Clarifying shampoo: How to use clarifying shampoo

clarifying shampoo

For long and oily hair, it’s essential to use shampoo frequently. But using shampoo daily can cause damage to your hair. Is that case, it’s better to use a clarifying shampoo for your hair. According to many hair specialists, it’s suggested to use a clarifying shampoo.

It’s one most beneficial thing that removes extra dirt, grease, and build-up products from the hair and scalp. It usually acts like an arrest button or a savior for your hair. If your hair is becoming grease and dirt, then the use of it is a perfect solution.

It will provide more volume and texture that you will definitely love. In this article, we have discussed clarifying shampoo and have analyzed some best clarifying shampoo with user reviews and preferences.

What is clarifying shampoo?

As we usually use traditional shampoo for keeping pour hair clean daily, but if you need a deep clean, then clarifying shampoo is the answer. It is recommended by many hair expertise. It is designed in such a way that it helps to build up in your hair.

You can also consider it as supercharged shampoo. It removes all the grease, oil, and all built up product present on your hair strand. But keep one thing in mind that it can be used for occasional use, but it can’t take the place of your daily cleanser shampoo. And if you think your hair looks dull and needs an excess build-up, then clarifying shampoo can be a good option.

It is a reset option so that you can start styling your hair smoothly. Max salons use them to prepare your hair for their different service. These services include keratin treatment or relaxer so that your hair looks fresh and ready for pick up for any suitable styling. But for that, you have to buy a right hair clarifying shampoo.

Best clarifying shampoo for your hair:

In the market, you will see many clarifying shampoos. But the thing is that that all the shampoos are not suitable for your hair. You have to know your hair type and nature then have to buy right clarifying shampoo. Here we have analyzed some best market dominating brand clarifying shampoo those are suitable for hair. These are as follows-

Neutrogena anti residue clarifying shampoo:

It is an excellent choice to pick up as a clarifying shampoo. And the most important thing is that its price is also reasonable. It helps to remove 90% of dirt from your hair. It also prevents the irritation from your scalp. Those who have colored your hair will get a good result by using this.

Moroccanoil Clarifying shampoo: 

Maximum clarifying shampoos are dehydrating, clarifying shampoo. But this Moroccanoil clarifying shampoo is quite different from others. It contains a variety of nourishing and strengthening properties to help your hair hydrated even after deep cleansing. It has an exceptional formula. It’s filled with argon, jojoba extract, avocado oil, keratin, and avocado oil. A proper mix of these all ingredients provide super silky and nourished hair. Isn’t it worthy enough? Yes, definitely, for that reason, users like to pick this.

Kenra clarifying shampoo:

It not only do deep cleansing but also removes all dirt, grease, and oils from the hair. Again it also altogether remove hair products from your hair. For users with color-treated hair can use it without any hassle.  It is an excellent option for the swimmer as they have to swim in hard water so frequently. Its prime ingredients are sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo:

Tresemme is a renowned brand that has satisfies its most customers. It is the best budget-friendly option for beauty hackers. Its deep cleanser gives hair a shiny layer by removing the dirt, and other substances form hair strain. Its vitamin G and citrus formulation keep your hair fresh and provide a healthy look.

Briogeo clarifying shampoo:

If you want to pick up a deep cleanser with a lot of nourishing ingredients, then this is a good option. The bridge shampoo is considered as a juice cleanser for your hair as it gives a fruity smell that’s so good. It also removes all impurities from hair. Again it’s one benefit that it’s safe to use on color-treated hair, keratin-treated hair.

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On the rocks clarifying charcoal shampoo:

The brand day bar has brought it as a good shampoo. If you want a super fresh look and bouncy hair at home, then it is a perfect pick up. Girls with colorful strains can use it without any doubt. It contains activated charcoal that helps to give hair a bouncy look and pull impurities out from the hair scalp. Its secondary main important element is vegetable proteins that strengthen your hair. 

The cleanse clarifying shampoo:

Oribe is a renowned brand that provides useful products for its buyer. Many celebrities and salon experts’ hairstyle choose this because of its quality. The cleanse is not exceptional in this matter. It provides good vibes for its user. It uses volcanic dust and sea kelp abstract that helps to purify hair from dirt and give a deep cleansing. It’s one another ingredient is the green tea that helps to protect hair from damage and breakage.

Sunday shampoo:

The shampoo of bumble and bumble is Sunday shampoo you can add to your daily beauty routine. It works from the hair root. It contains ginseng root extract that cleanses hair from the hair root. Some more ingredients are rosemary leaf extract and sage leaf extract that stimulate the scalp. But you have to careful while using this for colorful hair. It’s not suitable for stained hair thread.  

How to use clarifying shampoo: 

The use of shampoo is not difficult at all. It is simple as normal traditional shampoo. How much amount has to use mainly depends on your hair condition. At first, rinse your hair properly. After that, take a small amount of shampoo on hand and apply it on the scalp. Give some time to sit the shampoo sit on your head for one to two minutes.

In the meantime, you can do other works. Then rinse with water. If you find unusual dirt, then you can also repeat this part. Use a deep conditioner after the use of clarifying shampoo.  But the use of clarifying shampoo also depends on the type of your hair and water and the presence of dirt on oily scalp.  It can be discussed under the following section-

Depend on the type of hair: At first, it’s important to know your hair type. As different clarifying shampoos are made for different hair types. Some common hair type such as dry hair, oily hair, curly hair has specific hair clarifying shampoo. So you have to choose specific clarifying shampoo for curly hair and other hair types. 

Use of hair products: If you use a lot of hair products, then it badly affects your hair; in that case, it is helpful to use shampoo weekly. You can also use it twice a week. But if you use a minimal amount of hair product, then it’s better to use one or two per month.

Type of water: You have to also care about the type of water, as hard water that contains iron or other water mineral is harmful to hair, so you have to avoid while using shampoo. To test the hardness of water, put ten drops of soap to a bottle of water and shake it off. If it bubbles, then it is safe to water to use, but if it doesn’t, then you have hard water that you have to avoid.

But, don’t overuse clarifying shampoo; it will make your hair dull and put an adverse effect on the scalp. The people who have to swim regularly often have to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the pool chlorine that causes the greenish dart. For regular swimmers on the pool they need to wash with clarifying shampoo three or four times per week as they have to swim on hard water.

Based on ingredients: Shampoo is based on ammonium sodium lauryl sulfate work as the deepest cleanser. These can be considered as the best extreme hair care product that builds up for oily hair. Shampoo based on Chlorides or bromides are milder shampoo but help to get soft hair.

Shampoo based on acetyl-fatty alcohols provides the milder cleansing effect on your hair. Again, If you want to pick up a hair clarifying shampoo for all type hair, then activated charcoal containing shampoo is suitable for you. Activated charcoal absorbs excess oils. 

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This type of shampoo can be used once a week—shampoo containing tea tree oil, rosemary leaf extract, and witch hazel compound work as purifying ingredients.

Clarifying shampoo for color-treated hair: If you have color-treated hair, then you have to careful while using a shampoo. If you have done hair treatment such as keratin treatment or some other protein treatment, then it’s important to know the sensitivity of your shampoo.

Some put adverse effects if you use clarifying shampoo even after these treatments. If you want to use clarifying shampoo after coloring your hair, then you have to wait until it fades out. It will be beneficial for your hair. But if you use your color hair, then it can cause you to fade your hair color so fast. So don’t use clarifying shampoo after use of color for the first week. 

Considering your scalp condition: You have to consider your dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis while buying a suitable shampoo. Though shampoo can help you in this matter but using this type of shampoo is not suitable at all. Don’t use warm or hot water while using a shampoo. 

Tips for buying clarifying shampoo:

  • Some recommend branded shampoo. But you can choose your preferred one.
  • It’s better to consult with any hair specialist to know your hair problem properly. This will help you to buy a proper shampoo.
  • The formulation of shampoo has to be clear, and its texture has to be light, not a creamy texture.
  • Read the level carefully before buying any shampoo because all shampoo is not color-safe.
  • Read reviews online to choose the best shampoo.
  • Choose a shampoo that contains ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium stearate, or aloha olefin sulfonate. 
  • If you find shampoo is not still working properly for your hair, then it’s better to consult with a hairstylist.

This is beneficial if you found your hair is greasier than usual, have a dry, itchy scalp, and have a lack of shine. Due to more dust and pollution, your scalp becomes full of dirt just in few days. And in that case, you need an oil-based remover that deeply cleans your hair. Hair scalp also helps to build up a hair over time.

As these types of shampoo are less heavy, so it is worth sticking to a clear shampoo. The use of conditioner after clarifying shampoo helps to seal moisture of the hair cuticle. Again, some clarifying shampoo is more powerful than other traditional shampoos. So proper analysis before pick up your clarifying shampoo is required. And It’s also easy to find; you can buy your desired one from a clarifying shampoo drugstore or from clarifying shampoo Walmart.



  • How many times can I use clarifying shampoo?


It is advised to use this once or twice per week.


  • Is it safe to use a clarifying shampoo frequently for normal hair?


Using this more than a couple of times per week can have a bad effect on your hair. Your hair can be dry, dull, and frizzy.


  • How to use a clarifying shampoo?


It is simple to use. Take a small amount of shampoo on your hand and then apply it to your damp scalp. After a proper massaging, leave it for 30 seconds. Then rinse the shampoo completely. It’s better to use the conditioner just after the use of this.


  • Is a clarifying shampoo expensive?


The prize range of clarifying shampoo depends on the type and the ingredients of it. If you choose it from a drugstore, then it can be less expensive. But if you choose it due to a brand name, then it will be expensive.

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