Ah! Australia. It’s just brilliant and mesmerizing and even so huge. So, what are the best things you can do in Australia? So, where should I start? From the uber-cool Melbourne to stunningly scenic Sydney and we should not forget those mesmerizing landscapes of the outback. This giant continent is a field with fizzing and experiences that can shake your life upside down, like literally.

From camping in the backcountry that can make you believe that you are living in another world, to beachside areas having white sandy shores and overwhelming turquoise waters, there is so many wanders that you can see in this country. Some of the sites are free for camping while some sites need booking as they are trendy. Either way, you will surely enjoy camping in Australia.

Best Camping Sites of Australia and Why they are so Special.


  1. The Coffs Harbor of New South Wales, Australia: 

Are you very keen on a camping spot that consists of Coastal Views with an extraordinary Horseshoe Bay? The Horseshoe Bay Caravan Park is 1 of Australia’s top coastal campgrounds that is surrounded by shores, jungles, and even the deep blue sea. It is a little far from Sydney as it is a five-hour drive from there, but it offers a fantastic road trip that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

  1. The Milla Milla of Queensland: 

Millaa Millaa falls a tropical paradise that is surrounded by dense rainforest and the highest mountain of Queensland, Mount Bartle Frere, having a height of 1,611 meters.

  1. The Margaret River of Western Australia: 

The fantastic Margaret River consists of all – extraordinary shores, a top-notch surf spot, and even excellent Winery and Cafes. It’s only a 3-hour drive from Perth, and it includes a ton of camps through which you can enjoy your camping. The sunset over the horizon makes it an extraordinary spot for all the viewers and incredible paradise for the campers.

  1. The Kalbarri of Western Australia:

The Kalbarri National Park of Western Australia is mandatory to watch when you are seeking the west seashore. It consists of fantastic river valleys, scenic walks, and high red and white lined rock arrangements for miles. If you visit the Park during the right season, you will see the windflowers in full bloom, which creates an extraordinary experience for all the visitors.

  1. The Daintree National Park, North Beach, Queensland: 

The Daintree National Park is a part of the World Heritage Area, having a sanctuary of the endless rainforest, extraordinary shores, and some fantastic beaches with a very diverse wildlife environment. The Noah Beach camping site is situated 50m from the coast, just below the mossy trees, which makes this site not a common camping area for the visitors.

  1. The Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia: 

The Ingar Campground, which is located just two hours from Sydney in the Blue Mountains, is accessible on a first come first operate factor. Make sure to dress in warm clothes if you are going there in the winter season as the temperature is not that typical Aussie temperature.

  1. The Flinders Ranges of South Australia:

If you want a real backcountry adventure, or maybe an event that makes you think that you are on Mars, then stop looking, we got you covered. Just drive 5 hours from Adelaide and snatch an area at Wilpena Pound Campground and review the 540 million-year-old terrain. We suggest you go there during winter as during summer you have to face unbearable temperatures.

  1. Jervis Bay of New South Wales: 

If you want to glance at overwhelming white sandy waterfronts having the world’s most evident spring, then Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay is the best camping site for you in Australia. During summer, you will peak some extraordinary sunny days having humid temperatures while winter season will show you humpback whales migrating towards the north.

  1. The Fortress of Grampians National Park: 

The Grampians National Park is located near the seashore of the Great Ocean Road and offers astonishing mountain sceneries, with endless nature walks in the region to review. If you are an adventure-loving person, this place offers you an overnight trek that takes you to some fantastic camping areas which are curled up on the peak of the mountain.

  1. The Esperance Of Western Australia: 

What makes the west coast of Australia so unique is this small town located in Western Australia, Esperance. Flickering waters with white sand spread for miles, encircled with incredible bushwalks and seaside views. Lucky Bay, forty minutes from Esperance, is a beautiful seaside area to set up a tent for camping.

  1. Kosciuszko National Park of New South Wales, Australia: 

The highest peak of Australia’s most upper consists of astonishing views and contesting hauls that will surely boost your excitement to the maximum. The fantastic National Park consists of mountain biking, snowboarding, horse riding, skiing, and more. To watch yourself from cold, grab your warm clothes, sleeping bags, and even tents that will protect you from cold winds.

  1. Warrabah National Park: 

The pristine Naomi River offers swinging, fishing, and kayaking with strict fast-flowing and deep, calm pools beneath enormous granite stones. No space to plug a typical craft? Then Check out their option of inflatables – they will just fit into your shoes, and in no time, you will become a river adventurer!

  1. The Mitchell Falls of Western Australia: 

Isolated and unruly, the Mitchell Falls is an extraordinary scene available from the famous Gibb River Road, mostly in the dusty period. The Mitchell Falls is the only Australian that has not faced any mammalian extinction ever since the Europeans settled here. Paddle above the plunges and feel pure Australian wildlife at its peak. Do carry survival kits during this adventure as preparation is the key to this mega event.

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These were some of the Best Camping Sites located in Australia. So, if you are an adventurer who loves to camp, start wandering today.

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