What is XRP Crypto?

When picking a crypto asset to invest in, we recommend considering the top traded crypto coins in rankings. For example, the XRP coin. What is known about it, and is it a good investment? Let’s find it out in this article.

What is XRP?

XRP is a token of the Ripple network. It was developed as an alternative to traditional payment settlement systems such as SWIFT with the purpose of eliminating some of their crucial disadvantages. For example, traditional banks provide money transfers at a high cost; that is, every time you need to send money to your relative abroad, you pay a high commission for the transaction. Another case is that such transfers are always delivered with delays. That is, there is no instant payment transfer. Ripple brought the solution to these problems, providing:

  • instant funds transfers;
  • low fees;
  • support for many crypto and fiat assets.

Many large financial companies are already using the Ripple network. The problem of Ripple is legal proceedings with SEC that have lasted for many years now. That is why the XRP coin price does not rise much. As of September 2022, the pair XRP to USDT is traded at $0,3347.

Where Can I Buy XRP Crypto?

Suppose the Ripple company solves all the misunderstandings with SEC. In that case, it has all the chances to receive a much wider application and partnerships with much more financial establishments worldwide. Then, its XRP coin price has all the chances to boost.

Meantime, you can purchase this coin at a low price and hold it or use it for trading. The WhiteBIT crypto exchange allows buying crypto coins using debit cards. Suppose you have not got any coins yet, and XRP coin is the first crypto you want to buy. So you register on WhiteBIT, verify your account, add your bank card, and move dollars or euros from your bank card to your account. Then click “Exchange” and pick XRP in the table in front of you. You will see the current XRP crypto rate and the fee to pay for the trade. If it suits you, proceed with the transaction and receive XRP in your account in a few seconds.

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