Tips on How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Months Naturally (Ever Without taking hard Exercise)

How to lose 10 pounds in 2 months

Let’s face it. “How to lose 10 pounds in 2 months without exercise naturally” is a very common question of the general people. Eventually, I had been asked many times earlier after completing my lecture on the health and nutrition programs.  

I don’t want to abash you. Seriously! Isn’t this the truth that you’re getting fat day by day?  Even, you’ve already been failed after taking many steps to lose your weight. _Right? 

Right now, you’re under depression about your unexpected weight. Plus, you’re looking forward to finding out one of the best ways for getting rid of unexpected weight. 

Think of human life, I’m going to break down of this question “how to lose 10 pounds in 2 months naturally? Even without exercise. Let’s go ahead!


How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Months (A Guideline for Planned Fitness Seekers)

Believe me or not! I’m a self-declared fitness specialist over the years. Very often, I’ve been asked by the mass-people on my lecture to guide them to lose weight. You may be one of them if you’ve attended my program any time before. 

Losing some weight and getting fit enough is not rocket science. It’s a task of only 10 minutes to learn “how to lose 10 pounds in 2 months naturally.” Indeed, many of us have failed to lose weight after trying hard and soul, and you’re one of them. 

Do you know what the reason is behind it? 

If you’re, then it’s okay. If not, then let’s know today to get rid of unexpected weight. 

Now, I’m going to inform you about the whole activities dividing into two portions so that you can go ahead to follow my guidelines without facing any problem.  

Primary Guideline of ‘How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Months Naturally _Even Without Taking Hard Exercise

Let me tell you that this is the initial activity of the whole process you have to follow. 


  • Be committed to you:


If you’re one of them who keeps his/her duty on gossiping with friends and family members instead of taking action, then I’m sorry to say “not to try to lose your weight.” This job isn’t for you. You should never ever try to lose weight. Getting more fat and be an unusual one! 

However, if you’re really ready to go through hard and soul trying and have become committed one with you, then you must go through my guideline and will be able to reach your goal. 


  • Measure your Present Weight:


It’s a very important task to measure your current weight in order that you can make the right decision for you. So, measure your present weigh and understand how many pounds you want to lose within the next two months. 

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How to lose 10 pounds in 2 months naturally

Suppose you’ve measured your present weight that is about 200 pounds (Which is more than 90 in the KG metrics). Right now, it’s a piece of cake to understand how many pounds you need to lose within the next 2 months naturally.

Take it seriously! 


  • Set your Goal you Want to Achieve:


As a fitness specialist, many of the general people come to me to take advice so that they can lose their weight. I’ve seen that many of them don’t have any weight loss goal what they want to reach within a certain period of time. Perhaps, you’re one of them. 

Frankly speaking, after measuring your ultimate weight, you have to set a weight loss goal that you want to achieve. 


  • Take a mentor for you:


Do you know why having a mentor is so important to be fit physically for the time being? Let’s learn deeply if you don’t have any idea about having a mentor to achieve any goal. 

Needless to say how many impacts a mentor can keep someone’s life. An expert mentor can show you the right path to lose your unexpected weight within 2 months. Besides, they’ll help you to bounce back from failure to success. 

That’s why you should have a mentor to be fit physically within a specific period of time.


  • Check how many calories you’re having a day:


Once you consider a mentor for you, now focus on your daily meal. It means how many calories you’re gaining each day. The fewer calories you have each day, the more weight loss you’ll be able to gain.  

To maintain a healthy and well-fitted life, a general woman needs to have about 2000 calories per day. And a man should have about 2500 calories per day. Here, if you just start taking calories below these two figures according to genders, you must lose your weight day by day. There is no doubt. 


  • Make a weekly food having schedule for you: 


If you really want to lose your unexpected weigh, you must make a weekly food schedule for you. To make a perfect schedule to lose weight, take help from your mentor. Your mentor will be able to help you to make a perfect weekly food having schedule for you. 

However, bear it in your mind that the food having schedule, you’re going to follow, must have food varieties so that you can gain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for your health at the same time.  wise though,  the more you get fat continuously. 

The ultimate guideline of “how to lose 10 pounds in 2 months naturally”

On the top, I’ve already broken down all the primary matters that you should follow. Right now, I’m going to write about those tactics that every serious guy must go through. Let’s know more!

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  • Go for a walk around your house or walk in your home:


Going for a walk around your house is an easy-to-do task for everyone. Studies show that if you go for a walk each and every morning or make a walk schedule at your home, you’ll be able to lose your weight gradually. 

This walking schedule will help you to increase your digestion process day by day _seriously! This is a proven trick that I apply to my many followers and I’ve got a positive result.


  • Meditate everyday morning: 

Meditating for a while every morning can help you to lose your 10-pound weight in 2 months without any exercise. The reason behind it, you feel relaxed and anxiety-free mind if you meditate every morning.

There are plenty of science-based benefits of meditation that you’ve ever known. Now, I’m going to note the common ones so that you can get a proper idea.

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It promotes your positive emotions day by day. 
  • Meditation can control your anxiety.
  • It increases your self-awareness. 
  • Meditation will help you to hold your attention to work for a long time. 

Besides, make a study plan on “the power of the human subconscious mind” if you don’t know anything about it. 


  • Start your day with a fresh breakfast:


Breakfast is an important meal of human health because it’s our first meal of the day-time. It goes without saying that there are many benefits of having healthy breakfast to lose unanticipated weight naturally.

As it’s our first meal, so it must be with fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s because you should try to have fresh fruits and vegetables every morning. Write down a few seasonal fruits list in order that you can lose your weight to have those foods on your breakfast. 



  • Drink a glass of milk and eat an egg:


Milk is good for health. Milk is filled with many essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin (B2), niacin, and many more. Apart from this, eat an egg to get energy. 


  • Have five almonds before having each meal:



Any type of nuts, especially almonds, plays a positive impact on human health. So, have at least five almonds before having every meal. 

Final Verdict: 

Let us know by commenting if you have any more questions that is related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you as early as I can.

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