Best Places To Visit In Italy On a Romantic Honeymoon

Italy is known to be the queen of all honeymoon destinations around the world. You’ll get to see many gorgeous regions and romantic cities all organized to be explored through the most vital visit of your lifetime. Wine, Gondola, and everything good wait for you on your Honeymoon in this beautiful country. Italy is the European country that is bestowed with several topographies, and thus you get to witness the best places to visit in Italy. You’ll get a chance to experience the woodlands, mountains, sea coats, and the embellished cityscapes flaunting majestic and grand renaissance architecture. Italy has all the things to present couples with distinct interests.

Perfect Time To Tour Italy For Your Honeymoon

From April to June and September to October are the ideal months to plan your trip to Italy for your magnificent romantic Honeymoon. These months are perfect as the weather is very comfortable for all kinds of activities and sightseeing. Also, you won’t find a lot of tourists around!

Best Places To Visit In Italy For A Romantic Honeymoon

Here is a small but an ideal list that you ought to explore on your passionate Honeymoon in Italy.

Tuscany: Renaissance Architecture and alluring Vineyards

Tuscany is renowned around the world because of its spoiling and sprawling vineyards. It is a momentous place in Italy that no one should miss visiting. Besides the most excellent wines of the world, it presents sights of the Renaissance designed edifices of Florence. You get a chance to experience the best of both the worlds – a historic but buzzing cosmopolitan scenario and the tranquil countryside. This combination sorts Tuscany among the perfect honeymoon destinations to explore in Europe.

Piazza del Campo, Florence Cathedral and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are some of the favorite places in Italy, Tuscany. You can also plan a wine tour in the region of Montalcino. You get to know the traditional works in leather from the Leather School of Santa Croce.

Rome: thumping nightlife with its flaunting heritage

Rome is the never-ending city of Italy that comfortably mixes the ancient heritage and the modernism of the town. It is the capital city of Italy and one of the loveliest destinations to visit in Italy for your romantic Honeymoon. From the inspiring art of the city to its historic architecture and the buzzing nightlife- the city offers all the things to make your honeymoon ideal and most memorable tour.

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Colosseum Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain are the best top destinations in Rome. You can discover the skills of a knight at the famous Gladiator School. You can take your loved partner to shop vintage trend that is held every week at Monti’s Market. Furthermore, relish a complimentary movie in the open cinema at the Villa Borghese gardens.

Venice: Canal City with majestic Gondolas

A honeymoon in Italy without visiting Venice is undoubtedly incomplete. The renowned canal city is very often seen in every couple’s bucket list to enjoy their Honeymoon and why it shouldn’t be? Notably, all the Gondola rides voyaging you beyond the symbolic landmarks of Italy, such as Piazza San Marco, forms the major highlight.

Select the Gondola Serenade to form your rides in Gondola even more intimate. The private trip will coast you amidst the six hundred years ancient landscape of beautiful Venice, with the company of a native rower who’ll entertain you with their folk song to set the magnificent ambiance even more. Doge’s Palace, Grand Canal, and St. Marks Basilica are the best places to visit in Italy, Venice. Finally, you can devour the delicious gelatos of Venice with your lovey-dovey.

Cilento: the secret hideaway for lovebirds

Cilento is not that famous for honeymoons, but you should visit here with your partner on your trip to Italy. It is an ideal place for an escape with your loved one to experience a romantic time. You’ll be thankful for its unflustered scenic wonder, and you’ll get to enjoy complete privacy as you won’t find many tourists here. Hills from the beautiful landscape, Glimmering Coastline, and archaeological remnants of Cilento are just worthwhile.

You can go for boat tours to discover the treasures of the city and its vicinity as well. Here, you get an opportunity to lose yourself in the captivating Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park that is the World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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Capri Island: A Blaring Fairyland

Capri Island is situated at the Bay of Naples, and the island is known for its nature’s mystique that plays well with the uptown glamour. It is one of the best places to visit in Italy, from its designer showrooms to the dramatic craggy landscapes. Capri Island is one such romantic place to visit in Italy mainly because of a dark cavern known as Blue Grotto, where you’ll see the sea glowing due to the mesmerizing sunlight. Capri Island can be ideal if you want to experience an Italian Beach Honeymoon.

For more fun, you can sip on some fancy cocktails in Punta Carena Lighthouse, along with seeing the sun immersing beyond the sea. You can also take a tour of the Centre point of Anacapri. It is known to be the highest peak of the Capri Islands. Plus, it is a very serene place where all lovebirds can have a fantastic time.

Sicily: Memorable Honeymoon

Plan and create your Honeymoon an unforgettable one by moving towards Sicily with your loved one. Sicily has everything starting from its stunning islands to marvelous castles that’ll form your Honeymoon tremendous one, inevitably. Sicily is the poet’s favorite and is situated in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean. You’ll be able to click some fantastic Instagram pictures on your romantic Honeymoon.  It is because of Italy, the region that is counted as one of the best places to visit in Italy.

Indeed, both of you can try the delectable cakes and the Mediterranean flavors. You can even make plans for your wedding reception in Taormina and Sicily. Here you experience some fresh seafood and also have a grand wedding with the sight of the mesmerizing sea. Additionally, you may take your partner to the Ballaro market. It is one of the best markets in Sicily, to make her even happier.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re planning for luxury or budget or the best honeymoon destination in Italy, the above list is just perfect and is the best amongst all other places in Italy. Now, you’re all ready for your romantic honeymoon trip to Italy.

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