Dreams And Goals – What Is The Real Difference

Dreams And Goals - What Is The Real Difference

Everyone has a dream. But not everyone admits it. Why? You will find the answer at the end of the article. Sometimes we meet people who say that they do not dream, but they have specific goals and a persistent desire to achieve them. Then other questions appear. Where did the thoughts come from? And in most cases, it turns out that today’s goals are nothing more than yesterday’s dreams.

The modern world is focused on action, achieving success, obtaining results, therefore, and the one who knows how to set goals and accomplish those wins. Recently, the concept of a dream has dramatically depreciated, since it is commonly believed that thoughts are useless, they say, a dreamer will never achieve anything, an idea will remain a dream and dreaming becomes somehow shameful, and setting goals is commendable. Do you agree? I believe that this attitude arises because of a misunderstanding of the essence of a dream and the essence of a target. You cannot just cross out one of your life without impoverishing it; it is essential to understand that a dream and a goal have entirely different functions, and then you can easily find a balance between two processes – dreaming and achieving a goal.

Why do you need dreams?

Remember some cherished dream from the past – what did you feel when you lived it? Immerse yourself in these pleasant sensations, and now return to the present moment and answer yourself – what do you think about this dream now? If it is fulfilled, then, for sure, you feel happiness, pride, pleasure. If a dream has lost relevance due to changed attitudes and circumstances, then most likely you do not care, and if the dream is still relevant, but not fulfilled, probably the sensations are close to disappointment, frustration, resentment, right? In this paragraph, I tried to show you that a dream is directly related to human feelings, it affects us at the deepest level (where it was born), and it excites and gives us energy. The function of a dream is to inspire, but everyone knows that when there is an inspiration, everything comes more natural, life itself brings pleasure. Do you notice the difference when you do something to fulfill your dreams and when you do it because it is “necessary”? In the first case, everything turns out by itself; you are on the rise and catch the buzz from what is happening. This is the dream function – to give you strength and energy to realize your strongest desires.

Why do we need goals?

How is a goal different from a dream? The most frequently used expressions with these two concepts will help me demonstrate the difference – the dream is usually “fulfilled” (itself),

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and the goal is “achieved” (by the person). Indeed, in a dream, there is a moment of shifting responsibility for its fulfillment to other people (“someone came and gave it to me”), higher powers (“a miracle happened”), etc. The goal is always achieved directly by those who set it, while help from other people or higher powers is not excluded, but the responsibility for achieving the goal lies entirely with the person himself. If you are not ready to take this responsibility upon yourself, then you can remain just a dreamer. A dream is an inspiration, and a goal is a moment when you decide to fulfill your dream. Another difference between the goal and the dream in terms of specificity and disaggregation. A dream can be immensely vast, often slurred. If you want to fulfill a dream, you need to turn it into a goal or several goals. The goal has specific deadlines, and it is real and achievable. Then the goal is divided into tasks, and you get a plan to fulfill your dreams. To achieve your dream, specify it!

Dreams And Goals

What to do if there is no dream

In childhood, adolescence, and youth, everyone has dreams, but often they cringe under the pressure of reality and are forgotten. Maybe your old dreams have lost relevance, but you have no new ones? They are, just hidden deep under the pressure of problems, disappointments, and negative thoughts. I will tell you a few ways to know your dreams: Imagine that you received ten million dollars that are not taxed – what will you spend them on? I must say right away that your debts and loans were automatically paid off, and you still have $ 10 million, what will you do with them? Answer the question: what will you do if, starting from this minute, you no longer need to work to support yourself and your family? What do you want to do more than anything else, solely for your pleasure? If you knew that you only have six months to live, how would you spend them (provided that you are entirely healthy for these six months)? The answers to these questions are your dreams that can be converted into goals, broken down into tasks, and fulfilled.

There is always a dream at the heart of any goal

Make your fantasies outlined. Specify your dream, and it will turn into a goal. So it will become real. Therefore, you can achieve it.

On the way to your aspirations, you will always encounter obstacles. To overcome them effectively, constructive action is required. You need to make a plan and follow it. Then the task will be solved. A person takes responsibility for achieving the desired result, although assistance from other people or a successful combination of circumstances is not excluded.

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Fleeting thoughts and images have nothing to do with the goal. They do not contribute to its achievement but instead return to soaring in the clouds and destroy the worldview of a single-minded person. The difference between a dream and a goal is in the way of thinking and stereotypes of thinking. The goal set stimulates you to action, and the wildest dream can help develop creativity, which later will help in achieving the goal.

If you think in this direction, you can come to a logical conclusion: dreams, with the right approach and their use, do not only help in setting goals, they do not just help to understand what you want, but they also direct your thoughts in the right direction. Contribute to the search for solutions to problems. Expand your perspectives and opportunities.

Today, in the century of the rapid development of society, the achievement of goals is paramount. Purposeful people (especially men) are generously endowed with respect from the community. It is believed that if you have clear goals in life, then you know what you want and go in the right direction. This is partly true. However, often, in contrast to specific achievements, dreams are set. They are presented as a characteristic of a romantic person who is beautiful in his inner spiritual world. However, in dreams, they do not see prospects, development. They are compared with youthful fantasies, and therefore, mature, self-sufficient individuals are merely ashamed of their dreams. In the soul, assuming that because of this, they will be treated lightly, they will be considered to be floating in the clouds and called to go down to earth.

Society will not benefit if we set goals more at the expense of dreams. After all, these are entirely different states of the soul and personality and dreams and goals develop us. However, from different angles.

Setting specific tasks, making plans and following them, the ability to understand yourself and know exactly what you want – all this helps to develop willpower, and this can be learned by having goals and achieving them.

To develop imagination, learn to relax and be distracted from the vanity of the world, bring colors to gray everyday life, plunge into childhood, and dream up. That is what you need to dream for!

About the author: The article has been written by Melisa Marszett, a professional, open-minded and goal oriented guest post writer who works for http://smartessayrewriter.com//. She has a long list of goals she’d like to achieve and works toward her unbelievably epic dreams.

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