How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Mom

Moms are some of the hardest working, most important people on the planet. Whether the mom in your life is your own mom or the mother of your children, she has undoubtedly been a huge part of your life, and she deserves a ton of recognition and appreciation. After all, new moms sleep only five to six hours per night on average, and yours probably missed lots of sleep and made quite a few sacrifices for you. Plus, with more than 15 million single mothers in the United States alone, many mothers have an even harder job! It’s always worth it to find ways to show mom how much you care. If her birthday is approaching, throwing an awesome party for her is a terrific idea.

Birthday parties are always a blast. Even though you shouldn’t need any special excuse to celebrate mom, her birthday offers a great opportunity to give her an amazing day. Since birthdays only come around once a year, you’ll want to make the experience as memorable as possible. So, how do you plan the perfect birthday party for mom?

Food and Beverages to Buy

Obviously, you can’t have a birthday party without food and drinks. If you want to keep mom’s party wholesome and under control, you may want to keep the alcoholic beverages to a minimum. However, that doesn’t mean mom and the other partygoers can’t still enjoy some delicious wines and beers. Thankfully, several companies now offer a great selection of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

To keep everyone refreshed, consider stocking the party with a few alcohol-free wines and beers. Everyone has different preferences, but you can surely find a beverage or two that mom will love. If she likes fruity drinks, she’ll definitely enjoy the refreshing spice of a non-alcoholic sangria. Mom and the birthday party guests might also prefer to sip on a non-alcoholic rosé or an ice-cold non-alcoholic stout.

Of course, a birthday party isn’t complete without lots of delicious food, and you can’t go wrong by choosing a few of mom’s favorite dishes. Ultimately, the day is all about her, so you should choose entrees and snacks that you know she’ll love. A few options that will always be big hits with the partygoers are burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and barbecue ribs. Every proper birthday party also needs a great cake. If you really want to make the occasion memorable, you could splurge to have a fancy one decorated just for the birthday girl.

Games to Play

One of the things that can really make a birthday party stand out is having fun games for everyone to play together. Of course, if there are any specific games that the mom in your life absolutely loves, you should make a point to include them in her party. Otherwise, there are plenty of tried-and-true party games that are sure to be a big hit with mom and all the other attendees.

Charades is one classic party game that just about everyone likes. Everybody at the party can participate, and once it gets going, it can become pretty intense in a very fun way. Another good option that’s a bit different is to pick a one-on-one game, such as ping pong, foosball, or badminton. You could set up a bit of a tournament for the party. Whichever game you go with, make sure you’re choosing one that will allow mom to join in on the fun.

Inviting All of Her Friends

While providing a great selection of food, drinks, and games will certainly create a wonderful birthday party for mom, inviting all of her friends is what will truly make it a special day. Ideally, you should make a point to plan the event a month or two in advance. That way, you’ll not only have the time to send invites to her closest friends and family members, but it will also give those people enough notice to keep the day free. If even one or two of the most important people in mom’s life can’t attend, it’s going to put a damper on an otherwise amazing day.

If you really want to go the extra mile for the mom in your life, try to track down some friends or relatives that she hasn’t seen in a few years. If she gets the chance to reunite with someone she cares about, it will guarantee that the party is an unforgettable experience. By having as many of mom’s friends as possible in attendance, you’ll also be giving those people the chance to show her how much they care, and that’s better than any gift that you could purchase.

Play Some Festive Music

If you think about every good party you’ve ever attended, there’s a pretty good chance that most of them have been filled with lively, upbeat music. Playing the right music is crucial to creating the right atmosphere for the festivities, and you’ll definitely want to create a custom playlist for mom’s birthday party. First and foremost, you should pack the playlist full of the birthday lady’s favorite songs, artists, and genres. Then, if you want to fill it out more, there are lots of fantastic, peppy songs that are practically made to be played during celebrations.

One cool idea for the playlist is to get a few song recommendations from each of the partygoers ahead of time. That way, not only will the mom you’re celebrating love the music, but everybody who attends will also get to hear some tunes that they love. Everybody wins!

Make It All About Mom

Whatever route you decide to go when throwing mom a birthday party, what’s most important is that you cater the festivities toward her personality and preferences. The day should be all about her, and the goal should be to create an awesome experience that she’ll always remember.

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