instantly.

It is easy to apply and uniformly covers the skin without steaking. Most women feel comfortable while using this foundation. This weightless foundation gives a radiant glow and blends effortlessly. You can use it for medium to full coverage with natural finishing as it is well-thought-out as the best foundation for dry patchy skin.

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It is transferable, seating, and fades resistant. Users like to use it as it is non-drying, paraben oil, and fragrance-free. It is a dermatologist-tested foundation that keeps a fresh look for 16 hours. This is a unique combination of translucent base with micronized amino acid-coated pigments and minerals tone that balances the powders if mimic tine. It has 34 skin-matching tones. 

Maybelline fit me dewy + smooth foundation:

It is a smooth concentrate foundation that hydrates rough patches. It gives a radiant glow and natural luminous finishing. It’s most beneficial part is that it is suitable for normal to dry skin. Its smooth texture leaves natural luminous finishing, and sun protection filter keeps skin safe from sunray. It is dermatology and allergy-tested. Again, this fragrance-free foundation is suitable for your regular light to make up. 

Types of foundation:

To find the best foundation for dry skin then you have to know the types of foundation. Here are these-

Moisturizing liquid foundation: This type of foundation provides light to medium coverage for a natural look. It is a suitable choice that prevents skin from being greasy.  It also provides satin or satin matte finishing that’s perfect blemishes with normal to dry skin. If you want a youthful-looking glow then this type of moisturizing is a good option.

Matte finish liquid foundation:

 Matte finish liquid foundation has Lightweight texture and users don’t feel heavy as it blends smoothly with skin by covering blemish of prone skin. It is also an excellent choice for holding excess oily shine. This type of foundation is suitable as the best foundation for sensitive skin. For dry skin, use a light layer of moisturizer or a serum to hold the skin moisture. 

Cream to powder compact foundation: This type of foundation is easy to use with a sponge or brush providing a semi-matte finish. It provides a wide range of coverage and ideal for normal to slightly dry or oily skin.

Anti-aging & serum foundations: These types of foundation work as a multi-tasking foundation. It’s anti-aging ingredients provide coverage for all skin types. But keep one thing in mind that these types of foundation focus one specific type of ingredient that is effective for anti-aging. But For a natural alight look this type of foundation is not suitable.

Stick foundation: These types of foundation provide full coverage to conceal imperfections. 

If you have dry skin then searching for a suitable dry skin foundation is a tuff task. But in this article, we have made this difficult task easy for you. But one thing on mind one size does not mean for all type skin. It is like an illusion that we face many of us. If your friend found it good then it doesn’t mean it will be also suitable for you. For that it’s so much important to know the requirement that you want for your foundation. And now after reading this article, you will be able to find your desired best foundation for dry skin. 



  • How to choose the best foundation for dry skin?


 If you want to find a suitable dry skin foundation then you have to consider your skin color, skin type, coverage requirement, and other professional reviews.


  • What is the best foundation for dry skin full coverage?


Revolution, Kevyn Aucoin, maybe liner, it cosmetics, Neutrogena, Giorgio Armani, Nars are some best brand for full coverage dry skin foundation.


  • How to apply foundation properly?


At first apply a small amount of skin equalizer hydrating primer and then use at the center of the face and blend it with makeup blender. Dispense one pearl-size amount of foundation and warm with fingers. To cover the wrinkles and fine lines, you can use one shade darker shade. But try to avoid excess application around the eyes or contours of the face. 


  • What makeup I have to use for dry skin?


Primer, liquid foundation, foundation blender, liquid highlighter, cream concealer, cream brush, cream contour are essential makeup for dry skin. You can also use an ultra HD self-setting concealer and ultra HD micro finishing loose powder for a diffused look.


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