Games to Play in the Car That Won’t Drive Everyone Nuts

Games to Play in the Car That Won't Drive Everyone Nuts

The average American spends 17,600 minutes driving each year. That’s a lot of boring moments staring at the lines on the road.

Passing the time while commuting or on a road trip doesn’t have to be so dull. Games keep the fun going while distracting you from the hours on the road.

But, finding a game that everyone, from adults to children, will enjoy can be difficult. Plus, you want to stay safe and limit the amount of equipment or supplies needed to play.

These games to play in the car only require your imagination. You can play some of these alone or with friends or family. Read on to get the mobile fun started.

20 Questions

This classic is one of the best car ride games because any age can play. All you have to do is think of an object, then let the rest of the passengers ask questions to guess what you are thinking.

Rotate around the car as one person asks one question. Examples could be, “is it a person,” “is it an animal,” or “is it alive?”

The passengers get 20 clues to discover what the person is thinking. They can make a guess at any time if they think that they have enough clues. But, if they get it wrong, it counts as a question.

Whoever guesses right gets to think of an object next. Otherwise, the same person will keep the title of thinker.

Which Statement is a Lie?

If you desire to know more about your road trip companions, this is one of those adult road trips games that gets personal.

Each person takes turns telling everyone three things about themselves. Two of the statements are true while one of them is a false statement. Whoever guesses which statement is a lie gets to go next.

You can have a great time getting to know the truth about someone while seeing where their mind goes when creating a lie.

Once Upon a Time

Kids love to tell stories in this collaborative car ride games for the whole family. Every story begins with “once upon a time,” but where it goes from there, no one knows.

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Each person adds to the story with one sentence. So, it may begin with “Once upon a time, a princess lived in a castle.” Then the second person may say “The castle was sand.”

By using the imagination of several people and all age groups, the story takes weird twists and turns that make it one of a kind.

Name That Tune

Fun road trip games should always include a little music. Add some competition to your vibes by playing this guessing trivia game.

It works best for people of the same generation unless you have a Disney soundtrack for the kids.

Put the radio on scan for random songs to pop up. The first person to guess the name of the song wins a point. You can play until your heart’s content.


This game may be tricky for kids as it takes some wit to switch from optimism to pessimism so abruptly.

The game begins with a “fortunately” statement from one person. The next person has to make an “unfortunately” statement that connects to the first one. Keep alternating back and forth until someone gets stuck.

The person who can’t think on their feet fast enough will get a strike. Three strikes and you are out. Play until there is one person left.

An example may be “Fortunately, I brought an umbrella, “Unfortunately, it blew away in the wind,” “Fortunately, someone shared their spare with me…”

Riddles and Jokes

Everyone loves a clever riddle. Print out some of your favorites online before your trip. You can check out these posts for great riddles while on the road.

Ask for some original content that people in the car know from memory. Kids remember some of the best riddles and jokes from school that will have the whole car laughing.

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This is a great game that has no end or beginning. So, pull out a riddle or joke between games or when the car needs a mood booster.

The Movie Game

Fun car games for adults should include this movie and actor word association activity.

First, someone names an actor, then the next person names a movie that they have been in. The next person has to name another actor from that same movie and so on.

Here is an example:

Julia Roberts > Pretty Woman > Richard Gere > Chicago > Queen Latifah

This can go on until someone gets stumped. That person gets eliminated, and you can play until there is one person left.

Silent Time

If your trip gets a little too loud, especially with several kids in the backseat, then this game is golden.

It is simple: whoever remains quiet the longest wins a prize. You can make it so at the next rest stop the winner gets an extra snack.

Adults can play this game too, as sometimes they’re louder than the kids!

Time Flies with Games to Play in the Car

You will notice that your trip will go by a little faster when you enjoy the ride with these games to play in the car. It can also keep your stress level down so your kids do not keep asking “Are we there yet?”

Before you hop in the car for your next road trip, get a list together of games to keep your crew busy and happy. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for other tips on how to enjoy road trips!

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