Best Hawaiian Island to Visit for the Most Exotic Vacation Ever

best hawaiian island to visit

If you want to get lost in the peaceful world, witnessing the beauty of turquoise water, sea life, and eternal island view, then you should pack your bags for your next trip to Hawaiian island. Moreover, it is the most famous island that has a lot of visitors throughout the year. Plus, there are many islands, and each island is for a different set of travelers. Therefore, it is a blend of picturesque sights and tranquility. From the time you set the food on this island, you can have an unforgettable experience, enjoy the waters, witness the beauty around or tasting the food, or do the sea adventures. Additionally, it is the best place for honeymooners, adventurers, and travel enthusiasts, and nature lovers. If you plan to visit Hawaii, you have to choose the best Hawaiian island to visit.

There are many islands in this place that appeals the travelers. What is the best island to visit depends on what you are expecting from the trip. Do you want to enjoy the food, adventure, or hiking off the place? The islands in Hawaiian have something to offer for every traveler.

What is the best Hawaiian island to visit?

There are around six islands on Hawaiian island and two other islands that give a visual treat and lots of fun on your visit to these places.

best Hawaiian island to visit- Oahu

best hawaiian island to visit
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This is the most visited island by travelers every year. It is close to the capital of Hawaiian island, i.e., Honolulu. There is the most popular beach called Waikiki Beach. You can enjoy the cultural diversity and richness of the place. At night, the whole area would look fantastic with the lights. There is also a lot of history that is under the belts of this island.

You can walk into the museums and monuments to learn the rich history of the place and witness the antique pieces. You can also enjoy the place’s delicious food and rub shoulders with the surfers by going on the surf on the beach.

It gives an adrenaline rush in the body. Oahu is a place that can be visited with the family, known as the gathering place. The hotel rooms give you a beach view. Waikiki is always busy, so seeing this place allows you to enjoy shopping, dining, and the place’s nightlife.

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Many places are there to visit on this island that keeps you busy throughout the trip. The first time visitors would love to see all the sites and get around the island like a local person. The best things about the island are that you can take surfing lessons. There is a Diamond Head hike where you can have a 360 view of Honolulu. Towards the north shore, you can see the best surfers from across the globe visiting the practice. It is the best island in Hawaii to live for shoppers, city lovers, and foodies.

best Hawaiian island to visit – Maui

best hawaiian island to visit
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Maui Island is the honeymooner’s place, and it is the ideal destination for the newlywed to spend some quality time with each other. The beauty of the place will mesmerize you every moment. The couple can talk for a walk knowing about each other on the sand beaches. There are a lot of resorts in this place where you can shop and dine.

It is not as crowded as the other island. You get your space to have ample fun. There are the local towns where you get to enjoy the real Hawaii. It is a beautiful place where you can watch the sunrise and sunset. It is good to go on hiking trails to the forest and witness the cascading waterfalls. The best time to visit Hawaii is at any time in the year.

Traveling through the bridges seeing the forests’ tropical beauty will make you spend some quality time in the lap of nature. You can take a dip in the water pool and play with your loved ones. The lush valleys while heading to the Wailuku will make you feel amazed by its beauty. You can get pampered and enjoy the royal treatment in the restaurants. There are three famous beaches on this island called Wailea, Makena, and Kihei. It is a perfect getaway from your hustle and bustle lives. You can enjoy various other activities in this place, such as hiking, biking, and snorkeling.

best Hawaiian island to visit- Kauai

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It is the garden isle that is surrounding by cliffs, greenery, waterfalls, and beautiful views. It is the ideal destination for the adventurer enthusiast. They will get a chance to do many adventures such as kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, and zip-lining. All these activities will create an adrenaline rush in the body. You can enjoy kayaking in the Wailua waterfalls. The Waimea Canyon is also known as the Grand Canyon, where you can take some beautiful shots and enjoy the breathtaking view of the place.

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There is Kokee state park where you can get to witness flora and fauna. The Poipu beach is perfect for snorkeling and to spot humpback whales. There are a few resorts that keep you closer to nature. If you want to get lost in nature’s world and do a lot of adventure, then it is the best island in Hawaii to live and visit on your next adventurous trip.

Big island

best hawaiian island to visit
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It is the most unique and biggest island for all tourists. Moreover, it is the biggest of all Hawaiian Islands. If you want to witness the real volcano, this is the right destination where there is always an active volcano that oozes out the lava.

It is also the ideal destination for adventurers and a kaleidoscope of nature. Moreover, there are beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise water. So, you can have the best snorkeling experience on this island. It gives a unique kind of experience for the travelers who walk on the lava bed or through the lava tubes. There is also a lava tree state monument, which is a must-visited place in this destination. Besides, there is healing water that has geothermal springs, which is another attraction of the site.

What is the best time to visit Hawaii?

The climatic condition of the islands will be tropical throughout the year. Moreover, the best time to visit Hawaii islands is during any time in the year. Besides, the temperature during summers will be 29 degrees Celsius, whereas the winter temperature would be 26 degrees Celsius. The temperature during the night times would drop to 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is good to carry a jacket along with you while visiting the island.

If you want to enjoy the best hospitality and lose yourself  in the world of nature, you can visit any of the above mentioned Hawaii islands. Therefore, the above list helps you to identify the best Hawaiian island to visit this year.

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