How to Choose the Right RC Planes for Beginners

RC Planes

If you love mechanics and flight, you will enjoy tinkering around with RC planes.

But how does a person know where to start? Once you begin looking at the world of remote control planes, you quickly discover you have a myriad of decisions to make. Some of these decisions are costly.

Keep reading to learn the basics of remote control planes for beginners and what to look for as you dive into this fun hobby.


Design is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when looking at your first RC planes. When you’re learning to fly an RC plane, you need something stable and forgiving.

Thus, most beginners choose a high-wing configuration RC plane. If you’re looking for cheap RC planes and want to just learn how to fly, a glider is a great option as well.

Micro RC planes are another great option. You can learn to fly the plane without having to worry about investing a ton of money for the plane or space for storing your new hobby.

Power Type

RC planes come with two different types of power. You can purchase an electric-powered, or EP plane, or you can purchase an internal combustion plane, also known as an IC.

Most newcomers will choose an EP plane because it’s far more convenient or and affordable. If you want to just dabble in RC planes, focus on an EP plane first before you invest in IC.

You can look into the more complicated and enticing planes once you’ve mastered an EP plane. Eventually, you can advance to flying RC jet planes even.

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Parts and Construction

Look into planes with durable construction. For example, foam airplanes can tolerate more crashes than balsa wood planes. Also, foam airplanes are easier to repair.

Consider the availability of spare parts when you’re looking at different RC planes. You want a robust, durable plane that has parts available near you.

All RC planes suffer damage at some point. Thus you need to make sure you have a place where you can purchase spare parts.

Channel Numbers

All RC planes come with a variety of channels or controllable functions. The more channels a plane has, the more complicated it is to fly. Thus, look for a plane with just three or four channels to give you a good taste of flying a plane.

More channels also mean more cost. So a plane with three or four channels may be more in your budget than a high-channel plane.

Mentorship and Friendship

You can best enjoy a hobby when you find others who love the same things you enjoy. Begin searching for a local club to find mentors who can teach you even more about this newfound hobby.

If you’ve been tinkering around with an EP model and want to move up to an IC model, you need to find a club. Often clubs will have access to private land and a place where you can practice your craft with less risk of crashing.

RC Planes for Beginners Made Simple

RC planes for beginners will look simple. They’ll have a high wing, a few channels, and light but durable construction. They’ll offer maximum fun for someone looking for a simple, enjoyable hobby.

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