The Mountain is Great in both the Winter and Summer Season

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There is no doubt that for most of us the mountain vacations are an exciting experience that we do not want to end. Many of us are so excited that we even prefer a mountain holiday over a sea holiday. The reasons are varied. Unlike the sea, where depending on the type of vacation, the experiences can be very turbulent, the mountain predisposes to more physical and mental peace.

It is no accident that many centers for meditation and spiritual awakening are located in beautiful mountainous areas.

Mountain is a true mystery, it inspires, it encourages, it challenges a lot of people, it trains willpower, it also relaxes the mind and helps us to strengthen that inner voice in us, known as intuition, which we often, in the course of day-to-day duties, muffle.

The fairy-tale in the mountains is desired by many who seek solitude, purity and freshness, as well as contact with nature – both flora and fauna. Even more exciting is that from a mountain holiday in any season, you can experience real satisfaction. Both during the coldest and warmest months, enjoyment will be guaranteed.

Now we will tell you about one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in Bulgaria – the town of Bansko. Although small in size, Bansko is an extremely impressive town, home to a vibrant sporting and cultural and historical life. In the town are organized annually one of the most elite skis and snowboard competitions. In the winter, hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world visit Bansko to watch their favorite athlete, the World Cup, or just to enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

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In Bansko there are 75 km long ski runs, 35% of which are for beginners, 40% for advanced and 25% for experienced skiers and snowboarders. 80% are equipped with machines for artificial snow. The ski center provides also a ski path, which is 16 km. long, equipped with artificial snow machines and lighting, connecting the high parts of the resort to the town. There is also a cabin lift with a cabin capacity of up to 8 people, one 6-seat lift, six 4-seat lifts, one 3-seat lift, six ski tows and ten children’s ski tows.

The impressive infrastructure of the town makes winter fun guaranteed. Choose your luxury hotel in Bansko and enjoy the stay!

Even if you are not a fan of winter sports, during the warm months Bansko is an even more attractive place for entertainment. The cultural brochure of the town is more than rich; almost every day various events are organized here, such as music and film festivals, cultural evenings, concerts, performances, parades, celebrations, literary readings and many, many more.

The program of the town is abundant, so if you plan to visit the beautiful Bansko, get acquainted with its current program in advance.

Along with the varied events that are organized every day, the museum’s work in the town deserves attention. The old part of Bansko reflects the well-being of prominent Bulgarian figures from the Bulgarian Revival period, and part of the houses where these Bulgarians lived have been transformed into museum houses that keep alive the memory of them by recreating their everyday life. To immerse yourself in the Bulgarian Revival period, we recommend you to visit the museum houses of Nikola Vaptsarov, Neofit Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski, as well as the Velyanova and Radonova houses.

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The church activity in Bansko is also well developed as the “St. Trinity” church deserves special attention because it is one of the symbols of the town, located in its central part. It is interesting to note that until the construction of the “St. Alexander Nevski” church, “St. Trinity” was the largest in the entire Balkan Peninsula. mountaineering, skiing is the most adventurous hobbies that can happen only in great mountains.

Mountain holidays can be unforgettable in every season, so don’t hesitate to book your amazing vacation with your family or friends right now. Bansko is an extremely fascinating destination you will fall in love with.

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