How to Be a Fashionista on a Budget

Fashionista on a Budget

If you thought frugal and fashionista were two words that definitely don’t belong in the same sentence, think again! It’s entirely possible to look fabulous on a budget, and with a little style, a lot of sass and some savvy strategies, you can look like a million bucks without spending a bundle.

Sound completely impossible? Think again. We’ve got some simple tips you can start using today to transform your wardrobe from drab to fab, and to become the most stylish person you know! So read on, and find out what the secret to low cost, high fashion dressing is!

Visit an Op Shop

Forget pricey boutiques. Second-hand shops and thrift stores are where the real fashion finds are! Designer pieces and vintage classics lurk on those racks, and all it takes to find gorgeous pieces is a little patience! Find out when your local thrift and charity shops restock their shelves and racks, and time your visit so you’re there soon after. It’s an excellent way to secure the very best stuff!

Have a Swap Party

If your clothes make you yawn, you are not alone! Your friends probably find their own clothes equally boring. But their old stuff is brand new to you, so grab a bottle of wine, throw on some tunes, and have fun swapping your old stuff. This way you are getting some brand new (to you!) fashion finds, and so are your friends! It’s one of the most fun ways to attain new wardrobe additions, guaranteed.

Rent It!

There are some occasions that are crying out for the kind of gown that will put you in debt till you have grandchildren! But even the most fabulous creation doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you use a designer rental service like The Volte. Besides, who wants to wear the same thing twice to those grander events? With designer rental services, you can wear big name brands to every major event without ever spending designer money.

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Wait for the Sale

Every single thing you are dreaming about today will go on sale sooner or later. All you need to do s to wait until the store slashes the price. Classic pieces are particularly good to buy on sale, because they don’t date, and no one will know that you only paid a fraction for it! This includes coats, basic t-shirts and good work pants. Not to mention that you can get two, and still have change for lunch with your bestie! Keep an eye out for online coupon codes as well, which are particularly common with influencer marketing. 

Accessorise Like a Boss

True stylists know that it’s not so much what you wear but how you style it. Even the simplest outfit can be transformed with the right scarf, belt, shoes or shawl. Even better, you don’t have to splurge on accessories. Choose cheaper, in-season accessories to dress up your classic pieces, and you will always look right on-trend. Look for items that are this season’s shape or colour, and pair them with your plainer, more expensive staples.

Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle

Stop looking at your clothes as one-time pieces, and start to see them as the marvelous multi-taskers they are! A sweater over a dress transforms it into a skirt, and a scarf threaded through your jeans is a stylish boho belt. Cut the sleeves off an old tee to give it a rocker edge, and wear it when you want to feel tough.

Clothes should be fun and functional, but they don’t have to bankrupt you to be fabulous. If you shop smart, dress with flair, and aren’t scared to take a few chances, you can absolutely look like you belong on the cover of a magazine without spending your life savings!

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