Yelagiri Tourist Places: Explore The Beauty Of Nature Out Here

Yelagiri tourist places

Do you want to explore South India? Then Yelagiri should be in your #1 spot for must-visit places in South India. Yelagiri is one of those beautiful places that is the home to serene waterfalls and lush green forests with comfortable weather. With so many Yelagiri tourist places, you are bound to be confused. Hence, we’re here to help you.

Yelagiri is one of those places in South India that has extremely affordable accommodation options. You can check out the price of various Yelagiri resorts before actually visiting the place. Yelagiri is a hill station in Tamil Nadu that is just a three-hour drive away from Bangalore.

The exotic hills and calm weather of Yelagiri will take you by surprise. Furthermore, it would help if you considered checking out all the forces of nature around Yelagiri. Apart from being a treat to nature lovers, Yelagiri is also a place for entertainment. It would help if you considered visiting Yelagiri for its beauty. Honestly, it is like a hidden treasure that will bring out the best. There are several things to do in Yelagiri, and you’re never going to be bored of visiting this true beauty.

Yelagiri Tourist Places

If you’re looking for a break from the tiring city life, you should make it a point to visit Yelagiri tourist places. There are just too many of them hidden in every corner that one night is confused about where they should go and where they shouldn’t. Well, let us get you through the Yelagiri tourist map.

Punganoor Lake Park

Punganoor Lake Park in Yelagiri tourist map has earned itself the name for being one of the best places to visit. One of the fascinating facts about the lake park is that it is man-made and yet looks so natural. The place is situated just next to Mughlai Garden. Hence, it would help if you made it a point to visit here.

The tourists visiting Punganoor Lake Park indulge in a lot of activities such as rowing and boating. Well, one cannot go picnicking in Punganoor Lake Park as the activity is banned or prohibited. This initiative was taken by the government and locals to protect the serenity of the land.

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Moreover, the place is the home to a lush green park and a huge lake. Hence, if you’re looking for some time to chill with your friends or even enjoy your own company, you should consider visiting Punganoor Lake Park.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls

If you’ve heard about Yelagiri Hills, you probably have heard about Jalagamparai waterfalls too. It is here that the Attari River bends from the Yelagiri Hills, giving birth to the stunning Jalagamparai waterfalls. The huge height of Jalagamparai waterfalls is what makes the place extremely popular.

The aura of the place is highly captivating. Moreover, there’s a huge amount of water in the waterfall. So, everything the water gushes down, one can hear the sound of it, and it’s very ferocious. The sound of water gushing down is almost as if the waterfall is roaring. Surprising, isn’t it?

Apart from taking the time to indulge in solo activities, it would help if you considered visiting Jalagamparai waterfalls because of their beauty. If you want to give your adrenaline a boost, you should consider taking a trek across the waterfalls. The trek is downhill. Hence, it would help if you were a little careful while you trek down Jalagamparai waterfalls. If you’re visiting the place during the evening, you might as well experience some rainfall.

Nature Park

The Nature Park is situated right close to Punganoor Lake, making it one of the many must-visit places. The beautiful combination of lush green beauty and water body makes Punganoor Lake and Nature Park a beautiful combination.

You can see a lot of natural beauty, especially in terms of flora. Apart from the extensive flora, it would help if you also considered taking a trip across the artificial waterfalls. The Nature Park is one of the must-visit places for children because it has a special corner dedicated to children. There are fish aquariums and musical fountains too. But, the bamboo-built house is one of the major attractions for people. If you’re looking for someplace to spend a day with your family, you should consider setting out on a trip to Nature Park.

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Nilavoor Lake

Yet another and extensive beauty, Nilavoor Lake, is an absolute treat for nature lovers. The Nilavoor lake is present very close to a temple which makes it extremely holy. The air is full of divinity here. Hence, if you’re looking forward to some mental and inner peace, you should consider visiting Nilavoor Lake.

If you’re lucky enough, you will also get the opportunity to sight lily and lotus growing across the lake. The locals of the place prefer preserving the absolute beauty around Nilavoor lake. They do so by cleaning and maintaining the place. The place is home to activities like boating. However, if you’re not a very big fan of boating, you can take a walk around the lake, and the air will eventually make you feel refreshed. If you want to explore Nilavoor lake in its true beauty, you should consider visiting the place during the morning.

Swamimalai Hills

The Swamimalai Hills is the highest place in this region. The breathtaking view from the hilltop is sure to send chills down everybody’s spine.

One of the unique features of the Swamimalai Hills is its cake-shaped base. It is the same base that contributes to the strength of the hills. You can set out to explore the beauty of the place by trekking across the hills.

When you’re trekking up the hills, you should consider taking a look down the hilltop. This place will give you a view of the beautiful valleys situated around. Once you’ve reached the top, you can get a panoramic view of the place. The green valleys and cloudy tops will make you want to visit Swamimalai Hills again and again.

Final Thoughts

Before you set out to visit Yelagiri, you should check out the Yelagiri resorts to find the most affordable ones. It is advisable to do your research before you explore any of these Yelagiri tourist places. This is mostly because most of these places may have visit timings.

Happy Tripping!

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