Make Your shower Look Super Artsy with Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper

A bathroom is a high-use room. It is used by all family members multiple times a day. A bathroom should be clean, functional and well decorated to match your lifestyle. It can be done by using bathroom wallpaper ideas. Bathrooms are the perfect place to start experiencing bathroom wallpaper b&q. It is best to transform your bathroom. Using the wallpaper in the bathroom is the best way to add print to a room. Wallpaper is normally sold in rolls. it’s a great way to get the perfect look without the expense of using tiles.

Reasons to wallpaper your bathroom

Bathroom Wallpaper

1. Experimentation

The bathroom is a small and best place to test your wallpapers and wallpapering skills.

2. Bathroom wallpapers offer an affordable transformation

As we know wallpapers are cheap and easily available so, wallpapering is known as the most affordable way to transform your bathroom. You spend less but get an informal experience. Bathrooms are smaller than living areas. it is easy to transform it on a reasonable budget.

3. Can be used to cover up wall defects

Wallpapers are cheap alternatives to using bathroom wallpaper tiles coating and thicker coating to cover up wall defects. It eliminates all the traces of problems from your wall. Bathroom wallpapers designs can also be used to hide cracks and scratches that can’t be cut by a coat of paint.

4. Easy to clean

Vinyl wallpapers are easy to clean. Using Vinyl wallpaper in your bathroom makes it faster and easy for you to clean it. As wallpapers are cheap so you can replace them more often.

5. Can be combined with tiles

Wallpapers can be used in the upper areas of the bathroom. To be completely safe treated wallpapers should be used even if they’re not likely to come into direct contact with moisture. All the areas that are likely to wet are tiled.

6. Don’t clutter your bathroom

Small Toilet or bathroom look cluttered when fitted with decorative items such as flowers due to the limited space. The use of wallpaper eliminates the need for the other decoration items that need space. Bathroom wallpapers texture come in different sizes and design allowing you to buy enough rolls to cover the desired area.

7. lighten up the room with no windows

Poorly ventilated bathrooms with no access to sunlight need some special treatments. Roof wallpapers can help brighten up the dark spaces. They come in different designs and colors allowing you to choose the best for you according to your desire.

8. Expand the small spaces

The scale of the wallpaper patterns makes a small room look larger. Wallpapers add a little drama to your lopsided room. If your bathroom feels too confined, using wallpapers can make it look bigger than it is.

9. Create a welcoming feeling

Many bathrooms have no windows, this makes them scary. Wallpapering your bathroom will make people feel special and welcomed. Wallpapers also keep the room feeling light and airy. No one hates spending time in a beautiful place.

10. Easy to use

Installing wallpapers in your bathroom requires no expert knowledge, with the requires tools and time it can be one of your home improvements DIY projects. Installing wallpapers is fast.

Wallpapers are also easy to clean and maintain. Damaged wallpaper can be easily removed and replaced.

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Wallpaper?

Most wallpaper is labeled according to use, and those suited to high-moisture rooms like bathrooms and kitchens are invariable vinyl. ‘Scrubbable’ bathroom wallpaper the range that is made from heavyweight vinyl are the best option.

bathroom walls are different from the walls in other parts of the home. In bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other completely dry areas, any type of wall covering will work. In bathrooms, water comes from all directions. Moisture from the direct tub and shower overspray also as moisture-laden air is devastating for bathroom walls.

High-quality wallpapers for bathrooms are manufactured with increased water resistance and water and are designed to withstand frequent changes in moisture and temperature. They prevent the appearance and reproduction of fungi.

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Peel and stick wallpapers are the cheapest and simplest material for decorating the walls of the bathroom. You need to make sure that you buy water-resistant wallpaper. The advantages of this wallpaper are that they come in numerous patterns and colors and the installation process is easy and quick.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is the best option for bathroom walls in terms of functionality. If 100 percent use of vinyl wallpaper makes you think of a hotel, think again. Now vinyl wallpaper has become sophisticated.

Just make certain that your present wall surface can accept peelable vinyl wallpaper. Because peelable vinyl wallpaper will not stick to flat, matte or rough surfaces it is less sticky than permanent wallpaper. Also, vinyl wallpaper works best for indirect, surrounding moisture. So use in conjunction with a surface that covers the lower section of the walls.

One advantage of vinyl wallpaper is that you can try it out before applying it. For this, buy a roll or a sample, then stick it up in the room. Large patterns will visually reduce the dimensions of your bathroom. Verticals draw your eye upward and make space feel taller. Horizontals seem to widen it.

Types of wallpapers

1. Liner Wallpaper:

It is also known as lining wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is made from fiberglass or paper. It is useful for minimizing repairs and hiding wall defects, and it can be a base for more fine wallpaper types. Liner wallpaper is applied to bare ceilings or walls in preparation for papering with decorative or painting wallpaper. Moreover, it is easy to apply and remove the liner wallpaper.

2. Printed Wallpaper:

This type of wallpaper is commonly used and available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The digitally-printed wallpaper is normally cheaper than the hand-printed, but it could be torn easily. As the printing ink is water-based, so the use of printed wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms is not good.

3. Vinyl Wallpaper:

Vinyl wallpaper is composed of printed paper coated with a layered vinyl. It is the most commonly used type of wallpaper, currently, because of its high longevity. The thicker the vinyl coating layer is, the more permanence the wallpaper will be. Vinyl paper can be used in bathrooms and kitchens because vinyl wallpaper works best for indirect, surrounding moisture.

They are washable, relatively cheap, extremely durable and light-resistance which makes them the ideal entrant or candidate of frequently used rooms like kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Vinyl wallpapers vary greatly in pattern and color, they can imitate concrete, stone, wood, etc. Vinyl wallpapers do not allow the walls to breathe because of their artificial nature.

4. Non-Woven Wallpaper:

This type of wallpaper is the latest trend in decorating. Non-wovens are made of a special blend of synthetic fibers and natural, making them breathable and washable. You will find these fibers in many household products such as coffee filters, gauze, and tea bags. Because these wallpapers can breathe, this makes them a perfect look for bathrooms and kitchens.

Non-woven wallpapers are also tear-resistant. Another advantage of this wallpaper is that it will not get torn during installation and removal. They are the most eco-friendly and user-friendly wallpapers on the market today, they are admirably quicker, incredibly easy and requiring fewer efforts to install.

5. Fiberglass Wallpaper:

This type of wallpaper is made up of glass fibers woven and bonded together to form a sheet material. Fiberglass wallpapers provide a great reinforcement and are incredibly strong to any wall or ceiling. Fiberglass is an extremely strong, lightweight and robust material.

Made from natural non-toxic materials such as lime, soda, quartz and dolomite they are considered to be a green product too. They are also known as flame resistant and prevent flames from spreading. It eliminates the wall cracks. Special glass fibers and water-resistant adhesive provide a barrier for wetness showing through.

Common uses of fiberglass include boats, automobiles, high-performance aircraft’s, baths, water tanks, pipes, cladding, hot tubs, roofing, casts, surfboards, and external door skins.

6. Textile Wallpaper:

Textile wallpaper is an elite product. Its premium quality creates a sense of wellbeing. It can be made of silk, linen, felt, cotton, raffia, feathers or twines can all be used to gorgeous effect. Fabric wallpapers are flame- retardant, stain-resistant, breathable and provide exceptional insulation quality. They are expensive and hard to apply on walls.

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How To Waterproof Wallpaper

To decorate your bathroom by installing the wallpaper on the walls of the bathroom. You can make the wallpaper waterproof with the decorator’s varnish. This product does not contain polyurethane nor does it contain alkyd resins that can yellow. The varnish contains an acrylic product that is more brittle than polyurethane. This type of varnish comes in three finishes: satin, gloss and dead flat.


Wipe down the wall or floor of the bathroom/room to remove any dirt, dust, grease, and debris.


Fix any repairs needed in the bathroom wallpaper floral such as cracks and peeling ends. All cracks between the walls, in the window frames and the baseboard must be filled. You can also use varnish between these cracks, drip behind the paper and cause discoloration To protect the wall from stains from the varnish, apply two coats of weak glue.


Wipe down the existing wallpaper with mild soap and water to remove grease and dirt. Let dry thoroughly.


Put on the gloves and respirator.


Prepare the varnish by mixing rather than shaking (this will avoid bubbling).


Apply varnish with the help of a brush at the top of a wall. After covering an area about 6 inches wide by brushing parallel to the ceiling, vertical brushstrokes, employ long. Start each stroke at a point lower than the existing finish line and stroke upwards, finishing the stroke on the existing finish. This helps eliminate drips.


Tape and cover the floor with plastic and mask the ceiling with masking paper if you spray.


Let the varnish dry. It will take 2 to 4 hours and then recoat it.

Best Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

1. Try Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper

Black and white bathrooms are a reasonably traditional look, and teaming it a monochrome wallpaper completes the design. Add some brighter fixtures though and they’ll stand call at the general décor, which is that the perfect thanks to bringing extra attention towards that expensive bath you purchased.

2. A Modern Bathroom Wallpaper design with a Fun Pop of Color

A modern design can have different meanings to different people but it usually refers to neutral colors. This modern bathroom design truly stands with a bright and vibrant pop of color. The light blue and green theme in this spare bathroom will catch your attention. Steering away from the clean bathroom aesthetics and traditional neutral, this unique bathroom design speaks about the homeowner’s style and fun personality.

3. Add Personality to your Bathroom while keeping things Modern

If you are a person who loves bold colors, mixing and matching and wants to add your personal touch to your living space then choose some modern fixtures, wallpapers, tiling, flooring and accessories for your bathroom. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to combine them all.

What are the Benefits of using wallpapers?

  • It is available in a wide variety of patterns, designs and surface finishes.
  • There are many ways to apply wallpaper to your walls which include pasting the wall, paste the paper, and peel and stick.
  • Many types of wallpaper can last for more than 15 years.
  • Many types of wallpaper are washable.
  • By using wallpaper it is easy to hide or eliminate any defects and cracks of the wall, with little initial preparations.
  • It can be easily installed and remove without leaving traces.
  • Wallpaper is considered user-friendly and eco-friendly because it is purely manufactured from natural materials.

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