What Is The Need For A Truck Crash Lawyer?

Truck Crash Lawyer

What Is The Need For A Truck Crash Lawyer?Numerous truck accidents happen on a regular basis, which leaves a lot of people injured. Generally, a truck crash leads to severe injuries and even death. Becoming a victim of such accidents can cause devastating emotional trauma, financial stress, and physical injuries.

If you had been an accident caused by a negligent truck driver, you should consult an experienced Atlanta truck crash lawyer, who will dedicate their resources and time to investigate the crash as well as help you obtain the compensation amount that you deserve.

Common Causes Of Truck Crashes

There are numerous reasons for truck accidents to happen. You are entitled to compensation if you were a part of an accident caused by the negligence of the driver. The common causes of truck crashes are –

  •       Driver fatigue
  •       Improperly packed trucks
  •       Vehicle defects
  •       Reckless lane changes
  •       Lack of truck maintenance
  •       Speeding
  •       Distracted driving
  •       Drunk driving

Proving TheNegligence Of Truck Driver

A knowledgeable lawyer with considerable experience will be dedicated to conducting a thorough investigation of the truck crash and then prove that the carelessness of the driver led to the collision. Your attorney will be performing the following steps while investigating the accident.

  •       Review accident and police reports
  •       Examine the credentials of the driver
  •       Investigate the accident spot
  •       Interview every witness
  •       Determine whether the local traffic laws were violated.
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When you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, having a lawyer to prove the negligence of the truck driver is crucial. There are detailed federal and state trucking regulations that can be challenging to interpret without any legal help.

All truck companies have to follow strict procedures in truck maintenance and driving hours. But the companies will usually falsify their records for protecting their drivers and their business. Only the trained lawyers can find the falsifications and discrepancies in those records and prove that the company or driver is responsible for your accident. Furthermore, a truck crash often has multiple parties involved, like –

  •       The truck driver
  •       The trucking company
  •       A third party
  •       The parts manufacturer

This makes it more difficult to prove the liability in a truck crash than a normal motor vehicle accident case. But an experienced lawyer will identify the right parties who might have contributed to the crash.This is why it is recommended not to handle the truck accident lawsuit without the services of a lawyer.

The Legal Process Of A Truck Accident Injury Case

Your lawyer will follow these steps to make sure your case is handled correctly.

#1 Investigate – Your lawyer will conduct a detailed investigation separately to make sure the insurance company is offering you the right evaluation for the damages caused. The insurance company will try to gather proofs to limit their liability as well as decrease the payable amount.

#2 File a claim – The next step your lawyer will be performing is filing the claim, which will include compensation for damages that you owe, such as material losses and injuries. The claim will state that the negligence of the trucking company or the driver led to the accident.

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#3 Negotiations – You can either settle the claim outside the court or take the matter to the court, where the judge will determine what you should receive.

The Takeaway

If you get involved in a truck accident, you should consult an experienced lawyer. This will ensure that you will receive the right amount of compensation.

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