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We never expect to get robbed until it happens. The probability of this unwelcome surprise will vary, depending on the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the existence of burglars is not just a smart ploy of companies producing security cameras. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we are defenseless in this fight. The ways of counteracting this threat will be different in a big city like London and the countryside. This article will show you ways to minimize the success rate of criminals.

Proper Lighting

Nineteenth-century England isn’t usually associated with low crime rates. Still, one development led to a significant decrease in the number of illegal activities. It wasn’t a creation of a super-elite Scotland Yard unit. Instead, it was the introduction of street lamps. Modern research confirms that the proper illumination of public spaces increases safety. It might seem trivial, but making sure that your property has functioning lighting will decrease the chances of your belongings disappearing in the hands of the outlaws.

CCTV cameras

If you are fairly certain that criminal activity is deeply woven into the fabric of your neighborhood, then you might consider purchasing a CCTV installation. It will allow you to check if there are any suspicious individuals next to your house, without having to abandon its safety. Their mere presence will dissuade potential robbers from choosing your house as a target. If you’re not sure where to buy one, you can check the website of

Buy a safe!

Purchasing a safe may seem a tad bit dramatic, but it’s the best way to protect your most prized belongings if you know that your neighborhood is not the safest. Bolt it to the floor or wall, so thieves won’t be tempted to escape with it. There are different types of safes. Some of them will open once the correct code is entered, but there are also those which will require fingerprints.

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Home Automation

If you travel a lot, your home might be an excellent opportunity for burglars. With no one inside, their chances will drastically increase. In this situation, it might be a wise idea to follow the footsteps of magicians, and use the power of illusion. With a home automation system, you’ll be able to program your lights to turn on and off at a certain time of the day. It’s not a fool-proof solution, but in a numbers game, every chance of increasing your home’s security is worth it.

Buy a dog!

Although home security is not the only reason why buying a dog is a great idea, it certainly won’t hurt your chances of staying not-robbed. If someone is approaching the door or enters a house, you’ll know about it. If being warned about a potential danger is your key objective, then you should choose a small dog. They are aware of their physical ineptness, which is why they are extra loud. If you would rather have a dog that can actively defend you, it’s better to choose a larger breed.


Keeping your home safe should not be a basis of cordial relations with your neighbors; instead, you may consider it an unintended benefit. If you are far away from home, your neighbors will keep a watch on any questionable activity around your house.

Social media

Be careful with your use of social media. The photos from the trip to Indonesia that you’ve added on Facebook are an invitation for any potential wrong-doers. If you cannot control yourself, then at least ensure that your home is adequately secured.

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Keep it simple

If you want your belongings to be safe, you don’t need to hire bodyguards. Although a clone of Arnold Schwarzenegger would undoubtedly deter any people with bad intentions, there are simpler and cheaper ways to avoid being robbed. Apart from keeping your home secured, some of them will also have a positive impact on different aspects of your life!

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