Hair style for girls: 20 best hair style

hair style for girls

Teenage is the most beautiful time of life hair style for girls when you can pick anything fancy that suits you. The hairstyle is not also exceptional in this matter. Young girls like to choose a new trend for their hair and select the suitable one that gives a stylish and trendy look.

As fashion is a changing trend and at the early stage, you can pick multiple options about your hairstyle. Here in this article, we have analyzed the latest hairstyles for girls or some trendy hair cut for girls of 2020. Whatever you have short or long hair here, you will find the best hair cutting girl style. 

20 best hairstyles of girls:

Some hairstyles are suitable for long hair and some for short. And it’s your option which one you will choose. Here we have noted down names of hairstyles for girls that will give a beautiful look.  

French braid ponytail-

This hairstyle is consists of the French braid and a mid-height ponytail. It creates a cute and pretty look for teenage girls. This is similar to the messy ponytail. But it is a little bit simple. Those who have curly hair can do this hairstyle easily.

Loose braid ponytail with twists-

This is also one kind of braid. You have to do this in two steps. At first, you have to twist some hair from both sides, then when your hairline will come above your neck, then add the side hair with the rest of the hair to form a braid. You have to keep it loose. Not so tight. Somehow it will look messy, but don’t worry it’ll give you a trendy look.   

Side Dutch Braid

It’s such a popular hairstyle among girls who have long hair. It’s so simple. Just you have to braid your hair from the side part. It will give a stylish look. With a traditional dress or simple regular outfit, it is suitable to adopt.  You can also adopt a chic ponytail with this style. It’s so simple. Keep one side untouched and start braiding from another side, taking sided hair. Tie the knot with a hairband with the upper strand of the neck part hair by taking the braided hair edge. 

Teenage triple braid-

It is done by doing making several thin braids. If you have long hair, then you will get a unique look. It’s simple to do. Make a few hair margins with a comb.  Then take the inch of each margin and make a simple braid. Keep the backside hair as free.

Whole braid hairstyle

It’s quite similar to a bun hairstyle. This braid includes the whole hair twister covering the entire head. If you want to wear a gown, then this will give you a unique look without any doubt. 

Side curly:

This is also an everyday hairstyle that is chosen by various famous stars. It’s so simple for long hair girls. It’s so simple to do. Simply curl your side hair with your curler and keep them aside. Take the rest of the hair and make a wide margin. Put the rest hair as it is. You can put a hair clip so that one side remains free, and your earring can be easily seen. Now you are ready for any party or occasion.

Two-part twisted style:

It’s a twisted version of a simple one-part twist hairstyle. If you can do this one part twisting, then you will also be able to do this. At first, brush your hair correctly. Make a tied ponytail with fingers create a gap in the hair right above the hair elastic, securing your ponytail flip your ponytail into this gap. Now take the side hairs from ears and tie them into a ponytail right above the first ponytail. Again repeat to flip the ponytail. Put some hair spray to give a refined look.

Hairstyle with headband:

The hairstyle with bands is so stylish. You can do different hairstyles with a hairband. Such as you can simply put your hairband if you untie your hair. Again, you can twist some hair from both sides and fix them in with backside hair. Then you can curl both sides long hair, and in the middle, you can set your favorite hairband.

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Layer hairstyle:

Some haircuts for girls with long hair are simply perfect if you just keep them untied. But for that, you have to give a stylish haircut. Such as Long layered hairstyle is also famous as this was also known as the last haircut of Taylor swift. This is one of the best long hairstyles. You have to put several layers according to your hair length for this style. It suits any face shape. Girls with Medium size can adopt this style as it will be more suitable for them. Long hair girls can also cut in this way. Again for wavy or curly hair has a unique nature, so if you miss your hair, putting some layers will give you a trendy and stylish look.  

Bangs hairstyle:

It’s commonly seen in most girls. Front bangs or side bangs are so much popular. But charges are not a single hair cut or style. It includes with layer cut or staring cut or U, or V cut while some strips of hair fall over the scalp’s front hairline just above the eyebrows. You can pick side-swept bangs with a bun, curtain bangs, curly bangs, fake bangs, thick and blunt bangs, classic side-swept bangs, and many more.  

High bun:

It is a classic style that keeps your hair tied by giving an elegant look. It’s simple to do. At first, take a little amount of hair and bring it into the root of the hair. Then comp properly to take away the surrounding hair properly. Brush hair as ponytail style and secure with a hairband. Twirl until it settles around the hairband and uses bobby pins to fix it. You can also use hair spray to give an extra sharp look.

Low bun:

As in high bun, you have to tie hair at the bottom of the hairline, but in this style, you have to comb your hair from your lower hair part as a low ponytail. With traditional attire, it gives a stunning look. You can choose a messy soft bun that’s also so much popular nowadays.

Side bun style:

The side bun is so much trendy and stylish than the regular bun. And if you combine it with some fashion accessories, then it will give a great look. Put some pearls with a hair clip. You can also do this bun by hair braiding. Simply twist some hair from one side and attach it with a side hair bun.

Smoothed out a pixie or easy Pixie haircut:

This hair cut is suitable for short hair. It is considered as best short hairstyle for girls. Sometimes we like to experiment with our hair. Regarding this matter, you can choose it.  In this cut, have to cut hair short from the back and the sides, including slightly long bangs in the front. Forgiving a relaxed look, you can barely miss the side that will show an uneven bang hair style for girls.  For a cleaner look, you can straighten and smooth the long hairs and comb them at the side. It also includes textured pixie that gives a messy look. It’s also similar to this cut, but the difference is that you have to cut the long hairs and have to keep the front bangs uncut. Curly hair is also suitable for this style.

Knot bun-

It is a twist of a high bun. At first, divide the hair in two half and tightly twist each part. Bring the left part of the hair up and put it over the right hand by making hair style for girls twirl. You can also secure the edge with a body clip. Then bring the left part of hair from the right hand and move it to the left side, making a twirl. After completing a full rotation, you will get the final look. Secure with a bobby pin. 

Extra-long double ponytail:

If you have extra-long hair, this will suit you most and give a stunning look. This simple hairstyle includes two ponytails tied on top. To do this hairstyle, simply put some texturing hair spray all over your washed dried hair. Then divide hair into two parts and secure the top section of the hair as a rough bun form.

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Then tie the lower section of hair into a mid-level ponytail at the back of your head. Now untie the top section of hair. Backcomb the hair at the crown of the head to give a floppy look hair style for girls. Then tie the top section of the hair as a ponytail right above the bottom ponytail. Then spread over the ponytail to conceal the base ponytail.

Braided flower crown:

It’s a stylish one that everyone would like to adopt. But it comes to every mind that it may be challenging to make this style. Not really. With a hairbrush and hair spray, you can make this style by yourself. For that, at first brush, your hair correctly, then pick up 3 small portions of hair from the crown of the head. Braid it properly and secure with a band.

Make two more braids in this way. Then loosen all three braids by towing them hair style for girls loose from the right. Now start to roll each braid circularly. The loosen braided part has to keep outside. Roll in such a way that it will look like a flower. Then put a bobby pin to fix it. Put some hair spray over the rolled hair flower so that it keeps as it is.

Half up bow style:

It is a cute hairstyle that ever pone will like to do. You can do it yourself. At first, comb your hair properly. You can use some moisturizer. Then take a small portion of hair from two sides and tie with a hairband. But here you have to apply a trick. Don’t pull your hair all the way. Leave in such a way that it will look like a loop. Now divide the circle into two parts by separating with a clip hair style for girls. Then secure the separated position with the underside with a bobby pin. Put some hair spray for setting the bow.    

Straight bob haircut:

It’s also a trendy hairstyle. This girl’s haircut includes decreasing gradually from the back to the front and ends below the chin.

Colouring one hair strip:

A few years ago, it was a common trend. You can color one strip of hair as your wish. It can be purple, pink, or green that suits you. For example, a funky pink strip of hair down the side will give a cool look.

Now, after reading this article, you have come to know 20 most amazing hairstyles that are so much classy that will give a stunning look with your fav attire. All these hairstyles are simple and take less time. And the best part is that all these styles of hair style for girls you can do by yourself at home. It’s time to stay at home without going to any parlor for any occasion. Simply pick any form above hairstyle and rock on.  



  • What is the simple hair style for girls?


If you want to choose a simple hairstyle then plain bun, braid, two sides twisted, or simply can put your layered hair untie. 


  • What hairstyle will suit me best?


The hairstyle depends on face shape. If you have a round face then any short hairstyle, for oval shape blunt bobs or two-sided bangs, for rectangle layered cut, for heart shape you can choose high top knot or high ponytail and for square shape clip-in bangs style is suitable to pick 


  • What basic things are required for a hairstyle?


For stylish hair, you don’t need so many things. Just keep some hair bands, bobby pin, hair spray, and a fine comb and now you are prepared to do any basic or classy hairstyle. 


  • What are the best party hairstyles for girls?


Upside down braid and bun, soft waves and bump, double Dutch braid bun, partial sided French braid and braid in the top of the head and elegant tendril bun are the classic hairstyles that you can pick for your any occasion.

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