Eight fashion mistakes that damage your image among girls

Well, guys! You do not need to pretend that you do not dress up to make yourself sexy in front of girls or your crush or your girlfriend. We all know that is a fat lie. We all try to dress up in the most fashionable way just to enhance our look so that we can catch a glance of our crush. I think college-goers will agree with me on this. Ya! Ya! We all know that beauty lies inside or in the eyes of the beholder kind of crap.

But at the end of the day, it is your look, your fashion sense, your attractiveness that catches a girl’s glance. If you are invisible to girls then how can they know your inner beauty or blah blah? So, proper dressing sense is the necessary upliftment to your look that plays a necessary role in catching your girl’s eyes. So, without further ado, we will delve right into those 8 fashion mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Wearing square-toed shoes:

Well! There is not a single iota of doubt that square-toed shoes were once popular in old times. That is why you will find your dad or your uncle or in one word; the old men wear these square-toed shoes. It is a no brainer that because of being an older fashion trend, wearing square-toed shoes has now become obsolete. So, try to avoid flaunting this type of shoes while you are dressing up. opt for slightly curved and pointed shoes, not exaggerated curves or pointed shoes like Aladdin. Just the right amount of curvy and pointy shoes can effectively enhance your look. If you are going to formal occasions or parties always opt for the most fashionable formal shoes like brogues, plain lace-up shoes, loafers, monk straps, etc.

Wearing readymade suits:

Yes! Wearing suits can always amplify your sexiness. No doubt in that. But you have to keep in mind that no readymade suits can enhance your sexiness. The obvious reason is that those suits do not fit your physique properly. Yes! Many famous brands make readymade suits, but trust me, dear, all those suits are of the same average pattern. These readymade suits can never live up to your expectations. So, if you desperately want to flaunt suits and if your budget permits then always opt for tailor-made suits. Only tailor-made suits can do justice to your look.

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Matching grunge with grunge:

So, what are grungy colours? Well! For example, brown and green colours are considered as grungy colour or earthy colours. The most basic mistake that men make is that they match grunge with another grunge colour. How? Let’s consider that you are wearing a green shirt. That means you are wearing a grungy colour. Now if you pair it with a brown trouser then you are making grunge on grunge mistake. Even matching dark green with light green, dark brown with light brown or vice versa is the same kind of mistakes. Truly speaking guys! These kinds of colours just repulse other people who are seeing you in this horrible combination. opt for brown-blue or brown-white or even brown-black, just three killer combinations for you.

Pairing formal outfits with slippers or sandals:

No! no! no! never do that! You wouldn’t believe, even people wear those slippers or sandals with socks while wearing a formal outfit. Why do you do that? For god’s sake, never do that. If you are wearing a formal outfit always pair them with formal shoes like brogues or loafers as we have mentioned earlier. If you do not want to leave your sandals or slippers behind then wear them with shorts or in an informal place where you are chilling or on a beach.

Wearing jeans with suits:

Guys! I know! You are astonished! Because I know you have seen many people wear suits with jeans. But trust me, guys. They never look good, never.  If you are wearing suits then try to pair it with chinos or with the tailored trousers of the same material as your suit. If you want to wear blue jeans at any cost with a jacket, remember that the jacket must be of navy blue. The bottom line is that, if you are wearing a suit, always try to match your top with your bottom.

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Wearing over-saturated coloured shirts:

Well, do you know those two colours that look sexier than any other colour?  The answer is white and black, the most under saturated colour. If you wear any oversaturated colour then it only makes you look cheaper. When you enter a room full of people, wearing an oversaturated colour everyone will look at you with a frown on their forehead. Always opt for light colours. They make you sexier.

Loose fittings pants:

Wearing loose fittings pants only makes you look like a dork, a nerd or like an old uncle. Now it is a known fact after using for a long time some tight pants get looser. The trick to maintain the elasticity of your pants for a long time is not to wash your pants too often. This generally happens with chinos. Now, remember this fashion tip does not go well for skinny-legged guys. If your legs are skinny, try to wear pants that are just a little bit of loose, not too loose that will make you look older. If your leg is chubby then wear regular fit pants.

The pant’s bottom should be narrow and tight:

Do you want to look stylish? Do you want to look modern? Above all, you want to look sexy? The answer is simple. Wear narrow or tight bottomed pants. The bottom of your pant, around your ankle should not be loose. Otherwise again, you will make a fashion blunder of high scale.

So, guys! Next time, if you are dressing up to impress a girl or to look attractive, classy and sexy; follow these above-mentioned rules. It will significantly enhance your scale of attractiveness. 

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