5 tips to save money when visiting Rome in Italy

rome in italy

5 tips to save money when visiting Rome in Italy.Rome might seem like an expensive city, but if you know where to pay and what to pay for, it can be quite affordable. As compared to other capitals in Europe, Rome is affordable if you know how to plan your trip wisely. With the presence of the historical monuments and priceless artwork, Rome is considered as one of the world’s most popular and premier travel destination. Also, you do not have to be wealthy to plan a memorable trip to this beautiful city. There are plenty of ways through which you can plan your visit without actually emptying your bank account. You can also access http://www.visit-colosseum-rome.com/ in order to get more information about this beautiful city. But before you know about the different ways to explore Rome in an affordable way, you need to know more about Rome. 

Interesting facts about Rome

Rome is considered the most important place in the history of western society as much of the modern culture was originated in this place. Roman culture has influenced most of the aspects of society even today. The city has lots of great architecture and historical buildings, and this makes it one of the popular places to visit and is also a great tourist destination. For people who love exploring history, Rome is a great place that is filled with an abundance of history. Apart from this, Rome is a place that captivates the attention of people of all ages 

  • One of the best facts about Rome is that it is really an ancient city as it dates back to the 753 BCE. It was believed that Rome was founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus. However, when the two brothers grew up, it is said that Romulus killed his brother and started ruling the city. Also, there are other stories associated with the city, but this is one of the well-known stories.
  • Rome is also known by other names, and one of the common names is that it is known as the ‘eternal city.’ The city, however, has proved that it is indeed an eternal city with its ethnic and eternal significance. Another popular name of Rome is “Caput Mundi,” which is a Latin term, which means ‘the capital of the world.’ Rome serves as the capital city, and it captivates a number of tourists to its beautiful location.
  • In Rome, you will rarely find stray cats, and this is because there is a special Roman policy that was set in 1991 that protects cats. They are also supported by Torre Argentina Roman cat sanctuary, where there are lots of volunteers that provide food and care to the cats.
  • Another interesting fact about Rome is that during ancient times, women would dye their hair. They had access to hair dyes and would use them to make fashion statements. For dying their hair, Roman women used goat fat and colored their hair in different colors. Most of the popular colors used in ancient times were blonde and red. Also, there were laws that stated that only free men could wear togas, and free women were required to wear stoles, which were the female version of togas. However, Togas and Stolas were considered as a sign of citizenship. It was also believed that these outfits kept the slave population separate from free-born Romans.
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There are many other interesting facts about Rome that you can know from http://www.visit-colosseum-rome.com/ in order to get more detailed information about Rome.

How to explore Rome in an affordable way?

Rome is not certainly expensive as London or Paris, but it is affordable than in other cities. However, you can arrange a trip that will be affordable at a low cost. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to save time and money and gain an authentic experience.

  • You can book budget flights which will help to save a lot of money. Although booking a cheap flight to Rome can be difficult because the fairs of the flight change quickly. Therefore, you need to do proper research so that you can find out drops in the airfares, and then you can finally book the tickets when the fare is low. Also, if you plan to travel Rome from other European countries, you can use budget carriers that can offer flights that are cheaper than the larger airlines. You can also opt for budget-friendly accommodations. For this, you can check different reservation websites so that you can compare the prices and then make a final decision. You need to be careful because there are different websites that consist of hidden costs. So, you need to be careful while choosing your hotels. Also, cheaper hotels are usually far from the tourist destinations. So, you can take a walk or use public transport to save money.
  • Another way to save your money is that you can stand up at the bar or cafe for coffee and drinks. Since sitting at a table might cost you extra, you can stand in the bar and save money. Not only standing will save you money but it will also put you in contact with Roman life in motion, and you can have a talk with the Roman people and enjoy the sightseeing and know more about Romanian culture. Also, there are many bars that offer a buffet pre-dinner Aperitivo, and you can find this in almost every area. All you have to do is you need to buy a glass of wine or other drinks, and you will be provided with foods from small sandwiches to pasta.
  • You can take a local bus instead of the tourist bus, and you do not have to worry as they will pick and drop you at your desired location. For this, you need to be aware of the bus system in Rome that does the same thing but charge less than the other transport system. Also, with proper planning, you can also explore Rome via public transportation. Also, instead of taking taxis, you can take public transportation; you will save a lot of cash. This is because the local trains are quite cheap and they are also a great way to take a tour of the city, especially if you wish to see the Lake Bracciano. However, the best way to save money is you can walk around the city as you can wander around the city and this way you can enhance the beauty of the city in a much better way.
  • It is always better that you avoid overpriced restaurants, and you can choose restaurants that are near Termini or other parts of the city center. You can easily spot these restaurants because the foods are advertised with the help of pictures. You can also drink and eat in the piazzas, i.e., you can bring your food to the piazza, and this is one of the great ways to save money. You can grab your favorite food or drink from the menu and enjoy your food while enjoying the beautiful Roman life going by. One of the piazzas where you will get a good experience is Piazza Maria dei Monti, which is more beautiful during the weekend nights.
  • If you are interested in visiting Rome for good shopping, make sure you visit the place during the sales time, i.e., in January and August. This is because clothes are more expensive in Rome as compared to the states, but during the biannual sales, the prices are dropped, and so you can expect a great sale where you can buy clothes and other items at an affordable price. In Italy, the sales are controlled affairs, and they occur only at a specific time during the year. And this best part of these sales is that as the month goes on, the prices keep getting cheaper. So, make sure that you correspond with these dates in order to get plenty of sales. Also, while visiting Rome, you can alternate free sights with the ones that charge admission. However, if your trip planning includes viewing museums and galleries, you can expect an extra hike in spending your money. So, you can consider choosing the ones you really want to see and try to alternate them with free sights, which also includes St. Basilica and other churches. One important thing to note is that the entire Rome is a big museum, so you can restrain the number of sights, and this will also reduce museum fatigue.
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Since Rome is known for its stunning architecture with the Colosseum, Pantheon, and many other major attractions, you have a lot to explore in this beautiful city. So, do proper planning and then explore the city so that you can enjoy the beauty of Rome and not spend much as well.

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