Spots for Budget Trips Within $1200 In The United States!

Spots for Budget Trips

Do you love to travel, or looking for a weekend getaway but you cannot plan the trip according to your budget? Worry not, cause we’ll help you with some best spots for budget trips and you can easily go out for a few days and you can also maintain your budget.

If you are a US resident then this article is for you. You can easily visit these places within an estimated budget. So without any further ado let’s get straight into the topic.

Some spots for budget trips in the US that you need to visit right now!

Spots for Budget Trips

1. Valdez

Valdez is a city in Alaska that is a coastal area that will leave you spellbound. The city takes you far from the busy industrialized place to a quiet and calm place. Valdez is surrounded by mountains, forests, and glaciers. The place is beautiful and its serenity will amaze you for sure.


A place mixed with tidewater glaciers and surrounded by mountains is Valdez. The place is the additional territory of the Sugpiaq family. They resided in the coastal areas of south-central Alaska for over 7000 years.


You can drive your way there in Alaska if you have your car. That way you can lower your expenses a bit. You can also explore new places and new spots while traveling. Not only that but you can enjoy the beautiful scenic view while traveling. Take your vehicle to the Alaska Marine Highway System. Or you can even rent a car for around 26$ to 44$ a day.

You can book your flight to Alaska for approximately 400$ to 900$ for the economy. The cheapest month to book a flight to Alaska is in September.


For one person the food may cost from 30$ to 40$ per day. It depends on how much you’re spending each day. This is an approximate price on how much you should spend. From groceries to packaged food you can carry some for yourself too from your home while packing for your trip.


Lodging varies from $60 to $80 for a solo trip. These prices are for 2-star or 3-star hotels.

You can even opt for Airbnb which is a bit cheaper. You can get that approximately from 100$ to 120$.

Things to do in Valdez

Hiking – you can go Hiking. You can start with local trails. The place is best known for hiking. You can find a lot of hiking trails here. The place is great for skiing and also ice-climbing and snowboarding.

Touring – you can go for glacier and lake tours. Just make your way and explore the places. The more you’ll explore the more worthwhile the trip will be.

Kayaking – Valdez glacier lake is great for this purpose. Where beautiful glaciers surround you and chunks of ice float in the water. It’s indeed beautiful.

Miscellaneous Costs

For shopping for the things you like or eating out in a restaurant, the approximate budget will 100$. Whether you are buying souvenirs for others or something for yourself.

The overall budget for one person

The overall budget for one person is approximately 1200$. You can easily go for a trip to Valdez for 2 night 3 days getaway and enjoy a refreshing trip there. This is the estimated budget that we prepared hopefully this will help you plan your trip. So, isn’t this among the spots for budget trips within the United States?

Peak Time- July, August

Off-season- September, October, November

2. San Francisco

Another among the list of spots for budget trips is San Francisco which is a city in California. It is a cosmopolitan city with different types of people residing there. The city is dreamy and romantic. With its great weather, the city holds a supreme place. A sophisticated city with beautiful scenic views.


Flight tickets vary from $200 to $400 mostly in the economy. I’d recommend you go for an economy compartment. From Seattle, the flight tickets are starting from $120 which is unbelievable! The city used an example, but you may do your research and get more amazing offers.


Average visitors spend around 30$ to 35$ on food. Which is relevant. The estimate is for one person. If you’re traveling in a group then you need double or triple the amount given here. The price may vary for you as it depends on your expenses.


Honestly chuck those heavy-named hotels. You can get better accommodation at cheaper prices in San Francisco. Average 2-star or 3-star hotel prices start from $80 to $100 approximately.

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You can also opt for the Airbnb services at similar or a bit higher prices.

Places to visit in San Francisco

San Francisco is beautiful and you will enjoy every bit of it. There are various places to visit but here I’m dropping off the places you need to visit in San Francisco.

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Oracle Park
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Twin Peaks
  • Walt Disney Family Museum

Miscellaneous Costs

You need to keep at least 100$ to 150$ extra for transportation costs or extra costs there. You may also end up eating at a beautiful restaurant so this cost may fall under the miscellaneous budget.

Overall Budget

A trip to San Francisco may cost $1200 on average for one person.

Peak time- May, June, September, October

Off-season- January

Spots for Budget Trips

3. Colorado

Colorado is mainly a western US state which is surrounded by rocky mountains. Denver is its capital city and the most pa popular city in the US and is considered among the spots for budget trips in the US. Colorado is a bit expensive as per the reports but we’ll check if we can fit this place in our budget trip plan.


Flights from Seattle to Colorado costs around 400$ to 600$. The price may vary in different states. But the price roams around this range mostly.

You can book a car also if you want to enjoy the view and a road trip meanwhile. From Seattle, it costs $100 for a day (Here we used Seattle just for an example).


A good or wholesome meal in Colorado or Denver costs around 30$. An average meal costs 20$ there.

Again, it solely depends on your spending style and how much you can save.


You can get an average stay starting from 152$ to 200$. As I already mentioned before, Colorado is a bit expensive so from all other costs, lodging costs will charge you more.

Places to visit in Colorado

  • Rocky mountain national park
  • Denver
  • Pikes peak
  • Garden of Gods
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National park
  • Great sand dunes

Overall Budget

The overall budget including miscellaneous costs is around 1250$. It may cost you a bit more including transportation and extra costs though.

Peak time- June, August

Off-season – October

4. Lake George

This is a small town in New York that is extremely peaceful and clean. From water bodies that look like crystals to beautiful scenic views, the place is quite popular. One can trust Lake


You can book your flights online, as you can compare prices from different websites and like that, you can get a flight from around 400$ to 500$. These prices are for the economy.


An average meal in Lake George costs around 30$. Well, the price depends on how wisely you spend your money.


Hotels in Lake George are quite expensive compared to many other places. Though you can still get a bit cheaper options if you visit during off-seasons. During peak time there are demand and the reason price increases rapidly. At the time we researched, we came across a few hotels in the price range of 150$ to 200$.

Places to visit in Lake George

We are sharing our top picks –

  • of course Lake George
  • Shelving Rock falls
  • Fort William Henry Museum
  • Prospect Mountain Highway

Overall Budget

You can plan a solo trip for 1200$ in Lake George. This is the cost for an average trip to Lake George including extra costs.

Peak time- June- August

Offseason- avoid the off season

5. Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas. The place is a hill country region. The city was also voted as the best place to live in America, based on everything. The city is also more affordable than other states in America. It is also known as the fastest-growing city. It is also known as the live music capital in the world!


A few day’s getaways in this city are not bad. You can travel by air or you can also, rent a car or drive yourself. Driving can save you a bit and you can also choose to land there. There are different price ranges and packages available. Whatever it is, just go for economy class.

Economy tickets range from 344$ to 500$ approximately. Rented car ranges in different price as well. You can do your research accordingly.


Austin is quite famous for its lip-smacking BBQs and Tacos. Even there are the best waffles and burgers available. You should try some when you are in Austin. An average meal here costs 30$ per person approximately.

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As our miscellaneous cost, we almost count 100-150$ extra so in that case, you can enjoy these signature dishes if you want at a time.


You can get decent accommodation in Austin for around 100$ – 200$. The price fluctuates depending on the time you are visiting.

You can also opt for the Airbnb services which most probably start from 150$ and so on.

Places to visit in Austin

There are some amazing places to visit in Austin and this is a list for you all –

  • Texas Capitol
  • Zilker Metropolitan Park
  • Mckinney Falls State Park
  • Blanton Museum of Art
  • Ladybird lake
  • Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Umlauf Garden

These are some of our favorite places out of all.

Overall Budget

You can cover this place for 1200$. Including transportation costs.

Peak time– March-May

Off season– June, July and August.

6. Sedona

Sedona, also known as ‘red rock’ country, is an Arizona desert town. It’s famous for its mild climate and its serene beauty. The place is surrounded by canyons and red rocks all over. Get ready for an adventurous trip in Sedona.


Flight to Sedona starts from $400 to $500. The price may fluctuate depending on the date and month you’re planning your trip. If you want to complete your trip within a tight budget, then try booking your tickets during the off-season.

In my opinion, a road trip to Sedona will be much more exciting and will be full of adventure. If you own a car and you can drive then nothing’s like it, but even if you don’t, you can always rent a car which will cost you more or less close.


An average meal in Sedona costs $28 according to sources. You can always control your expenses and the amount you’ll need varies. Let’s keep $50 as your groceries and eating expenses.

There are some delicious items that you can try from Sedona like rattlesnake sausages, wood fire pizzas, and smoked brisket.


Hotels in Sedona are a tad bit more expensive than any other place. The rooms start from $150 approximately.

As mentioned before, you can always check for the prices, and during off seasons the hotels are much cheaper.

Places to visit in Sedona

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Bell Rock
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Red Rock Scenic Byway
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Devil’s Bridge

Overall Budget

The overall budget for the Sedona trip is 1200$ per person. Including transportation costs in public transport.

Peak season – March-May

Off-season – January to mid-February

Spots for Budget Trips

Tips to Save More Money While Visiting Spots On Budget Trips

When visiting spots on budget trips it’s natural that you look out for ways to save more money! So, here are some quick tips to follow!

  • You need to book the activities or the things that you’re planning to do when you’ll reach there. Make sure you make bookings beforehand to avoid every day year extra hassles.
  • Rent portable Wi-Fi routers while you are traveling. It can save your roaming charges while you are traveling. After your reservation, you can pick up your router at the airport or Hotel.
  • Try to walk as much as you can. Trust me there’s nothing like it. It can save you those extra dollars that you’ll spend on transportation.
  • The best way to save money is to avoid eating outside. Cook more. That’ll save you money.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up quickly. If you go through this article and you want to plan a small trip to any state if the US then go ahead. Don’t forget to follow these steps while you do.

I hope this article was helpful and relevant to your search. Don’t forget to comment down below and share with us your experience. Till then take care and happy journey.

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