13 tremendous out of the box travel ideas for solo travelers

To quote the most famous Oscar Wilde, “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets,” traveling to places make you forget and learn the art of forgiveness quickly. You would be able to quickly heal the most painful part of your memories, and it reveals a different side of yours completely. There is probably none that has ever felt traveling to be painful.

There are so many things that one can learn from traveling, as everything there is going to be experienced practically—people involved in different kinds of traveling according to one’s choice as well.

While a few loves to hang-out with their bunch of cool-head friends, a few would want to roam around all by themselves, experiencing every bit of the journey peacefully.  For such, solo-travelers here are some of the out-of-box travel ideas that might help you the next time you venture out on your exotic solo trip.

  1. Research on the place

There are a lot of destinations that can catch your attention immediately.  Ensure that you research know about the place well in advance because this gives you a clear picture of the place, the arrangements that are required before visiting, so on and so forth.

  1. Well-in advance bookings

It’s always not nice to travel and then try to get some accommodation. At times, the destinations you are traveling to might have a shortage of accommodations due to many reasons. Also, traveling throughout the day and standing on the streets looking for accommodation to spend the night can be quite a strenuous thing. Hence, we advanced bookings on accommodations, and transportation can be quite helpful.

  1. Do not go by the locals

At times, the locals can seem extremely convincing about a particular attraction. Make sure to have the basic information about the place where you are going to else, you may end up in disappointment.

Locals, especially the taxi drivers, the local guides, or even the auto-rickshaw people, would be trying to loot the travelers. They might end up taking you to the most common attractions and end up charging you quite exorbitantly.

  1. Basics of local language might help

It is always good to learn the local language of the place that you are visiting. There are a few countries where people cannot communicate in English at all. During those times, a few phrases and words of the local dialect can actually save you a lot of time and money. Especially if you are staying for a longer duration, then, learning the local language should be considered.

  1. Avoid drinking water from public places

Yes, solo travelers are budget-friendly travelers, but that does not mean that you eat and drink at places that aren’t hygiene. Water can cause a lot of problems, and especially when you are traveling, you must ensure to carry your own bottles that have a filter installed or drink water from safe places.

  1. Make sure to dress modestly

A few countries are pretty strict when it comes to following dress-codes. Yes, it is pretty cool to wear our choice of clothes but, it is also important to follow the guidelines of the country that we are visiting because you are a traveler and following the basic travel etiquette is mandatory.

  1. Practice cleanliness and hygiene

Ensure to carry hand sanitizers, toilet sanitizers, and tissue papers with you. You may have to travel using public transport systems like trains and buses, and practicing persona hygiene is essential to avoid any sort of infection.

  1. Over-friendliness can cost you a lot

It’s fine to be friendly with the locals or anyone you meet during your travel. Do not become over-friendly and exchange your contact numbers or any personal information. You must understand that these aren’t your friends, but acquaintances. If someone insists you share your contact details, you may politely refuse to share them instead of getting into a tiff.

  1. Go local with food

When you are traveling solo, you have the luxury of exploring all the food-joints. When you are with a group, you may have to care for other choices as well. But now you can go crazy and eat whatever you want to. However, make sure to eat from places that are clean and hygiene.

  1. Hire a personal shopping assistant

When you go out for shopping, it is great to have a personal shopping assistant who can be hired per day basis. These people can take you to some of the local stores and also help you to get some nice goods at an affordable price. So, this is

  1. Understand the common laws of the country

It is important to read and understand the common rules and laws laid by the country towards everyone. A few countries would have some special rules for the travelers visiting them. So, knowing these laws would help you travel responsibly.

  1. Be respectful

When you are traveling, you make sure to develop the attitude of respecting everyone you meet.  Every country has a different set of rules and laws and abiding by them and respecting them becomes the responsibility of a traveler. People expect you to exchange smiles as you pass by in a few countries, and the others do not even encourage having an eye-contact too. So, you need to be respectful toward everyone.

  1. Do not click photographs without prior permission

Clicking photographs of a vendor selling the local fruits can be quite an appealing thing for you; it may not be the same for the other person. Hence, seek permission before you indulge in photography.

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Well, these are some of the essential tips that can be followed by every solo traveler. These tips can actually help you to have an adventurous and fun-filled trip. So, the next time you pack your bags, just make sure to remember these 13 tips and also do share them with your fellow-travelers. Traveling is all about sharing, isn’t it?

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