10 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads are the most common acne skin problem for both men and women. Particularly it’s vulnerable for oily skin, but anyone can get them. Usually, they form like a pore and become clogged by mixing with extra oil and the dead skin cells. The extra oil is nothing but the “Sebum” that comes from sebaceous glands.

According to a registered dermatologist, blackheads are the oxidized mixture of excessive skin oil and dead skin cells that sitting in the skin like a pore. When this pore exposure to air, it causes oxidize and turn black in color. In another way, blackheads are hair follicles that are blocked up with the oil and dead skin cell and became bacteria in wide opening surfaces. When this bacteria gunk in the open air, it oxidizes and turns to black.

Now it’s very clear how the blackheads formed and how they damaged the skin. Again, it’s very irritating for skin also as they are tempting to pinch or plug out roughly to get rid out of it. And the main problem here is it’s not that easy, and you may face painful experience.  Moreover, it can create an unnecessary scar on your skin, which results in damage to the skin even.

So, do you want to know how to get rid of blackheads and, at the end of the day, found some best natural ideas to get rid of it? Of course, you are. So, here we have the top 10 ways to get rid of blackheads with the least damaging treatment. We have also mentioned some preventive steps and dermatologist-approved tips that are easy to follow, and you can apply in your daily life. So, let’s get started without further ado.

1.Clean your face twice a day plus after exercising

Regular washing and cleaning the face have multiple benefits. First of all, you will not get scar, acne, blackheads if you clean your face at least twice a day. Especially it’s a good idea to wash your face every morning and before go to bed at night for removing bacteria and dirt. It’s also a good habit also to make yourself fresh and clean. But it’s compulsory to wash and clean your face after doing exercise. Because you might get heavy sweat while doing exercise, and it’s harmful to the skin if not wash properly.

Sweat can get heavily trapped in pores along with oil and dirt, which may create blackhead.so; if you don’t have any washing system nearby, you can gently use a cleaning wipes to clean your face. It also works excellent.

2. Use oil-free sunscreen

UV rays can make your skin extremely dry, and you can have the chance of getting acne more and more. So, for protection, don’t forget to wear daily sunscreen. It’s untouchably needed for your daily skincare routine because it can protect your skin in a number of ways. And as we all know, saving your skin from UV rays is one of that. So make sure your daily sunscreen contains board spectrum protection or SPF moisture with 30-50. It’s for normal skin, but if you have oily skin, you must use a minimum SPF-60 protection formula to save your skin from acne-prone and oil-free pores.


When you think of the right exfoliation, you can imagine some rough, harsh scrubs. In reality, this type of scrub can make your skin more inflamed. Instead of that, try to use gentle chemical-based exfoliants that consist of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. AHAs and BHAs are natural gentle acids that can help you to remove blackheads and dead skin cells without harming the skin. They clear the skin as like other products does but in a better and more effective way.

Now, where will you get this AHA and BHA product? If you think about how to get rid of blackheads at home, you can get this easily on fruit, milk, any fresh fruits, and so on. As they contain BHA, which is oil-soluble, and take out the pores quickly, and BHA is nothing but a mixture of Glycolic and lactic acids. These acids are water-soluble, and you can get this easily in any natural sources.

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Apart from this you there are lots and lots of products are available in the market, which is AHA and BHA based. So, get that product to remove the dead cell layer skin and make your skin save from UVB and UVA rays.

4.Try to use clay mask and charcoal mask once in a week:

Do you know how to get rid of blackheads on nose permanently? Clay mask and charcoal mask are two gentle ingredients which you can trust for removing nose blackheads. Clay mask is using from the ancient times and helps to remove extra oil and dirt from poor clogged pores. You can use different clay-based face masks, and it’s more effective than pore strips. You may need to pull off the layer of skin if you use strips. But clay mask goes deep into the pore and gradually flush out all toxin chemicals.

If you are not allergenic in sulfur, you can use sulfur contained clay masks which break out the dead cells and improve the total appearance of blackheads. But do a skin patch test to get sure you are allergenic with sulfur or not.

Charcoal is popping up all sorts of blackheads products now. Because it’s a good detoxifier and works in deep pores to take out all the impurities. You can buy charcoal activated pills or make your own DIY mask. To get rid of blackheads DIY, you can use tea tree oil, bentonite clay, honey and plain water. Make a mixture and apply. You will benefited for sure. You can also get the over-the-counter mask from any beauty shops also.

5.Try an over-the-counter retinoid product.

Retinoids are helpful for skin. It is the derivatives of vitamin A and speeds up the cell turnover process quickly. It also helps to manage acne and reduces the sign of ageing. By treating hyperpigmentation, it prevents ageing and cleans the pore without destructing it. It’s available in serum or gel-like adapalene gel. Adapalene gel is a synthetic from mainly retinoid acid as helpful as a retinoid. However, many dermatologists suggested using Retinol which has less intense from retinoic acid but used for more severe cases.

6.Make Sure to use Moisturize and salicylic acid gel

Even though oil is the primary culprit or contributor to blackheads but avoiding it will be a wrong idea. In fact, you must keep your skin oil balanced and nonexistent to minimize blackheads. Because a lack of oil causes skin dullness which leads to more breakouts and clogs pores. So make you maintain a normal, natural flow of oil to keep your skin moisturized and oil balanced. You can use squalane oil or noncomedogenic products to stop dryness of the skin. Because excess dryness can also make both whitehead and blackhead.

Now you also need to use the salicylic acid gel as much as you can in order to get rid of blackheads on the chin. This acid can dissolve the keratin that causes blackheads by creating clog pores. It’s also a wonderful exfoliant and works excellent in the affected area. The main advantage of using this acid is you have to use it only in the specific area where you experience the problem. So, you need less as you don’t need to use in the whole body.

7.Never Use Your Nails while cleaning:

If you want to know how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks, then you must follow this instruction. If you are ready to DIY the extraction by yourself, try to gently apply the massage on the screen. Because while picking up if you scratch or extract spots roughly you may get a permanent scar and put your skin at risk. So, start with your clean hands and widen them out a little so that the blackheads can extract more easily and automatically come out from the skin.

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When squeezing try to relocate your finger easier and don’t ever use your nails to puncture your skin badly. Try not to keep your finger very close to the blackheads and try to perform deep cleaning by gently massaging.

8.Consider a chemical peel

Peel is very helpful for removing dark spots, scars, fine line, and it also works as an anti-ageing formula. Most of the peels contain AHAs and worked for removing the layer of the skin. Furthermore, the peel can revel your skin smoother and fresh-looking. They are also considered the primary treatment for scar and blackheads as it can remove all the dead skin cells and shrink all enlarged pores. It has tremendous benefits on anti-ageing activities.

9.Different Home remedies:

If you want to get affordably rid of blackheads, nothing can beat home ingredients. Because you might need to spend some bugs if you buy peels, creams, masks and all. Most of the time, it may not work also. So, to deal with stubborn blackheads, you can try some kitchen found home remedies and prevents blackheads as well as a scar from your skin.

1.A mixture of cornstarch and vinegar:

It’s a very good paste for absorbing extra oil and helps to fade the critical discolouration caused by the scar and blackheads. You can apply the paste in the affected area and keep it for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse off with Luke warm water and put some ice cubes on the pores. To get the best result try to put this twice in a week.


Honey is the proven formula for removing blackheads. It also soothes the skin and performs deep moisturizing. Just apply raw honey to the face and other acne-prone places and let it dry for some time. Then rinse off with the warm water. You can use honey daily once to get a good result.

 3.Lemon juice:

If you are looking for how to get rid of blackheads on back then here is the solution for you. Its lemon juice. As it contains natural astringent, it can remove all dead cells and blackheads effectively. Its applying system is also easy. At night before sleep 3 teaspoon lemon juice and apply it thoroughly to the skin with cotton. You can take it overnight and rinse off with warm water in the morning.

Its best for normal skin. But if you have dry skin add 1 spoon olive oil with a juice and apply. It will give you extra moisture and also remove blackheads accordingly.

10.Get extractions from a professional:

If you are wondering of how to get rid of blackheads on the forehead and other parts, then it’s better not to pop out pimples at home or by your own. Because these are nothing but stubborn blackheads that can frequently occur if you are tempting it. Naturally, it used to go away if you don’t do any wrong with them, but if you are popping incorrectly, it may cause skin irritation and even sometimes infections also.

So, for worth treatment visit some professional who can extract technically. Generally, an Esthetician uses some small tools to squeeze the pore without breaking out. They also clog out the pore without enlarging it. But if your failure in all the treatment then we suggest you go. Else, of course, you try our all mentioned techniques.



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