Get Ready To Play: Warm-Up Wizard Soccer Drill

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Warming up is an important part of any athletic activity. If you or a family member plays soccer, you may want to consider the warm-up wizard drill. It is a great way to both warm-up physically and practice some essential soccer skills. Warm-ups and proper equipment, such as soccer socks and cleats, are important to safe and enjoyable play.

The Importance of Warming Up

According to the Mayo Clinic, warming up and cooling down properly help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Warming up is basically getting your cardiovascular system started. It increases your body temperature and increases blood flow to your muscles. The result is less soreness and a lower chance of muscular injury. Here are a few essentials for warming up:

  • Start with some stretching.
  • Elevate the heart rate with some exercises targeting large muscle groups such as the hamstrings. Start slow and gradually increase the pace.
  • Perform some practice exercises involving key movements from your chosen sport.

For this last part, the warm-up wizard drill is an excellent choice. The key to a successful warm-up is to gradually increase the intensity. You should end up mildly sweating but not fatigued.

How To Do The Warm-Up Wizard

The warm-up wizard is a dribbling drill with multiple stages. Since it involves soccer skills, make sure to get geared up with your soccer socks, cleats and clothes beforehand.

To prepare for the exercise, get some practice cones and place them on the corners of a 5-by-5-yard square. You will also need a soccer ball, of course.

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The first stage is dribbling freely for one minute. Simply maneuver the ball around the square, keeping it carefully under control. Avoid letting the ball get outside of the square.

The second stage is dribbling the ball around the cones. Dribble around one cone, cross through the square and dribble around another. You can follow a figure-eight pattern or, better yet, move randomly between the cones. Perform this second stage for one minute.

The final stage returns to dribbling inside the square. However, unlike the first stage, you should dribble first with just the left foot for one minute then just the right foot for another minute. As with the first stage, control and staying within the square are important.

Using the warm-up wizard drill is a great way to get some light, warm-up exercise while also practicing ball control. You can also gradually dial up the intensity during the drill, moving quicker as you enter the second and third stages.

Getting Ready for Soccer

Another important way to avoid injury is to have the right equipment. Soccer socks and shin pads help to protect your lower legs and ankles. Cleats are essential for staying steady on grassy fields. Light, breathable soccer uniforms are also important for staying cool while playing. Your daily fitness routine and practice can make you a better soccer player.

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