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how often to water succulents

Succulents are usually native to regions and also different from other plants. So their caring procedure is also different than other plants. Most importantly, the proper watering process is unknown to many people. Considering this, it’s better to take some expert advice. Here we are have given the appropriate procedure to water succulents in a proper way. After reading this, you will be able to know how often to water succulents properly. So have a look over them.

Things to consider for watering succulent:

Some matters you have to consider while watering succulents. Simply understand that succulents will burn in hot and direct sun. The more sunlight, the more frequently you have to water—the bigger the pot dimensions, the more significant amount of water. The more humidity present in the surroundings, the less you have to water.

The different fog you’ve got, the more usually you have to water. In the winter, the watering has to do less. The denser the dirt combination, the less frequently as it retains more water. When there isn’t any drain gap, usually then water carefully, here is the way you can water & plant succulents in containers without drain holes. Succulents from carbohydrate plates require shallow watering. All these can be discussed under the following section-


If your succulent is out in the warmth and planted inside, then to know how often to water succulents is an important fact. For outdoor succulents, watering is a basic need. For Season succulents, you ought to water them far more in their growing season, summer. In this season, they pull water from their dirt at a speed that is remarkable because they create stalks, leaves, blossoms, and roots. 

You have to water them three times based on requirements like temperature and light.  In the summertime, succulents proceed dormant.  Growing quits, which means you have to water them twice or once.  You have to apply a soak and dry method to give it an excessive amount of water than other watering months, specifically for winter that implies from November to March.

Container Size:

How often to water succulents the answer to this question also lies in this section. You might need to water succulents in vinyl & glistening pots, which are not porous a little more usually. As water will drain outside, if your tank features a drain hole, then you also may grant water to the succulent.

When the container does not always have a pit, you want to be careful not to fill the box with water to the roots.  Additionally, succulents in clay pots dry up faster and certainly will take a little more water. Bigger containers will need to be watered less frequently because they’ve more dirt that holds moisture more.  Small boxes need to be watered more often since the Soil dries out. 

Succulent Varieties:

Types of succulents is also an essential fact for the grower to know how often to water succulents. In general, larger succulent plants require more water than smaller plants.  Low-maintenance succulents with appearances also need less water.  While potting always knows the variety of your plant.


Plants at warmer temperatures and humidity will require less frequent watering compared to plants in hot, humid climates because they’ll maintain moisture for a lengthier period. Also consider the thing, if the succulents on a terrace in full sun or getting partial sun area? You just have to water once every couple of weeks for partial sunny place succulent.


light is also an important fact to know how often to water succulents. Succulents that require more than 10 hours light, don’t need more water compared to complete sun.  Broadly speaking, external crops may require more water compared to indoor ones since they have more sun and so, therefore, are vulnerable to more challenging circumstances.


To know how to how to water succulents without drainage, succulents need to be implanted in the Soil as well as at a kettle with a drainage pit.  If they’re in the dirt for long, succulents will rot.  Ideally, the Soil will likely probably soon be mostly dry, notably the upper 1 / 2 the marijuana, within 23 days. The nicely draining Soil seems “gritty” since its 1/4″ (6mm) particles.  2/3 of this dirt ought to be inorganic (stone), and 1/3 needs to be organic (pine bark, coconut coir, etc.). Dirt won’t do the job for succulents.  It remains wet for too long.

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Watering process for propagating succulents:

The proper watering process of baby succulents depends on the soil condition of the plant. You can apply a spray bottle to sprinkle water over your baby succulents. Only spray on the top of the ground using a spray bottle. In Reality, in case you are dispersing succulent leaves inside, you can water them daily. You should know the fact, most origins of high succulent plant leaves can grip water from the atmosphere around them, and therefore spraying on the dirt having a spray bottle is normally enough.  Watch on your origins that they can dry out even if they are not getting water. 

The best way to know the watering process is to keep knowledge about the varieties of succulents. As propagating succulents are such sensitive, so it’s important to know how often to water succulents. Yes, there exists an ideal way and the wrong method.  Succulents are desert natives, even though they don’t acquire rain inside their habitats, if it will rain, it warms. Pour water onto desert succulents slowly and do not stop until water runs from the included drain hole at the floor. Succulents fared better using regular long,

heavy beverages that loosen its dirt into the underside of the kettle than ordinary, however bashful watering that wet top inch or two of the dirt within the container. Therefore as soon as your succulents’ dirt is bone tender, drench your particular propagated succulents. So water your succulents when the Soil will be dried and then after proper moisture absorbance, again you have to water the tiny succulents.

Watering process for growing succulent:

To know how often to water succulents, you need to water your succulents through weeks when temperatures have been above 40 degrees. Throughout the summertime (if temperatures are below 40 degrees), you ought to just water the succulent once monthly since it’s dormant at that moment. When the ground has dried, succulents ought to be watered out entirely. There are 10-14 days in Door succulent growers discover that watering is a frequency.  Use this deadline and fix it as needed.  There certainly are a couple of exceptions to the guideline.

Certain Forms of Succulents cannot hold up to water in contrast to other forms with leaves that are plump and require more frequent watering as their leaves are tiny.  For those leaf succulents, don’t hesitate to let them have a beverage as much as once a week should they look hungry. The thirsty succulents look only just a little wrinkly. Don’t forget, it’s much preferable to underwater compared to over water. Don’t forget to get the Cheatsheet that is complimentary to see what it seems like if your succulents desire less or more water.  As most succulents are extremely susceptible to rust with regular watering, so it’s better you wait before shaving for a signal out of the succulent.  

Watering process for the specific region succulents: 

How often to water succulents depends on how much sunlight & heat they are getting.  Along the California Coast, most of the succulent encounter was garnered At Santa Barbara.  Summertime temps ordinary around the temps in cold temperatures and also 75F dip below 40F in this region. The succulents have been every 8-10 days in the summer months.  Approximately 7days, you can water them. 

The fog diminished succulents; the demand for watering is much than other. The climate of California is suitable for growing succulents. Here you can grow all succulents in containers in the shade.  In the summer you can water succulents in smaller baskets and approximately every seven days daily in containers.

It’s also important to know how often to water succulents in spring.  At the spring up & overdue autumn, that’s before & after the Intense heating, its rough weather after every ten days.  At this time, the watering is to do every fourteen days.  

Watering process for indoor succulents:

Both indoor and outdoor succulents, the soak and dry method is the best watering process for succulents. Succulents want high lighting out of direct sunshine to grow well inside. How many times you water depends on just how much they are getting a temperature. Most of the people water their succulents after every fourteen days, growing inside in the summertime. But how often to water succulents in summer is the most vital fact.

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For the warmer season, it’s every 3-4 weeks. They make water compared to my succulents climbing outdoors. The epiphytes, the Xmas Cactus Epiphyllous, get each week in summertime & any week in winter. To learn how to water indoor succulents, you have to know inside succulents requires less than outside place succulents. It’ll be very every 7-14 days at the months & 3-4 weeks in the winter.  You need to provide them to allow Soil dry before watering. You can use a measuring cup for water measurement also.

Watering process for outdoor succulents:

To know how often to water succulents outside, you can consider cacti. Cacti is a smaller group of succulents. They require less amount of water and lasts up to 24-28 hrs with no water. If you want to know how long can succulents go without water, then the answer is also similar. Although your succulents do not want a watering process in this way, they are going to gain from the “soak and dry” approach.  With a watering, the succulent has got lots of accessibility to water.  Throughout the “drought” between watering, and the succulent will soon probably commence developing new roots, trying to find longer water.  The dry and soak process helps the succulents develop a big, healthful root system to prevent drought. Usually do not do work with a spray bottle for shaving. 

If you are continuously watering with a spray bottle as a small amount that can be harmful to plants. Because it will develop a weak root system that will not be able to endure drought, it also similar that includes how often water succulents and cacti.


  • Be careful so that water can’t set on the top of the succulent leaves. It can cause leaf rot. 
  • Indoor succulents should use small water can.
  • For outdoor succulents, less water is required.
  • Use a good drainage pot to remove excess water from the pot.
  • For propagated succulent use, a spray bottle, but in the growing period, you have to use can.
  • You have to water when no moisture is present on the upper surface of succulent.

Now you have come to know how often to water succulents in a proper way. But always consider soil condition, weather, succulent’s types, and some other above factor to know the best way to water your succulent plant. And this overall article will let you know the proper process of watering.


  • Do I have to keep succulents in direct sunlight?

Not at all. Most of the types of succulents require a maximum of 3 hours of direct sunlight. You can keep them outside or at the window corner side of your house. If you put your succulent’s direct sunlight for a long time, then it can damage your plant. So never put your plant direct sunlight for a long time, 

  • How frequent I have to water succulents?

It depends on soil conditions. If you found the Soil is dry and too much sunny weather, then it’s better to water them once a week.

  • When I have to report succulents?

Repotting is done. The previous post is too small, and succulents are re-growing with the full pledge—that time, you have to change the pot by shifting the succulents to other pots. In general, repotting has to do every two years.  The best time is at the beginning of the succulents growing season. 

  • How to know the time for succulents watering?

To know the succulents watering time, fingertip examination is the best way. It’s simple to do. Simply put your fingertip over the succulent soil surface, if you found the Soil is dried and no water moisture is attached to your fingertip then you have to water your succulents properly.


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