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What is a Custom Cabinet?

A Custom Cabinet is a storage area that is designed and built to fit in a unique room. They are mounted with the walls or on the floor.

These storage cabinets are built specifically for an area. A professional craftsman or cabinetmaker measures each space in the room and then plans and layout the design. These custom cabinets are constructed generally to fit all the walls and even open around different obstacles and can also reach desired heights. These cabinets are built in a workshop first and then get assembled in an onsite home. Custom Cabinet is generally used in a multipurpose room, and it can be made from different varieties of wood with having a glass, wood, or tin act as its door.

In the given article, we will specifically learn about kitchen custom cabinet ideas –

#Trend 1: Open Shelves – 

Open Shelves are the cutting-edge Cabinetry design of the 21st century. Yes, You need to match all sets of your dinnerware and, more especially, the Crockery you want to display, but by hiring proper management, you surely can stand out from others. Gone are the days for the open cabinetry, open shelving is the latest trend in the cabinet industry. Open shelving comes with many advantages like it provides light and airy feeling, which is a lot convenient for small houses having small kitchens. It’s convenient as it comes with glass doors. Therefore, you can see and grab the things which you need very quickly. On the other hand, as everything is out in the open, always consider what you are putting in the cabinet. Every bowl, every utensil provides an overall aesthetic influence on your kitchen’s look as it can be seen easily from the outside.

Pro Tip: Go For Same Color Utensils and Bowls. They will provide a uniform look for your kitchen background. Use wine bottles, mason jars, graphic coffee mugs, and even fruit bowls as a decorative material. Use your favorite recipe books as a decoration to outshine others. Keep in mind you don’t need to organize all the things over as it won’t look right, especially for small kitchens. Remember, keep only those bare essentials in the open shelves and place the rest in the base cabinet if you have a small kitchen. It will not only look sharp, but it will also be more organized too.

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#Trend 2: Custom Color Cabinets – 

House owners are no longer satisfied with old fashioned cookie-cutter kitchen designs. Modern House owners want something unique with a different character and a personality that shows a bold statement too. So how can you provide a bold statement?

A different color of paint on a cabinet can do wonders and can help you outshine from the others. Manufacturing Companies provide appealing colors and designs. Some modern companies have teamed up with the paint companies to provide limitless varieties of colors. For cabinetry, house owners favor customized colors rather than those old vintage colors. Unique colors like grey, yellow, and soft green stand out from others.

Some major categories from which you can choose are light, medium, and dark. Bright tones are loved for their more straightforward and soft clean looks. They showcase a timeless class that perfectly complements the kitchen style. The next everyday things are toned medium hues. Blue, yellow, and grey are standard colors in this column range. And in the end, lies the dark shades. Colors like inky black, navy blue, emerald green, and plumbed jeweled tones are prevalent in kitchen cabinetry.

Homeowners always want to stand out from the others, so they use dark shade colors to differentiate and make an impression towards the society.

If you’re ordering a Custom Color cabinet, you can choose any color you want, and even if you have an office, you can renovate them by just hiring a skilled painter.

#Trend 3: Just Oak It – 

“Old is Gold”

You sure have heard about this term. The Oakwood is again getting back into the kitchen cabinetry room. Back in the late 90s, the oak wood was the choice, but as time passed, people tended to get other styles. Now the good old days are back as you can give your kitchen that vintage look by having an Oakwood Cabinet. So what’s the appeal? Neutral colors, dimensions, and an old texture that can perfectly blend with your kitchen texture. Oak cabinet gives versatility, and this is the reason its getting popularity in the modern world. The manufactures of all around the world are crafting different varieties of door styles. What’s more surprising is that you can use oak in its natural color or can even opt to paint the whole thing. A variety of shades like black, grey, and blue seem to be instant favorites for the house owners.

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#Trend 4: Transitional Styling is mandatory now – 

Transitional Styling is the icing on the cake. It’s a ‘Goldilocks’ zone in terms of home décor. The incredible thing about this Styling is that it can be seen all around the world, and it is very constant too. It is a combination of natural gold looking tiles with white walls and fifty’s style sofa. In other words, a combination of wood wainscoting with modern leather and glass furniture. Transitional Styling is not new but became a mainstay. There are various combinations of different degrees within this style from the subtle to the dramatic. It’s like taking euro-style cabinetry and placing that in a pre-war building with ornate architecture on the walls and ceiling. The transitional style is complicated but yet very comfortable and exciting. It has a nostalgic flavor, and with fantastic texture, it stands out from the others. Transitional forms are not only perfect but even amazing for this new area. Henceforth this kitchen cabinet is the best of all the others because it is a hybrid of all the other trends.

There are few of the fantastic custom cabinet ideas you should follow if you’re planning to renovate and style your cabinets.

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