How to Buy Weed in California: Everything You Need to Know to Snag Some Golden State Ganja

How to Buy Weed in California: Everything You Need to Know to Snag Some Golden State Ganja

A huge sea change has emerged recently in the field of medical marijuana. All over the country, laws have passed that allow for the recreational use of the once strictly prohibited drug.

California, always one of the most progressive states in the country, has always been the leader of the legal weed movement. It was the first state to pass laws that allowed for medical use of marijuana, way back in 1996. Today, recreational weed in California is totally legal and has been for a few years.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone understands how to get their hands on some. If you want to get high in California, where do you find good weed? And who’s allowed to smoke and who isn’t? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Read on and we’ll walk you through how to buy weed in California.

What Do The Laws Say?

Just because weed is legal doesn’t mean that there are no rules or regulations that govern its use. Things in California are not, strictly speaking, lawless.

That being said, the rules governing recreational marijuana use are pretty lax. Gone are the days of needing a note from your doctor in order to get some ganja. Today, the only limitation is the same one the prevents certain young individuals from buying a beer: you must be 21 or older to partake.

With the exception of those still in their early years, pretty much anyone can walk into a dispensary and buy marijuana for themselves.

The other law that governs marijuana is also adapted from alcohol-related laws. Marijuana use may be legal, but that doesn’t mean you can do it anywhere, just like you can’t drink anywhere.

If you’re looking to get baked, you’ll need to do it on private property. Smoking pot in a public place can get you ticketed and fined. That being said, a $70 ticket is a lot more reasonable then what the old punishments for being caught with weed would be.

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Last but not least, you need to remember that just because weed is legal in California doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere. The federal government still consider marijuana to be a Schedule I drug. That means they group it in terms of severity with drugs like cocaine and heroin.

If you’re caught shipping marijuana out of the state or try to fly home with it, you can find yourself in serious trouble. So remember to enjoy your legal toking while you’re in the state, but leave it behind when it’s time to head back home.

How To Buy Weed In California

Now, with the legal matters out of the way, we can begin to dive into the nitty-gritty. You’re of age, you’ll smoke in private, but where can you get your hands on some good weed?


In California, most people head to their closest licensed dispensary to purchase cannabis products. A dispensary has a legal license to sell weed and other cannabis products. That means things are above the board here: you’ll need to show your ID upon entering and might even have to kill time in a waiting room before entering.

Once you’re in, take the time to talk with the employees about the kind of experience you’re looking for. There’s a lot of different kinds of weed, after all, and you can have a different experience depending on what strain you purchase.

The employees at the dispensary should be well-versed in knowledge about all their product and can help guide even the freshest of newbies to the right choice for them. Do you want to get giggly and funny or do you want to mellow out and listen to Pink Floyd? There are different strains for that, and it’s important you pick the right one.


Not everyone wants to wait in line at a dispensary each time they need to make a purchase. That’s why home cannabis deliveries have become such a big hit. There are a number of different delivery services in California, all offering different advantages and services.

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Many of these services have phone apps that you can download and use, or some might connect you directly with a seller who can become your regular go-to. Most of these services can have weed to your front door within an hour of your ordering.

Many dispensaries have begun to offer delivery too, as a way to compete with mobile-only sellers. Delivery services offer a huge convenience to those who don’t want to even leave their house to get high.

They do require a bit more knowledge on the buyer’s part. Some delivery services have fairly detailed breakdowns of their products that can help customers decide what to purchase. But nothing quite matches the personalized walk-through that in-person help can offer.

If you’re already comfortable in marijuana-knowledge, however, online delivery services can be a true godsend. Order some weed directly to your door and watch your hippie uncle shake with jealousy– you can’t say that technology hasn’t made our lives easier.

Recreational and Legal: Pot In California

It’s amazing how quickly the legal marijuana business has exploded across the west coast. But if you want to get high in the Golden State, you’ll need to know how to buy weed in California.

The above breakdown should give you all the information you need to get started. Want to learn more about the CBD and legal marijuana craze? Check out our blog for more info.

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