Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair to Add Strength and Length

Coconut oil benefits for hair

Have you ever sat back and wondered the reason behind the maximum of the beauty products containing coconut oil in them? Why should you apply coconut oil on your hair? Is it useful? Looks like you are not the only one seeking the answer to this question. You might have heard many people talking about the coconut oil benefits for hair; however, it is not a trend. Coconut oil has been in use for many centuries, helping in moisturizing and acting as a natural sunblock agent.

Adding more to its beneficial facts, coconut oil is a common ingredient for many hair and skin day-to-day beauty products. You will often find coconut oil in shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, body creams, and moisturizers. Coconut oil for hair growth is one of the most popular ingredients besides castor oil. A magic mixture of both castor and coconut oil can do wonders for your hair, replenishing hair luster and conditioning.

If you are looking for the coconut oil benefits for hair, as you are about to know some amazing features. Ask anyone who uses coconut oil for hair growth, you will not find any complaints. Since coconut oil offers many other benefits apart from hair growth, several beauty products constitute it across the world.

Wonders of coconut oil

Given the amazing benefits of coconut oil for hair growth, you can call it a “hair loving component”. A naturally occurring conditioner like coconut oil offers an abundance of fatty acids, vitamin E, and deep nourishment. The amount of moisture coconut oil can retain in your hair follicles is nothing less than a miracle.

You will not even feel the need to apply conditioner after shampooing your hair, once you use coconut oil overnight. The shine, softness and bond strength of hair will improve significantly if you regularly use coconut oil for hair growth. Simply add coconut oil to your mundane beauty routine. You will notice that it is more than just a trendy thing and is a must-have ingredient! Do not think twice and add coconut oil in your daily care routine for hair. Your bouncy and shiny locks will acknowledge you later!

What is a must thing for dry hair?

Is coconut oil good for dry hair? Can it make your dry, frizzy hair look nothing less than some bouncy and lustrous curls? If you are a victim of dry hair, there is nothing to worry. Pure magical coconut oil is here to your rescue! The amazing coconut oil benefits for hair can absolutely make you look like Rapunzel. However, to get such surprising results you need to maintain your hair care regimen faithfully.

You cannot be lazy as in today you apply coconut oil for hair growth, and then forget the next day. To yield maximum benefits out of coconut oil, you need to use it as your hair moisture-retaining armor. That is how you can expect the best results, as in smooth and shiny hair. If you even use coconut oil once in a week as a hair mask, you will definitely feel the difference. The hydration in your hair follicles will significantly increase, improving the chances of hair growth and preventing hair loss.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while using hair care products is consistency for that particular product. You cannot lose patience while trying out natural remedial methods like coconut oil for hair growth since they are not steroids. Do not look out for apt results in just the next day after applying the oil just once. Steroids are faster in action, but natural products are not.

Improve the dullness of your hair with coconut oil

Are you tired of looking at your dull, non-shiny hair? Do you wish it had some luster? Well, no need for further concern as coconut oil has the potential to improve even dullness apart from hair repair. You already know some of the coconut oil benefits for hair, among which one is adding luster to your hair.

If you feel there is a lack of shine in your hair, say yes to coconut oil immediately. A proper dose of pure coconut oil can help you mend the damage in your hair, thus replenishing its nutrients. It is important that your hair should retain all the nutrients that they get through your diet and external factors.

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Proper oiling of your hair is essential to get back the lost luster of your hair. Therefore, you should regularly massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil every day to get the best results. Coconut oil has the potency to rekindle the softness and gleam of your hair.

Enhance the thickness of hair by applying coconut oil

In order to keep your hair in good condition, you need to take care of the hair roots first. To improve the quality of something, you should first improve the source from where it has started. Hair growth happens from hair follicles. Thus to improve the quality of hair, you must nourish the hair follicles so that they can support hair growth. Who else can do this job better than coconut oil!

Coconut oil benefits for hair are many, which stresses on the fact that it supports the nourishment of hair follicles. You should protect the roots effectively, and then only you will be able to maintain the quality of your hair. Coconut oil helps in strengthening, stimulating hair follicles so that there is a minimum to no hair damage. Such quality of coconut oil ensures the healthy condition of hair from the roots to the ends.

When you fail to supply enough nutrients to your hair, they tend to become thinner with time. Once your hair starts getting thinner, you will gradually lose hair resulting in baldness. So how can you improve this state? Use coconut oil to fight back the thinness, thereby experiencing thick, strong and healthy hair in no time. In this way, you can not only resist persistent hair loss but also strengthen the existing hair.

Do regular grooming have adverse effects on your hair?

If you regularly use hair-grooming equipment like heat dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, then things are going to turn ugly. These instruments not just beautify your hair, but also potentially damages the protein bonds bridging the hair cells. Any sort of harsh hair treatments like chemical or heat application can easily affect hair follicles and cause irreversible damage.

Even if you have normal hair texture, it will turn frizzy and dry in no time. You need to repair the broken protein bonds in your hair, to revert your dry hair condition to healthy again. What should you do to get the desired results? Definitely, use coconut oil for hair growth as it is one of the best options that is easily available.

So how should you protect your hair from damage? In order to understand that, you need to first learn about the structure of the hair. Your hair consists of three basic layers, which are:

  1. Cuticle- It is the outermost covering of hair that acts as a sturdy, protective layer.
  2. Cortex- This layer lies next to the cuticle and is the densest of all the three layers. The cortex consists of many fibrous proteins and hair pigment that imparts color to your hair.
  3. Medulla- It is the innermost layer that lies exactly in the center of the hair shaft. The medulla is soft, and thickest of hair grows majorly from this region. Thin hair hardly has a medullar region.

When you style, color or wash your hair with harmful chemicals, you critically damage the cuticle. If you harm the outermost protective layer, there is no way you can prevent damage to the rest of your hair. The only job of the cuticle is to protect the inner parts of the hair shaft. Therefore, you need to target the cuticle for protection in order to shield the rest of your hair from damage. This is where coconut oil comes into play. Coconut oil for hair growth ensures that your cuticle is unharmed, by guarding the region with its ample nutrients.

Why is coconut oil better than other oils?

If you study the coconut oil benefits for hair in detail, you will learn about the multiple reasons behind it. Coconut oil helps in reducing the loss of proteins and moisture from hair, thereby maintaining its healthy soft texture.  The present popularity of coconut oil in protecting your hair from potential damages is at its peak. However, no trend works without scientific facts and proofs. There is certainly evidence to support the reason behind coconut oil benefits for hair.

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In one study, researchers have explored the effects of sunflower and coconut oil for hair growth pre and post washing. The scientists wanted to check which oil provided maximum protein retention within hair follicles. Thus, they computed the percentage of protein that the hair lost after each wash. The researchers concluded that the treatment could easily make the sunflower oil come off pre and post the wash. Only coconut oil could successfully protect the hair from the washing, and retain the protein content to the maximum.

A lot of other studies also revealed that coconut oil could prevent protein loss despite the hair being treated with-

  • Ultraviolet exposure
  • Chemicals (hair colors)
  • Bleaching agents

Why do you think coconut oil has come out to be the successful one out of all other oils? The major reason behind this secret is its molecular structure that gives superior protection to your hair. The main component in the structure of coconut oil is a predominant fatty acid known as lauric acid. The property of this acid is to give a straight, long structure to coconut oil.  Such a structure makes it easily and deeply absorbable by the hair follicles.

On the other hand, sunflower oil contains linoleic acid that gives it a bulky or heavier structure. Thus, the hair shaft cannot easily absorb mineral oils like sunflower oil. If you want to coat your hair with oil, then sunflower oil is a better option. Coconut oil is more about deep nourishment.

Can you expect significant hair growth coconut oil?

Are you looking for long, shiny and sleek hair using natural remedies? Well, then coconut oil is the best choice for you. Maximum damage to your hair is because of the-

  • pollutants in air
  • chemicals that you use
  • grooming and styling

These factors can easily ruin the condition of your hair, making it more prone to damage and irreversible repair. You will never want your hair to look frizzy and unkempt because of such factors since nobody does. Then what can you do to get faster remedial measures with a minimum headache for adverse outcomes? The best possible option that you can easily reach out to is coconut oil for hair growth.

How can coconut oil help you grow longer hair?

Coconut oil yields the maximum number of positive results with respect to health hair conditions by-

  1. providing deep nourishment and retaining moisture content in your hair
  2. reduces chances of hair breakage by holding the utmost amount of protein within the hair shaft
  3. protects your hair from loss of nutrients when wet
  4. acts as a shield for the hair cuticle from harsh environmental factors like pollutants, dirt, sun, and wind

What are the other benefits of coconut oil apart from hair growth?

All this time you have been learning about the amazing coconut oil benefits for hair growth, but there are many. Although the below-mentioned benefits are popular, however, there has not been any possible proof.

The other range of benefits that coconut oil offers are as follows:

Preventing hair from the invasion of lice- in this case, coconut oil has proven to be 40 percent efficient in lice prevention than permethrin (an insecticide).

Treating dandruff issues- when yeast or fungus overgrows on your scalp, you get dandruff problems. Coconut oil possesses antimicrobial properties (not proven though), thereby killing fungus attack on your scalp.

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